Meaning of CONSTRUCTIVE in English




a constructive/positive suggestion (= involving helpful ideas, not criticism )

Any evaluation should be fair and linked to positive suggestions for improvement.

a helpful/constructive comment (= one that helps you make progress )

Pay close attention to your teacher’s constructive comments.

constructive criticism (= aimed at improving something or someone in a helpful way )

Praise and constructive criticism are both very useful.

constructive dismissal




Union leaders reacted by taking a more constructive role in the policy discussions of the party.

In private and public statements Washington listed five items that could be considered encouraging symbols of a more constructive policy.

What many need is to be told that they can achieve something more constructive than a profit from others' financial predicament.

Other more constructive workers split evenly between those favoring casual and those preferring declared.

Playing for Bath was, Barnes felt, more constructive than being a track-suited reserve.

This would seem to be a more constructive approach than simply locking up individuals.

As already mentioned, it is likely that their life-styles will have involved more constructive and fulfilling leisure activities.

Labour Members do not speak about it much now, and may now be moving in a more constructive direction.


I really had the most constructive feedback from the questionnaires returned by you and Robert.

Although arguably the most constructive approach, this is usually the one which creates the greatest controversy.

The patient might rehearse in imagination the most constructive alternative so that he may readily adopt it if a crisis occurs.

I stress that we have made them in the most constructive vein possible.


The dialogue was very constructive , co-operative and helpful.

No one will think you are crazy and it can be a very constructive discussion.

Both the courses and the creche were very constructive .

The video showed everyday situations which the staff could relate to, and enabled them to make very constructive comments.

We need proper consideration of the very constructive alternative proposals we have put forward.

Many teachers thought that their subject advisers were very constructive and fair in any comments they made after lessons.

Utilising the help of visiting students or parents and helpers to listen to pupils retelling stories can be very constructive .



Thus the constructive action of the waves may be helped by the general onshore movement of water.

Opinions have been divided whether the spur and groove systems are due to erosion or the constructive action of corals.

So what constructive action can a lender take?

Conflicts of interest among philanthropic groups originating in differing social or religious theories frustrated constructive action in certain fields.


Although arguably the most constructive approach , this is usually the one which creates the greatest controversy.

This would seem to be a more constructive approach than simply locking up individuals.

By carrying out this exercise you are adopting a constructive approach to your child's difficult behaviour.


To express constructive criticism and voice well researched concerns is of course healthy and legitimate.

I hope Dee takes it as constructive criticism .

Once the purely factual purpose of the system becomes assimilated, resistance to, and fear of, constructive criticism should weaken.

Clearly, though, the best way to improve your presentation skills is through practice and constructive criticism , hardly new concepts.

It's no use being offended by constructive criticisms .

Mr Kinnock will want Mr Prescott's national executive support - and may sometimes even need his constructive criticism .

Never a word of constructive criticism .

Serving officers who attempt constructive criticism of the police, risk being labelled traitors and put their promotion prospects in jeopardy.


In some of these, initial confrontation is now leading to constructive dialogue with local authority officials.

This rapprochement of basic attitudes of educationalists and linguists is an important foundation for constructive dialogue and cooperation.


But what exactly is constructive dismissal ?

Practical implications Almost all constructive dismissal cases involve an unfair dismissal claim.

Remember that unreasonable behaviour on your employer's part will not amount to constructive dismissal if the contract is not broken.

Mr Rump was not dismissed; he resigned, claiming constructive dismissal .

If you do not do so, you may be left in some doubt as to when a constructive dismissal occurs.

Naturally, some cases of constructive dismissal are clear-cut.

Dismissal may include constructive dismissal: the employer's behaviour proves so objectionable that the employee is obliged to leave.


Premier's policy of constructive engagement incorporates a strong community development element.

The softly-softly diplomacy of constructive engagement has no effect on President Mugabe.

Also the regime wants to offer something to Asean and justify constructive engagement by accepting a mediator from an Asean member country.


In other words, is constructive knowledge sufficient?

The question of constructive knowledge is more difficult.


Union leaders reacted by taking a more constructive role in the policy discussions of the party.

It is arguable that more recently retired business men would have a constructive role to play.

The Government will continue to encourage all parties to play a constructive role in the reform process.


The counselling process focuses upon self-image, and ultimately aims at modifying it in a constructive way .

She was encouraged to find constructive ways to recognize feelings of anger and express them.

One can only speculate, and surely there's a more constructive way to spend one's time?

It is not easy in a country as hierarchically inclined as ours to continually question authority in a constructive way .

Is not it time that he built the economy in a constructive way rather than just waffling about it?

Mr. McLoughlin I am grateful for the constructive way in which my hon. Friend is addressing the problem.

There are many cheaper and constructive ways to contain young offenders, but they ware not being funded by the Government.

One of its objectives was the reform of the London College, which it pursued in a generally persuasive and constructive way .


Tribal leaders said they had "a very constructive conversation with the president" about the political situation in Rwanda.


A spirit of cooperation is the key to a constructive partnership between the media and the public.

At other times, of course, they can be encouraging and constructive .

Cizek's method of criticism is constructive , never destructive.

However, an attempt must be made to make constructive suggestions, even if there are glaring contradictions.

Is not it time that he built the economy in a constructive way rather than just waffling about it?

Potential managers should also engage in constructive introspection.

Such were the ideas that became the motivating and constructive force in framing our ritual.

What we are looking for is what I call constructive no-men.

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