Meaning of CONSTRUCTIVE in English


kənzˈtrəktiv, (ˈ)känz|tr-, kənˈstr-, (ˈ)kän|str-, -tēv also -təv adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin constructivus, from Latin constructus + -ivus -ive — more at construct

1. : derived from or depending on construction or interpretation : not directly expressed : inferred — often used in law of an act or condition assumed from other acts or conditions which are considered by inference or by public policy as amounting to or involving the act or condition assumed

2. : of, having to do with, or promoting construction or creation

constructive philosophy

constructive work

constructive fingers

3. : helpful toward further development : promoting improvement or advance

constructive criticism

a constructive attitude

a constructive program

4. : constructivist

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