Meaning of CONTACT in English

I. noun


a contact sport (= one in which players have physical contact with each other )

People get hurt in contact sports, but they also have fun.

bring sb into contact with sb/sth

The people of the island were suddenly brought into contact with the outside world.

contact lens

contact sport

direct contact

The disease is only spread by direct contact between people.

establish relations/links/contact etc (with sb)

Hungary established diplomatic relations with Chile in 1990.

I wondered why he should bother to try and establish contact with me.

physical contact

There shall be no intentional physical contact between teams.

social contact/interaction

Work provides social contact.




Behavior is a discouraging field because we are in such close contact with it.

Touting for criminal business was and is well recognised within the profession, and those in close contact with it.

Mr Steisel says City Hall has been in close contact with it from the start.

There was also continuing close contact between Eadwine's court and that of Eadbald, king of Kent.

Maybe that's because of the very close physical contact of fairly scantily-dressed men and women in an enclosed space.

The line ferret is in close contact with the quarry, as the line confirms.

No one the police may now be in close contact with since you are missing.


There is sometimes a tendency for a generalist service to expand into specialisms with which it is in daily contact .

The daily contact with them was unreal.

It was clear that some clients would let their whole lives revolve around daily contact with their dealers.

Several of these have daily contact with the general public.

His work and its stresses, his success, and his daily contacts are the important news.


Manufacturers, therefore, are being urged to design processes to eliminate direct operator contact .

This would constitute direct contact between the bloodstreams of the two people.

He didn't think much of the unions and their so-called democracy, preferring to rely on direct contact with the leaders.

To this end they called on the parties to the conflict to enter into intensified substantive talks, including direct contacts .

Skin diseases, such as impetigo or scabies, are transmitted by direct contact .

Tactfully, we avoid direct eye contact .

At Leeds the play made a very direct contact with the audience.

There are, however, a number of disadvantages, the main one being lack of direct contact with the market.


President Gorbachev, with whom Chancellor Helmut Kohl had been in frequent contact , clearly gave his approval.

Friends and business associates of Maurice were in frequent contact .

The data should preferably be devised by the subordinates 6 Frequent informal contact .

Firstly people will have more-#frequent contact with many more of their neighbours.


The solitary life did not mean that a contemplative was deprived of all human contact , however.

He makes human-to-#human contact and connects so many people together.

The main approach will be through fairly frequent and prolonged human contact .

Or is no one, since all that connecting and downloading is taking the place of true, human contact ?

These Sundays were the oases of human contact in the desert of my loneliness.

Becasue of these draconian measures, Park was increasingly cut off from normal human contacts .

The result is that the growing ferrets show no shyness to human contact .

An entire childhood spent in darkness, isolated from the world, with no human contact except an occasional beating.


Reminiscence can provide the counsellor with an initial point of contact with the counsellee.

What did their initial contacts suggest for the future?

Churches To make initial contact with the education sectors of the main churches.

This is a very valuable method of following up the initial contact and we hope you will agree that this may continue.

We should offer to make the initial contact if the client does not wish to handle this himself.

Sabine makes the initial contact in a correspondence that flowers into an exchange of life stories and, eventually, hearts.


Despite the increased flow of electronic information, both factors and clients see an advantage in improved personal contacts .

Within each department or agency his personal contacts were usually limited to its head and perhaps one or two others.

Small companies, which rarely re-organize, thrive on personal contacts .

If you can acquire this information through a personal interview or contact , by all means do so.

We project the politicians beyond their immediate circle of personal contacts out to the people who matter.

They used a personal network of contacts .

And since it provides the opportunity of personal contact with the discharger, it is a means of spreading advice or warnings.

Once again relations were eased by personal contacts .


There shall be no intentional physical contact between teams.

Pounces that involved physical contact with the nylon model were considered pseudo matings.

Still, the absence of handshakes does not mean there is no physical contact among politicians.

Such close physical contact and fraternizing was hardly the practice in California churches, or anywhere else for that matter.

Age is probably the most important variable in explaining variation in those sports that require physical contact and strength.

Of course, physical contact is not the only evidence of camaraderie.

On the hospital wards, nurses have most physical contact with patients.

Maybe that's because of the very close physical contact of fairly scantily-dressed men and women in an enclosed space.


There are no formal ties between the national clearinghouses but they maintain regular contact , and exchange information, newsletters and materials.

The pilot had been in regular contact with air traffic controllers but did not report any difficulties.

You should be allowed regular contact with your child while he or she is away.

The strategy is based on retaining regular contact with voters by local parties before the election.

In conclusion, deficiencies have been found in monitoring adults with severe physical disability whose sole regular contacts are health professionals.

Without the cement of regular meetings or contact , they gradually began to drift apart.

I've been in regular contact with Earl's Court Project and a lot of my friends down there.

Over time, M is affected by regular contact with the dead man's wife and children.


The third high-risk group comprises manual workers without hobbies and interests, whose entire social contact has been based on their workplace.

Not having that social contact made it harder for me.

Nevertheless, the vastly expanded social contacts removed a shield of isolation from village life.

This confirms the well observed inverse relationship between disability and social contact .

Heroin use for these individuals meant a broadening of social contact .

You can bring some variety and social contact into your life by simply going out and talking to people.

But the fact that introducing people to each other in those circumstances facilitates social contacts is itself a reason for doing so.

They also tended to see their social contacts as unplanned.



The video box illustration carries various official body contact addresses on the back for further information on the river.

Gave the name of his solicitors in London as his contact address .

These advertisements generally use a Box number at the publication as the contact address and may be placed by the client.

There is also a list of productions screened during the event, with synopses, technical details and contact addresses .

Do you have any other contact address ?

The contact telephone number and the contact address he had memorised.

See page 29-30 for more information and contact addresses .


As a result, sales increased, trade relationships were enhanced and new business contacts opened up.

Other clients were reached via business contacts or friends.

Modest wage and price pressures were reported by most business contacts .

A mail reader program helps you read, send and organize e-mail correspondence with friends, colleagues and business contacts .


Smile and chat to your baby, make eye contact and hold hands.

He smiled affably, appearing friendly and engaged, but he avoided eye contact with me.

I was paralysed with fear at the very thought of making eye contact with them, let alone playing the teacher.

Or if you make eye contact , you say hello.

You have to force yourself to make adequate eye contact with the audience and to stand still.

They were seated and made little, if any, eye contact with the brothers or their lawyers.

Who avoids eye contact , and why?

He walked along Van Ness Street, avoiding eye contact .


For further information contact Bob Page at Wyseplant on.

For further information contact , Business Development Manager.

For more information contact Slumberland on.

For further information contact Maria Pembleton or Janet Saint.


I then got a bad infection in my left eye which my doctor suggested was due to the contact lens .

But in infant monkeys wearing an opaque contact lens , this changes.

The contact lenses have been upgraded to the Hollywood variety too.

Unlike other soft contact lenses , they're designed so that you can sleep and wake up in them.

But Tucker was fine; he had just lost a contact lens .

He or she sometimes provides glasses and contact lenses .

Two years ago she had prodded me into getting contact lenses .


The court represented a contact point with the underworld and the players sometimes represented gods.

For example, make sure you have some kind of contact point-an email address is the minimum.

Ask yourself again if there are any contact points between the hurts or wrongs of the past and your present difficulties.

For external audits identify some one within your firm who can act as a contact point and be present throughout the audit.

The contact point for the telematics programme is Graham Jenkins.


Airport officials said there had been no hint of trouble until radio contact was suddenly lost three minutes from touchdown.

I am in radio contact with Earth.

It took away the normal drudgery of long flights with little radio contact and constant headings.

The report also faults the balloon crew for failing to maintain radio contact with the ground.

Suddenly the yacht changed course for Margate and at this point Venturous lost radio contact with the shore unit.

Fujimori said previous radio contacts broke off after the guerrillas held an impromptu news conference, disrupting negotiations up to that point.

Even if Kirov was still listening out for radio contact , he was unlikely still to be in direct touch with the pilot.

Immediately, it was wrapped in an envelope of incandescent gas, and radio contact was lost.



He avoided contact with her even more these days, she noticed.

Rather, you walk past their offices a little faster to avoid contact or end conversations a little sooner than necessary.

It may become increasingly necessary to avoid contact with certain people as much as possible.

He smiled affably, appearing friendly and engaged, but he avoided eye contact with me.

Walking several feet apart and avoiding even making eye contact , the royal couple arrive at Seoul's national cemetery.

The back avoids eye contact and confrontation, but it may invite the surreptitious gaze.

In the past, top management has avoided much contact with computer systems.

He walked along Van Ness Street, avoiding eye contact .


But when water levels rise, after heavy rain, the caves flood, bringing water into contact with the pollutants.

The war brought them into unexpected contact with the outside world.

The slight raising of the Iron Curtain brought cultural contacts with the West.

He looked for people who had invested in similar Internet ventures before, and could also bring contacts and advice.

Invigorating because it brings you in direct contact with your money and your government.

If the machine's speed is sufficient to bring it into contact with a target then it is considered to have charged.

Very backward countries, where life had not changed for centuries, were suddenly brought into contact with highly developed civilizations.


As food touches the tongue it comes into contact with the sensory papillae there.

They then gradually came into contact with the outside world and were lured on to government reservations run by missionaries.

With decline, such distinctions broke down, and the ruling race was forced to come into closer contact with the ruled.

If you have a visitor to your office, make sure you introduce him to everyone with whom he comes into contact .

Always avoid metal objects coming into contact with the wine.

You seldom saw them, and even less often did you come into really close contact with them.

Black spots will appear on silver if it comes into contact with dry dishwasher powder.

The divide between the two groups is considerable yet, increasingly, they do come into contact with each other.


Therefore, with a half to 1 minute still to run we should be able to establish visual contact .

The point was to establish contact , to see whether the path through the hedge might be cleared again for passage.

Every month or so a pair will be despatched to meet established contacts in Manchester or Liverpool.

He established contacts with townspeople and religious leaders that would be invaluable to him in his later research.

He was particularly keen to establish contacts between the college and what was happening elsewhere in post-war Britain.

For lawyers it is especially important to establish contact with colleagues in other member states.

Peter has established all the necessary contacts and made preliminary negotiations to obtain these aircraft.


If that person dies the remaining friends are not sure whether to keep up the contact or not.

For the next thirty years, across two continents, she kept up contact with Vilma.

I also kept my contacts and my work going during the golf season, even if I did it mostly by telephone.

He spoke only when he had to and kept his contact with whites to what was required by business.

None of the children wanted to go and live with their birth parents, but simply to keep contact .

He claps and yells and paces and turns his back, and still keeps constant eye contact with manager Tom Lasorda.

It is only by returning periodically to it that man can keep in contact with things of ultimate value.


The children have lost contact with their families.

But Tucker was fine; he had just lost a contact lens.

However, thereby they lose contact with the professional environment in the basic organization.

The flight crew reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin before the tower lost contact .

His parents split up when he was young and we lost contact with him.

B! ue then decides to risk losing contact with Black and goes into the store himself to do the same.

They did this every time they met to be sure that Jean-Pierre should not lose contact simply by running out of power.


The report also faults the balloon crew for failing to maintain radio contact with the ground.

Another aspect of the applied philosophy of the polytechnics is that they should maintain close contacts with industry and business.

Ideally, an operative should maintain close contact with his client.

Last but not least, he was able to maintain contact with his counts and missi through meetings at assemblies.

But you should give some thought to how you maintain contact .

She can maintain individual contact and watch the progress of the students.

It maintains the longest contact with the skin when it is most required.


Please do not hesitate to make contact with me in the event that this letter leaves unanswered any questions you might have.

Johnson, which makes contacts , and sunglasses maker Oakley Inc.

Some of you have taken your own initiatives to make contact with counterparts and we can help you there too.

Her face was expressionless and she made no eye contact .

Every time something stirs, every time some one makes a contact , we should cherish it, examine it, and hope.

The auctioneer will make eye contact with the bidders, and often will identify the bidder by number or clothing.

The chairman and Mrs. V. Hawkins will make the necessary contacts .

Now the President made eye contact .


eye contact

But he never looked at his grandmother, who seemed eager to make eye contact.

I was paralysed with fear at the very thought of making eye contact with them, let alone playing the teacher.

Let your body language, eye contact and facial expression show involvement and receptivity.

She had always associated eye contact with frankness; there was nothing frank about this man.

She was making deep eye contact with me and a couple of her rings were digging into my fingers rather painfully.

They were seated and made little, if any, eye contact with the brothers or their lawyers.

This ensures good eye contact which is very important in promoting mutual trust and confidence between members.

Unlike radio, the anchor / readers do not have to be in eye contact with the control room.

keep in close contact/touch

Even after Charles married Princess Diana he kept in close contact with Camilla.

He had not kept in close touch with the performers who had danced in his first little group.

I am keen to keep in close touch with you on this subject.

I take that point and we are keeping in close contact with local authorities.

I urge my hon. Friend to keep in close touch to make sure that response times are up to the charter.

In practice, I keep in close touch with the work of the foundation.

The Society is keeping in close touch with the appropriate authority and full information will be published as soon as possible.

To monitor their responses we have kept in close touch with each family's health visitor.


"Have you had any other contact with him?" asked the lawyer.

business contacts

The disease cannot be spread through casual contact .

We need better contact between staff and management.


An irregularly folded cloth, or one with the folds bunched, reduces the contact area and thus efficiency.

Consider the school principal who discovers students wearing beepers to stay in contact with their superiors in the drug trade.

He did not even think of checking the job adverts, as he believed that his contacts would help him more.

If the filling-in soil is dry, watering is needed only to make this contact , and no more.

May we learn to treat with respect everyone that we come into contact with.

Please do not hesitate to make contact with me in the event that this letter leaves unanswered any questions you might have.

To me the making of the relationships is the real on-line contact .

Turn the sliding contact of the potentiometer to approximately mid-position.

II. verb




If you are interested please contact Hilary Weedon immediately as numbers may have to be limited.

If so, please contact Clive Brown on 3893.

If you have any queries on the above please contact Miss Middlemiss on extension 3088.

Any member who has information on this fraud, please contact the Hon.

Anyone interested? - Please contact the Office for details. 18.

For further details please contact either Margaret Charlwood or June Bascombe.



They can contact me at the address below..

If you can help us, in whatever way, please contact us at the address overleaf.

If you require more information regarding functions, accommodation or booking please contact us at the address below.

Anyone interested in learning more about this scheme should contact us at the address below, or on.

To register your interest in the Club and to receive further information about the first meeting, please contact the address below.

Why don't you contact him at the address below.


A nurse may contact the health authority when she has decided to return to work.

While doing so, he noticed a wire and immediately contacted authorities , who discovered a second bomb among the unopened mail.

If you move out of this area, you should also contact the Community Charge Authority for your new address.

Kitchen encouraged residents who hear shots in the area or see suspicious people to contact authorities .

It is important to contact the relevant authority if the site is subject to an option agreement and solicitors therefore not instructed.

That figure does not include people whose homes have been damaged but who have not contacted the authority .

Mr. Thorpe then contacted the Health Authority himself and pleaded his case to no avail.


For further information contact the Valley Leisure Centre .

Interested parties should contact the training centre for details.

For further particulars and application forms, please contact the Centre as soon as possible by letter or telephone.

To find out more about windpower, contact the Centre for Alternative Technology,.


Seat makers Klippan urged parents who have bought the seats since November 1 to contact the company .

It is important to contact several companies and agents before you buy.

That was why he had contacted the company in the first place.

Buyers contact the company via phone.

I managed to contact the company in January 2000, and its management was very worried about what had happened to Igor.

It will then contact companies with which you have direct debits, and get them to switch the orders.

However, some banks may tell you to contact the companies with which you have direct debits.


If you need more information on the other types of charge contact your council or local advice agency.

Otherwise you should contact your local council and ask for a claim form for community charge benefit.

Anyone considering a scheme of tree planting would be advised to contact their County Council to see what grants are available.

He urged members of the public to contact the council if there were any ugly advertising boards they wanted removed.

It's worth contacting your local County Council Planning Department for more information.


If you do not understand the details enclosed please contact the Finance Department where the staff will be pleased to assist.

Fewless said EnviroPork contacted the Health Department the day after the storm to reassure the agency that the ponds were holding.

He suggested that I contacted the frequency allocation department .

Please contact your personnel department if you would like to help.

Priority booking can be arranged for staff by contacting the public affairs department at John Wood House.

Ask about funding when contacting departments and check with a university careers service for information.

On behalf of the Trust I have agreed to contact each Planning Department and obtain the name of the individual concerned.

For further information, please contact our Reservations Department at least eight weeks prior to your departure.


Making contact with the families in the first instance was the most difficult problem.

After the 30 days, lawyers may contact families of the victims, but only in writing.

Last night police were trying to contact his family .

Later Jonathan Probyn made an emotional appeal for his estranged wife to contact him or her family .

She also implored me not to contact her family .

If you do have difficulty you can always contact the local Family Health Service Authority.

Nor were they allowed to contact their family doctor or anyone else for support or advice.


Anyone requiring further information should contact this office.

For additional information , contact Trouble-Shooter.

If you need any further information you can contact me on the above telephone number after 4 p.m. most days.

Anyone with information should contact the police on.

For further information , contact local branches for Thomas Cook, Barclays and Pickfords.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dursley Police.

For further information , contact John McLean Fox at the above address.

For further information contact the Valley Leisure Centre.


Motorists wishing to donate their points to the team are asked to contact Team Manager Ian Janes.

Make sure that you contact your local manager and explain what it is you can do.

The Cinema has limited wheelchair access, and people with disabilities should contact the House Manager in advance.

Please contact the House Manager for details.

If you would like to help, please contact the kennel manager ,.

For further information please contact the Linnet Club manager .

If there is a problem the client or assistant can contact the manager who will mediate.


If you have not renewed yours and wish to do so, contact the office without delay. 15.

Please contact the Office if you are interested-no reasonable offer will be refused!

I can supply you with more tickets or you may contact the Office or your own teacher.

If anyone can help please contact the Editorial office .

Candidates should contact the relevant Faculty Office to obtain an application form.

Please contact either or the Office .

For further information and advice please contact the Ticket Office .


If you would like to apply for help, or find out who your local representative is, contact your welfare officer .

Age Concern now wants elderly people worried about keeping warm to contact its officers or the fire brigade for advice.

Those wishing to research in other schools should contact their Divisional Education Officer .

Employees will be able to go to contact officers informally, and in confidence.

If you have not had time to object, contact the planning officer and ask for extra time.

For Teachers' Packs, details of facilities and resources please contact the Education Officer .

They should contact the coroner's officer Brian Atkinson on 091-567 6155 ext 7854.


Thirteen families still have to be contacted , but hospital officials are confident they will be able to trace them.

But, the source added, others were contacted by Democratic fund-raising officials after the sessions and solicited for contributions.

He is advised also to contact the appropriate official of his intentions when he will receive all reasonable assistance towards his visit.


Charlotte suggested contacting the police , but Ursula would not hear of it.

The families agreed not to contact police to guarantee the safety of the two men.

Today many horse owners contacted the police asking for advice on how best to protect their animals.

At that point, the families contacted the State Judicial Police in Tijuana.

The charity has warned anyone approached by the imposter to contact police immediately.

He said he left and summoned building security guards, who then contacted police .

Anyone with information should contact the police on.

They say anyone who thinks they recognise him should contact police immediately.


They attempted to contact you by radio .


For more information on this event please contact the Secretary of the club.

If anyone is interested in joining, please contact the Secretary .

For a detailed course programme please contact the Booking Secretary .

For detailed advice on themes contact the relevant committee secretary .


For further information on this service contact the Occupational Pensions Board on.

Anyone who would like to know more about the service should contact volunteer coordinator Dorothy Davison on.

Staff who would like to use the service should contact Colin Will, who will provide training over the next few weeks.

For details of the full range of services contact Coutts on 071-753 1234.

Your local social services department can be contacted through your town hall.


High technology - businesses in this field should contact our High Technology branches for advice on the special problems facing them.



Anyone with information is asked to contact Dursley Police.

Anyone offered cheap tyres or know of their whereabouts are asked to contact the detectives at Dunganon 52525.

Since then the importers have run more advertisements asking owners to contact them.

Motorists wishing to donate their points to the team are asked to contact Team Manager Ian Janes.

Anyone offered similar plates from unauthorised sources is asked to contact Nubern Products on.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of this cowling is asked to contact: Geoff Rodwell,.

Anyone who may have seen this vehicle since May 11 is also asked to contact them.


If you are in any doubt regarding the acceptability of your qualifications you should not hesitate to contact the faculty for advice.

If anyone of you is troubled or needs help please don't hesitate to contact me or my wife.

However, please do not hesitate to contact me if further clarification is needed prior to it being distributed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me here at the above number if you have any other queries or concerns.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information or assistance.

If you with to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Would you like to contact me to exchange experiences and help us feel less isolated?

Send your resume to headhunters you would like to contact you, but make certain it is professionally prepared and presented well.

Any young singers who would like further information can contact Keith Smith.

If anyone else would like to help please contact Mr Campbell at All Hallows.

Anyone who would like to attend should contact organiser Peter Goodwin on Redcar 472249.

Anyone who has time to spare and would like to help can contact Moira on Darlington.


Charlotte suggested contacting the police, but Ursula would not hear of it.

One recent column suggested contacting funeral homes to find out information about deceased relatives and their next-of-kin.

He suggested that I contacted the frequency allocation department.

She called some Tonellis there out of the phone book, and one of them suggested that she contact me.

He had suggested that Gene contact me.

I rang him to ask his advice, and he was the one who suggested I should contact the police.


Goldman never denied repeatedly trying to contact Lee after the incident but said she wanted him to apologize.

If she kept on trying to contact your father, it could be awkward.

Another brother they tried to contact was worse than useless apparently.

Not once did he try to contact his son.

She was uncertain of who to try to contact next.

Was it a signal-like jungle drums-to try to contact another mouse?


After they received the bomb threat, school officials immediately contacted the police.

Elsa contacted several companies to ask if they could offer her part-time work.

I was given the names of three government officials to contact .

If the problem continues, try contacting a software expert.

School officials immediately contacted the police.


Buyers contact the company via phone.

I would expect that they would contact us and secure whatever permissions and licenses are appropriate.

I would have to find another way to contact my grandfather.

Look at this example: Thank you for contacting us about the difficulty you had collecting your baggage at the Oakland airport.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying the top names is to contact the auction houses for catalogues of their summer sales.

The piloting team can be contacted via the Helpline number:.

III. adjective


eye contact

But he never looked at his grandmother, who seemed eager to make eye contact.

I was paralysed with fear at the very thought of making eye contact with them, let alone playing the teacher.

Let your body language, eye contact and facial expression show involvement and receptivity.

She had always associated eye contact with frankness; there was nothing frank about this man.

She was making deep eye contact with me and a couple of her rings were digging into my fingers rather painfully.

They were seated and made little, if any, eye contact with the brothers or their lawyers.

This ensures good eye contact which is very important in promoting mutual trust and confidence between members.

Unlike radio, the anchor / readers do not have to be in eye contact with the control room.


Did Mr. Warren leave a contact number?

Glue the tiles to the floor with contact cement.

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