Meaning of CONTAIN in English




a bag contains sth

Lisa was carrying the bag containing the beach towels.

a collection consists of/contains sth

The collection consists of some 500 items.

a compound contains sth

This compound contains two atoms of nitrogen and four atoms of hydrogen.

contain information

The documents contained top secret information.

contain/include an example

The exhibition also contains some examples of his book illustrations.

control/contain your anger

I could not control my anger any longer.

control/contain your excitement

She could hardly control her excitement when I told her the news.

have/contain an error

If the data contains errors, the results will be wrong.

sth has/contains calories

These yoghurts have approximately 90 calories per pot.




Such a religion might also contain certain philosophical ideas, ideas which could be deduced from apriori reason.

Our Astern also contains the newest computerized scanning device that determines exactly where and when the intrusion occurred.

It also contained a clause which effectively provided for its continued validity should the Soviet Union be dissolved or reconstituted.

The lunar surface also contains the light isotope helium-3, which is implanted in the surface by the solar wind.

The disk also contains secret cheat codes to provide additional ammunition and level skip features.

Pech-Merle also contains some of the relatively rare engravings of human female forms.

It also contain antibodies that protect her against infections - and it costs nothing!

The bill also contains measures that would make it more difficult for refugees from persecution to seek asylum in the United States.


The tyres contain only low levels of carbon and no dioxins; potentially harmful products of burning tyres are to be recycled.

The usual Gregorian year officially contains only 365 days.

In particular, the air now contains only about 0.05 percent of carbon dioxide: a trace indeed.

Most plastic sacks contain only 5 percent recycled content.

An abbreviated version of the Package Structure Listing can also be obtained which contains only the package modules in the structure.

At birth it contains only a few large cards on which everything is written.

The training set need only contain positive examples of this recogniser's class, but it should be clean.



The Gospel contains a large amount of material concerned with the theme of suffering and persecution.

Garnish with a dollop of sour cream. 80 Many sausage mixtures are heavy and usually contain a fair amount of fat.

West Belfast contained an enormous amount of interest in culture, music and the arts.

The very weakest meteors also contain large amounts of carbon, far more than we see in even the most carbon-rich meteorites.

Each of the two divisions of meiosis produces two daughter cells, each of which contains the same amount of nuclear material.

But the atmospheres of the Jovian planets contain astronomical amounts , and high concentrations, of both helium-3 and deuterium.

Water - the creator of climate and weather Water can contain vast amounts of heat energy.

These products do, however, contain a minimal amount of cholesterol as claimed oil the label.


Each book contains ten reading texts followed by short and varied exercises.

These books contain short sentences, simple words, and repetitive phrases, designed for early readers.

Norman Higham's book contains a discussion of the various permutations possible, together with some advice from experience.

That book contained a proposal for electrical propulsion of spacecraft, a technique we would now call ion propulsion.

The introductory chapters of my books contain much advice which, if heeded, would help to minimise the dangers.

However, in treating the subject as fully as possible, the book does contain specimen clauses.

By Hugh Hebert COMEDY-thrillers could have a hard time without small black books that disappear containing the clue to mysterious fortunes.

Nevertheless, the book contains some useful and interesting material and is certainly not a book to be ignored.


And the long, jewelled box containing the rod, without roses or leaves, that was the wand of his kingship.

On Christmas Eve, I pulled out the box containing the basketball hoop and studied the assembly instructions.

This briefing box contains the oldest example of regime classification and one of the most recent.

The first box contains some clippings.

I think the box contained a few newspapers and the top of a wig.

The briefcase-sized black box contained a keyword selection computer.

She pulled from under the bed a box containing photographs and cuttings from happier days.

Transfer them to a small tube or box containing a few leaves from the same plant and take them home.


A cell containing four sets of chromosomes is said to be tetraploid.

It is quite possible that these cells contain more than one form of adenylate cyclase.

All my other cells contain 46 - a double set.

In a human being one cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Every cell contains two chromosome 9s, and two versions of location 7230 along chromosome 9.

The program could then corporate a rule which prevented a move into a cell containing a non-zero code.

They are all single cells , yet within their cell walls they contain much more complex structures than any bacterium possesses.

Thus, in effect, before mitosis a normal body cell of an animal contains four functional sets of chromosomes.


The file contains a module whose name is recognised but whose version number is not.

The files contained a single document, his lob application, filled out in block letters and unsigned.

The files are then combined into a flat file containing all the hybridisations.

Thus, removing Windows software is not as simple as yanking out that directory and the files it contains .

Before next month's Starting Block, try roaming around your hard disk, looking at the different files it contains .

The only requirement regarding the software itself is that each file should contain a module header.


Examples of foods that contain beneficial fats are oily fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.

Personally I want genetically engineered foods and anything containing genetically engineered food ingredients banned.

However, any diet high in foods that contain few vitamins and minerals is likely to lead to some degree of illness.

Giardia is acquired by ingesting food containing the cysts or, more commonly, drinking contaminated water.

All foods containing four per cent or less fat are acceptable within my diet plan.

Susceptible people experience flushing and feel unwell when they eat foods containing these compounds.


An inventory should contain sufficient information to enable the unequivocal identification of an object.

Any piece of the hologram contains the same information as the whole and can reconstruct the entire image.

Viewfinders also commonly contain displays of useful information such as the state of the battery and the mode of operation in use.

But it also contained information previously unknown to either Tanimizu or Sakaida.

Both the Text710 and the corpus contain information about words and their grammatical tags.

This photograph, this swipe of grain, so briefly glimpsed: I could tell it contained extraordinary information .

Report letter A report letter containing supplementary information was sent to centres at the same time as the new catalogue.


Many of these works contain important statistical material , but there exist also many purely statistical digests and collections.

CompuServe recently shut down direct access to certain newsgroups containing indecent photographs and material .

Cassette, containing the listening practice material in the Workbook.

They also, astonishingly, contain abundant organic material .

All of the books containing material related to the theses in the present study are such compilations.

The child-use section contains instructional materials in a wide variety of format and subject matter for the children themselves.

Brown calcareous soils contain carbonate materials in the form of rock or shell fragments.

If the second edition of a book contains revision material , it is the first revised edition.


Those local authorities contain the number of Labour members that serve on them due to the choice of the electorate.

Third world towns and cities contain large numbers of women who may lead lives very different from those of their rural counterparts.

The basic reason for such sterility is that the two parents contain different numbers of chromosomes.

The above quotation contains a number of interesting points.

Typically, residents of both public and private sector provision will contain a large number of people aged 80 +.

I got my answer by writing a letter that contained only the numbers I thought counted.

It contains a number of detailed examples of such work throughout the primary age range.

You see a room containing a number of comfortable chairs.


If the latest version of the module is a development version then the package must contain it as Latest.

Helicopters will fly overhead, and police robots will be available to handle suspicious packages that might contain explosives.

A package may therefore contain any mixture of information judged relevant to its application.

She had taken a small package containing bread, socks and other amenities to her sister Sonia and brother Nathan.

Error 53: Package does not contain itself.

It was printed on a raisin package about 1954 and contained brown sugar and orange juice.

There is no point booking a package holiday - this contains the essentially free spirit of the tack traveller.

A package to contain the issue software is created, and when the package itself is ready, a Product is created.


Love it or hate it, the South-east does contain 30 percent of the population of the United Kingdom.

On average, paper bags contain 35 percent recycled paper.

Peat is an organic soil which contains more than 60 percent of organic matter and exceeds 50 centimetres in thickness.

Most plastic sacks contain only 5 percent recycled content.

Few soils contain the 40 percent clay to qualify as true clays; few are pure silts or pure sands.

Protein compounds contain approximately I 6 percent nitrogen. 151.

Limestone is defined as a rock which contains at least 50 percent , which nearly always occurs as the mineral calcite.

They can not contain more than 30 percent fat, added water, or binder or extender.


Most shaving products now contain moisturising properties but for the really sensitive man, Wilkinson have formulated Skin Solutions.

The product contains nonfat dairy milk.

Tests on products containing germanium showed there was a risk.

Meanwhile, other products containing the same combination of herbs remain on the market.

This problem is tackled by executive information system products containing multidimensional databases, such as Information Resources' Express.

Most liquid or powdered ginseng products contain no alcohol, state officials said.

The thing to avoid or at least cut down on is refined sugar and the products that contain it.

Most products in supermarkets contain labels that have a lot of nutritional information in them.


Each sample contains approximately 2,000 words and the complete corpus contains about a million words.

There were some former incidents containing these words which had to be reached before the incident in dramatization would ease.

Each sample contains approximately 2,000 words and the complete corpus contains about a million words.

Some aphasics can repeat back a sentence containing words they find hard to use when constructing a sentence themselves.

Many documents, especially from the nineteenth century, contain redundant words which only serve to confuse.

The words were stored in various sub-dictionaries containing vocabulary words and suffixes.

Test yourself with the following passage, which contains misspelt words taken from examination scripts.

We don't want to sift through those so let's make sure the pages contain both words .


a pewter box containing Spanish coins from the 1540s

All computer manuals should contain a list giving addresses of suppliers.

Buchanan's writing contains some of the same elements as Duke's.

Cigarettes containing less than 0.8 mg can be classified as "light".

Crews used booms to contain a large oil spill on the river.

He opened the bag, which contained a razor, soap, and a towel.

Her report contained some interesting suggestions.

I found it more and more difficult to contain my anger.

It is important to eat meat or eggs, as they contain protein and vitamins.

Some paints contain lead, which can be poisonous.

The drawer contained various odds and ends.

The film contains some very unpleasant scenes of violence.

The film was banned because it contained a number of extremely violent scenes.

These alkaline batteries do not contain mercury.


At the same time, our ability to detect, contain , and prevent emerging infectious diseases is in jeopardy.

Chipboard and other pressed wood products are made with a resin containing formaldehyde, an irritant and suspected carcinogen.

Each of the two divisions of meiosis produces two daughter cells, each of which contains the same amount of nuclear material.

Juices left in bags that contained raw meat can contaminate the cooked leftovers.

The layer containing the fingers does not continue to thicken until it fills the fluid region.

The poll, conducted last weekend, contains almost no comfort for the Tories.

These were the only words it contained.

Well, the typical mailing list also contains a series of records divided into fields.

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