Meaning of CONTINUITY in English




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These more favoured subcontractors, however, gain a greater degree of continuity at the expense of wider variations in profits.

There has been no greater continuity in the economic power of railways than in tapping minerals.

The lawmakers prattle on about wanting greater continuity .

These shales have great lateral continuity .

For one thing, there was much greater continuity of pre- and early capitalist musical forms.

The greatest continuity of ownership was in the Rothermere Associated Newspapers combine and the smaller and narrower Pearson/Westminster group.



To ensure continuity , homework should be given after each lesson.

Communication within the caring team, and the formation of nursing care plans, ensures continuity of patient care.

But it would, meanwhile, regularise his affairs and ensure proper continuity , proper attention to investments, and so on.

And following breakdown every effort should be made to ensure supportive continuity of contact between the child and the absent parent.

The transmission of values ensures continuity and allows the organisation to survive changes in personnel.

This ensures continuity of care between hospital and home and gives the patient confidence to cope with a new situation.

This ensures continuity with more than one worker, where it may be difficult to find one person to live in permanently.

Staggered plantings are also used to ensure a continuity of supply.


Conservatism may represent the attempt to establish some continuity and order in these precarious circumstances.


Reassurances may need to be given on continuity of employment.

In so doing, it gave them system and continuity and went far to make economic life comprehensible.

This gives continuity and wholeness to the life of faith which are indispensable to its growth and maturity.

He has given it continuity and confidence, matching perspiration with performance.

These features give continuity to broadcast programmes but this kind of continuity is not so important with classroom materials.

The caucus thus gave continuity at the top throughout the development of the closure plan.

When insulating the loft floor, bring the ends of the blanket up against the sides of the cistern to give continuity .


This maintained some continuity and helped make up at least a little of the lost time.

As the only permanent fixture in a constantly changing group, Sinclair Goodlad maintains continuity and lays down the scheme's philosophy.

Third, they should be based wherever possible on existing boundaries in order to maintain continuity and build upon traditional loyalties.

They have formed successive alliances with the two main parties of left and right, using their position to maintain continuity .

The high frequency of I as theme helps to maintain a sense of continuity and a coherent point of view.


Most of the dates clash and next season with home and away matches, we will need continuity .

As I discussed earlier, we also need to increase the continuity of relationships between adult caregivers and children.

Consider whether any cases need continuity and transfer these to a permanent member of the team.

Gore needs to offer continuity of policy but a break with the personalities.

So, in the Act parenting is for life, because children need continuity , security, and a sense of identity.

But this teams needs more continuity than up to now and it can still do a lot better.

At the same time they also need to ensure continuity .


It is based on the hope that the fieldworker will provide continuity of care for the young people before and after admission.

Unions have often provided the continuity behind such litigation when the employee is unable to do so.

It is also necessary to understand that many people with disabilities are apprehensive of well-managed services providing continuity .

Andrew will try to do his duty By providing some continuity .

Also like Mrs Chan, he was an important member of the pre-handover administration, providing a measure of continuity .

There is a carefully defined hierarchy of offices which can provide the organisation with continuity via recruitment from below.


But at all times, if they are of one body, they will display continuity of programme.

Ensuring editorial quality, integrity and continuity .

Green brings continuity to the garden.

How will older people receive the type, continuity and quality of care required?

However, I would not for one moment deny the continuity and the gradualness of the processes which are changing the earth.

Story-telling can keep alive the sense of continuity of family or tribal life.

Will there not be a continuity of evolution implied, in contradiction to our postulated discontinuous collapse?

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