Meaning of CONTINUITY in English


/kon'tn ooh"i tee, -tn yooh"/ , n. , pl. continuities .

1. the state or quality of being continuous.

2. a continuous or connected whole.

3. a motion-picture scenario giving the complete action, scenes, etc., in detail and in the order in which they are to be shown on the screen.

4. the spoken part of a radio or television script that serves as introductory or transitional material on a nondramatic program.

5. Math. the property of a continuous function.

6. Usually, continuities . sets of merchandise, as dinnerware or encyclopedias, given free or sold cheaply by a store to shoppers as a sales promotion.

[ 1375-1425; late ME continuite continuitas, equiv. to continu ( us ) CONTINUOUS + -itas -ITY ]

Syn. 2. flow, progression.

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