Meaning of CORROSION in English




If left unchecked, corrosion will eventually weaken the pipeline.

The crash happened as a result of corrosion to the airplane's fuselage.

To keep metal garbage cans free from corrosion , coat them lightly with used motor oil.


A thin smear of Vaseline on all snap-on terminals, and internal spring and pins will help keep corrosion at bay.

Added to this was the waxing of the fuselage interior to protect it from corrosion in the future.

Any batteries, pods, packs or trays showing signs of corrosion or rust must be replaced.

Not only will this make the water unpleasant but it may cause leakages if the corrosion goes right through the cistern.

The bolt was not strong, arthritic with age and corrosion .

The chromium, used to prevent pipe corrosion , was released from 1951 until 1966, but lingered in groundwater.

The improvements were a little disappointing and five years on, corrosion has eaten well into the reflective surfaces.

The metals, if not filtered out, can clog steel and iron pipes, cause corrosion and diminish water pressure.

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