Meaning of CORROSION in English


kəˈrōzhən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English corosion, from Late Latin corrosion-, corrosio act of gnawing, from Latin corrosus (past participle of corrodere ) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : the action, process, or effect of corroding: as

a. : the action or process of corrosive chemical change not necessarily accompanied by loss of form or compactness ; typically : a gradual wearing away or alteration by a chemical or electrochemical essentially oxidizing process (as in the atmospheric rusting of iron)

b. : a gradual weakening, loss, or destruction (as of spirit or force)

the corrosion of faith and the corruption of moral standards — Times Literary Supplement

c. : erosion of land or rock ; specifically : the removal of soil or rock by the solvent or chemical action of running water — compare corrasion


a. : a product of corrosion

a hard corrosion of white lead

b. : a study specimen of an organ or other structure prepared by injection of hollow parts (as blood vessels) with a plastic and subsequent removal of the surrounding tissue by corrosion

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