Meaning of COUNCIL in English



a council house British English (= one owned by a local council that people can rent cheaply )

The rent rise is a blow to council house tenants.

borough council

city council

council estate

council house

council of war

council tax

council/industrial/housing etc estate

county council

Kent County Council

district council

Learning and Skills Council, the

legislative assembly/council/body etc (= one with the power to make laws )

the main legislative body of the EC

local council

parish council

elections to the parish council

Privy Council

town council




Councillors complained that the full council should have been consulted before planning permission was given.

Essentially, council subcommittee recommendations formulated the week of September 17 were accepted without question by the full council five days later.

Coun Pendlebury told a meeting of the full county council yesterday that seven other schemes are in jeopardy.

The subcommittee presented its recommendation to the full council on November 18, two weeks after the first public hearing.

This board would receive wide delegated powers and be the sole channel through which business done in committees reached the full council .

The statutory location of decision-making power in a local authority rests in the full council .

Some councils therefore still insist on every committee decision being referred to the full council for confirmation or rejection.

The full council will confirm the charges set on 4 March.


The proposal, put forward by Lothian, has the strong support of other big Labour council groups like Strathclyde and Tayside.

It was the hope of central-government support that, on the whole, dominated thinking within Labour councils .

The chapter of the way in which some Labour councils have behaved is well documented.

They endeavoured, on a number of levels, to make themselves more accountable than previous Labour councils had been.

By 1983-4, penalties on overspending authorities amounted to over £200 million - almost all of which fell on urban Labour councils .

One of the most controversial areas of intervention by these new-style Labour councils was Equal Opportunities.

If you look at Oxford City, we have many Labour councillors on the Labour city council .

We do in fact have control of the Labour city council .


It provided for Kurdish legislative and executive councils , but real power was retained by the central government in Baghdad.

Without a constitution, the powers of the legislative council are unclear.


In April local councils acquired an important new power.

An announcement is made: The local tenants' council has a meeting planned for Friday.

With good will from Government, charities, housing associations and local councils , something may be done.

With local councils deadlocked, King must decide.

Hence, the argument runs, even without central financial control most local councils would have been providing similar levels of services.

But the local council says it's being forced to cut back to meet Government spending limits.

But the local council has put it in the highest council tax band - for houses worth at least three hundred thousand pounds.


These are established through national joint councils , consisting of representatives of employers and employees, supplemented by local variations and agreements.

The national security council heard calls for resources to be redirected from the elite nuclear forces to beef up conventional arms spending.

A 105-member national council was also elected.

The Council is associated with other local authorities represented on the national and provincial councils dealing with local authorities' services.

She was planning to work with the national examinations council in Kigali next year.

But after a hurriedly arranged meeting, involving the national gipsy council , an uneasy truce was reached.

His most relevant texts here are those on the national council held at Enham in Hampshire probably in 1008.


But Powergen bosses have reacted quickly to the new council demands.

Inside a community center, the new council members sat through three hours of speeches.

The options costed by Touche Ross covered plans for 15, 24, 35 or 51 new councils .

That means the new council should cast it.

In the words of a working-class housewife living on a new council estate: It depends what you call friends.

Gunnarson may have his hands full with what some critics of the new council majority describe as an aggressive and demanding bunch.


An official at Zaporizha's regional council said one welder was burned to death immediately.

The Council would be responsible for naming nine regional councils , each comprising three members including one opposition member.

This week the local regional council , Lothian, revealed that over £25 million was outstanding.

We have district councils and regional councils.

We would also have to discuss the availability of regional council workers to man the helplines.

Conservative regional council chiefs denounced the idea and declared their backing for Congress.



Neither Mr Fallon nor Mr Bergg can expect any help from the borough council .

The borough council recognises that its newer cemeteries such as Acklam and Thorntree are in need of attention.

Alexei features in a 20minute video bought by the borough council for a major anti-vandalism campaign to be launched early next year.

Cheltenham Borough council says it wants to save money to meet spending limits but no final decision has yet been made.

District and borough councils will become wholly responsible for cleaning all roads except motorways.

Simply ask your borough council planning department, who will be able to advise you.

Splashing out: Children in Hartlepool will soon be able to have more fun than ever, thanks to the borough council .


This reluctance to take office is recalled during the annual mayor-making in the council chamber of the town hall.

She waited patiently in council chambers for about two hours for the issue to be taken up in executive session.

No wonder Mosley was smiling as he stood in the cast council chamber .

Tribal members said there was standing room only in the council chamber , which holds about 60 people.

Ambassador Richard Holbrooke into the council chamber .

Yet the Government expected unionists to sit in the same council chamber with them.

A colleague stumbled on the couple romping in a first-floor office just yards from the council chamber .

Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen presided over the midnight ceremony in the council chambers , which were decorated with red and pink roses.


The debate in Birmingham has reached something like fever pitch, now that the city council is faced with two rival development schemes.

The city council met, discussed the issue, and eventually voted to go ahead.

If you look at Oxford City , we have many Labour councillors on the Labour city council .

Because the city council has this information, it no longer votes on line items: it votes on service levels.

The city council , famous in the 1980s for its bitter internal disputes, could not be more pliant.

The city council ranks them and votes to eliminate the most expendable.

Birmingham city council says the tour will help it find new ways of dealing with racism.

The recall was the first and only nonpartisan city council election in Tucson history.


The county council plans to build a bypass so that the A148 will no longer bisect the conservation village of Letheringsett.

All 3 political groups on the county council , supported by hundreds of parents, agreed an education budget above Government limits.

If that fails it will be the first village school to be closed by the county council in the last five years.

The suggestion was made at a joint meeting of all sides organised by North Yorkshire county council .

The county council recently agreed that firms and organisations can sponsor displays as advertisements.

A number of years ago she worked in the social services department of Cleveland county council .

It is not the task of the county councils to assess the cost benefit of the scheme in detail.

But the county council also questions devoting resources to roads which do not have a high number of accidents.


These agencies include district council recreation departments, local sports councils, voluntary organisations and clubs.

District councils came into being as a result of the 1974 legislation which, interalia, abolished rural district councils.

Sadly, it seems that he has failed to grasp the relationship between the district council and the board.

But that could all change with proposals to merge the council with the six smaller district councils within the county.

This is because Mrs. Gilmour will be taking the petition along to the district council offices the following day.

East Northants district council wrote asking me to make that specific point.

Table 10.1 illustrates this with reference to revenue expenditure on basic services by the ten district councils in the Greater Manchester area in 1987/8.

That is also the view of the Dorney and Taplow parish councils and the South Buckinghamshire district council.


Elections for the new assembly were scheduled for June 1973, but before that date there were local council elections.

The recall was the first and only nonpartisan city council election in Tucson history.

Next April's council elections could prove a nasty shock.

The Haringey Lesbian and Gay Unit was established weeks before the 1986 council elections , and it featured prominently in the campaign.

The local council elections in May appeared to be a watershed in the party's and, therefore Mrs Thatcher's fortunes.

Under the Bill parties must give half the candidates' places in forthcoming town council elections to women.

Later in the year the committee sponsored four candidates in council elections .

The Conservatives' best hope for the county council elections , held on the same day, was to contain losses.


Here were the factories, the council estates and - just a few yards beyond the Redburns' back garden - the railway.

In addition to the palatial and leafy suburbs, there are areas of inner-city terraced housing awaiting redevelopment and large outlying council estates .

Harry Secombe was the third child of a none-too-successful commercial traveller living on a council estate near Swansea.

The rows of white tents are numbered like a council estate .

Raw council estates spilled over the fields at the edge of town, marring the views.

I found myself in a grey council estate that faced the river.

The larger of the two branches met in a community centre near a council estate .


Drugs squad officers in Wiltshire discovered another drug factory in the bedroom of a council house yesterday.

Their desire to keep rates down made them reluctant to build council houses .

I was living with my mam in a council house .

I was under the impression that people who rented council houses would have to pay the new council tax in addition to their rents.

Government rules prevent the use of that money to build council houses but Coun Munsey wants Mr Major to overturn those policies.

I can not remember a previous time when we have bought back a former council house .

I spoke to a middle-aged woman in Sunderland who moved into her council house when it was new thirty years ago.

We will revolutionise the management of council houses and flats.


It is a way, for example, of liberating people from council housing waiting lists.

Duncan and Goodwin examine the subsidizing of council housing , via contributions made from the rates, in London in 1984/85.

Moreover, the resulting decline in council housing has begun to lead to the rise of the ghetto.

A first step for this current administration would be to discard its ideologically-inspired opposition to council housing building.

There in a tiny traditional house flanked by council housing lives Mrs MacKenzie.

Once a land of dour council housing , thousands now own their own houses.

About three quarters of both groups lived in owner occupied or council housing .

The provision of council housing has had an equalising effect both as regards reducing overcrowding and improving housing amenities among working-class people.


And riders are also being asked to tell council leaders what they need in Britain's biggest metropolitan borough, Doncaster.

However, council leader Iain Coleman said yesterday that the council would oppose ground-sharing.

In your report the council leader states that they would be increasing parking for the disabled in Abbot's Yard.

But in his last job, Mr Redwood was just beginning to come to terms with Labour council leaders .

In Brent, council leader Merle Amory had to organize an emergency meeting of the pension-fund investment panel.

But council leaders nationally have complained that a decade of education cuts make this the bleakest year yet.


The claim, drawn up by the national executive, will be discussed by a union council meeting on 14 October.

An attendance policy for council meetings .

Councillor Sam James took along a window frame to the March parish council meeting .

The public have a statutory right to be present during council meetings and committee meetings.

In 1987 he argued for a beefed-up Neddy with the council meetings chaired by the industry secretary rather than by the chancellor.

It is one of the privileges of a councillor in a council meeting to see that other members obey standing orders.

At a full council meeting in Darlington members heard the appeal is going well.

In a unique demonstration they left their schools to sit in on a county council meeting discussing the cuts.Tim Hurst reports.


No other permanent security council member is likely to want to get involved.

Legislators, city council members , and school board members are often lawyers or small-business people.

The only council member who can be seen to be motivated by hostility to the family is William, lord Hastings.

Some current city council members are also concerned that Connie Chambers residents could get shafted if their complex is leveled.

First, there should be a clearer division between council member and officer.

The mayor is only the first of 15 council members , his one vote no stronger than that of the other 14.

Nine council members serve part time in Huntington Beach, sharing a clerical staff of three.

He said he got a positive reaction from council members to his remarks about Western aid but declined to elaborate.


Bioplan's scheme for traffic control had been accepted by Durham county council and Darlington council officers .

Darlington council officers say £3,500 damage has been caused to works in the Myles Meehan Gallery.

It's prompted council officers in Oxfordshire to put their contingency plans to the test.

But council officers are again going to ask for improvements.

The government has already introduced tougher laws on food hygiene and now it hopes the register will help council officers enforce them.

Voice over Meanwhile council officers in Swindon say they can't cope with any more terrapins.

But the finding has worried council officers who now want urgent talks with Harwell.


The £11,000 cost will be met through £4,000 from the parish council , grants and fundraising by the project committee.

Now the former chairman of Merrybent parish council has written about his struggle against heart disease in a medical journal.

Council meeting: The parish council met yesterday.

The Parish council would, therefore, strongly urge your committee to refuse this application.

There was nothing that the parish council could do, as at the time much of the area was within Old Alresford.

There is also a third tier of parish councils , with minimal powers.

A variety of independent museum are run by Trusts, local societies, parish councils and enthusiastic individuals.

At the third tier, parish councils were created in 1894 and charged with administering poor relief.


How do you persuade the research council or the science supremo of an industrial research outfit to fund your brilliant new ideas?

Based in the Cabinet Office he will have responsibility, amongst other things, for the research councils .

The practicalities are being considered by the research councils in the Department of Education in Northern Ireland.

Then they will ask the research council for the £30 million they will need for the project.

Phillips thinks the research councils could lose out on the transfer.

Phillips's letter assesses how cuts might affect the research councils .

Between 1979-80 and 1990-91, the total of new studentships awarded by research councils rose by almost 28 percent.

The University Grants Committee and the research councils worked together on the selection job.


We're prepared to cooperate fully with any security council inquiry.

No other permanent security council member is likely to want to get involved.

The national security council heard calls for resources to be redirected from the elite nuclear forces to beef up conventional arms spending.

The United Nations security council has set up a commission of inquiry.


He also wanted to scrap the council tax discount offered to second-home owners.

On the other hand, the council tax is also a bit-of-a-poll-tax.

District council tax rates, which have yet to be set, must be added to these figures.

Not bad, not bad I've been sorting out my council tax George.

We can test the fairness of the council tax by looking at the bill that the Secretary of State himself will face.

That internal contradiction means that the council tax will not survive.

First under the poll tax and now under the council tax, central control has replaced local democracy in determining spending.

The council tax Bill exists because the poll tax was the disaster that so many hon. Members said it would be.


But some of Swindon's council tenants can't understand the local authorities position.

She was a former council tenant who had already bought her council house.

For council tenants , London rents have more than trebled between 1979 and 1989.

This office will deal with all matters regarding council tenants services such as repairs, transfers, and rent queries.

The number of former council tenants who have bought their homes has risen to 1.4 million.

Mrs Bujok and her family occupied a house as council tenants .

A campaign to encourage council tenants and people on the waiting list to buy the low-cost homes was launched last October.


The townsmen developed no organizational bases comparable to those of Western cities, no craft guilds or town councils .

But last week, the town council unanimously rejected her request to officially add the tilde.

The town council arranged the funeral and the guild members attended in a secondary role.

Going to a town council meeting was decidedly not what he wanted to do with his evening.

Instead the town council has decided that a civic medallion should be worn instead.

The post office uses some of the lodge space, and the town council meets there, too.

Under the Bill parties must give half the candidates' places in forthcoming town council elections to women.

For many years he was a member of the town council of Lincoln and in 1858-9 was chief magistrate.


They told her they were council workers who'd come to fix her doors.

Volunteers have been forced to leave the movement's centrally situated shop in Skinnergate while renovations are carried out by council workers .

Another sure sign, is that council worker Derek Gamage is out with them.

People living in Marl Drive staged a demonstration after waiting more than 18 hours for council workers to come to their assistance.

Time allowed 05:41 Read in studio A mass meeting of council workers has been told that redundancies are unavoidable.

We would also have to discuss the availability of regional council workers to man the helplines.



They have developed a reasonably efficient administration, with an elected parliament and municipal councils .

But both say the loan was paid off by December 1993, almost a year before Gentry was elected to the council .

He is a former Whitby town councillor and was elected to Cleveland county council in 1985.

While the newly elected council members eventually supported reducing the amount of the increase, the hike was still significant.

No Latino has been elected to the council there.

In city government, public policy is supposed to be enacted by an elected mayor and council .

She was elected to borough council in 1987.

He lost that election but was elected to the council four years later.


His officials have concluded that the consultants under-estimated the cost of setting up large councils and over-estimated the cost of smaller ones.

Three have already set up councils and another dozen are expected to do so by December.

What we pressed him to do in Committee was to include in the Bill power to set up a funding council .

The rate poundage is set by local councils and for Oxford in 1989-90 it is 291.1p in the pound.

However there are no plans at present to set up an independent council to monitor the Government's use of statistics.

A target of £3.5 million was set for the councils .

Temporary agreements were signed setting up councils of heads of state and of heads of government.


the Privy Council


a council meeting

A complaints system is being set up to make it easier for residents to complain about the service that the council offers.

Feltz is running for city council in the fall elections.

She's been elected onto the city council .

Stuart is on the Regional Arts Council .

The club got a grant from the Sports Council to help pay for new changing rooms.

The plan for the new housing development is now being considered by Essex County Council .


I kept on at the council , but it wasn't easy to get a council flat in those days.

In addition to the palatial and leafy suburbs, there are areas of inner-city terraced housing awaiting redevelopment and large outlying council estates.

Just last week pensioner Phillip Frampton died after a fire at his council flat in Swindon.

One incumbent was returned to the council .

The council say that shutters are not the answer.

The balance between additions and cuts will depend on the financial climate and the political complexion of the council .

The rankings guide Britain's four higher education funding councils in allocating resources.

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