Meaning of CUTTING in English


I. noun


a newspaper clipping/cutting (= a story cut out of a newspaper )

I found some old newspaper cuttings of the band's first concert in Liverpool.

be cutting a tooth (= have one of your first teeth growing )

Poor little Patrick was cutting another tooth and we had hardly had any sleep.

cutting board

cutting edge

research that’s at the cutting edge of genetic science

cutting room

give...a cutting edge

The team are relying on Gregg to give them a cutting edge .

grass clippings/cuttings (= pieces of cut grass )

You can use your grass clippings to start your own compost pile.

press cutting




The depot is bearing the brunt of a package of cost cutting measures across three sites.

That is the hit and miss effort of cost cutting .

Combined with cost cutting , that enabled the group to cut its borrowings by £70 million to £136 million.

Had it not been for another round of cost cutting , the group would have crept back into the black last year.

At present the opportunities they provide for cost cutting are more to the fore.

But as part of a council cost cutting exercise the Redcar ten mile road race will not be held this year.


The machine is probably most familiar when used by local councils to clean grass cuttings and leaves from pavements and footpaths.

I understand that Council staff may also require access for grass cutting and trimming.

It died from bloat, having eaten grass cuttings I'd left in a bin outside the paddock.

They are made up of chopped leaves and grass cuttings .

We use no activator; the grass cuttings and regular turning promote decomposition.

And you are grass cuttings , the bush that won't flower.


Equally intriguing are the missives from my brother, the newspaper cuttings that arrive every three weeks or so.

I've had newspaper cutting sent to me by other people.

Then she remembered Kev's little bundle of newspaper cuttings , and she turned to Bri with a kiss.

Prints of every size showing every kind of combat from medieval jousting to the latest newspaper cuttings of the Zulu War.

There are special collections of country information, newspaper cuttings , market research reports and theses.

This will include newspaper cuttings and the references referred to above, although taking care not to breach copyright laws.

It should contain law reports, books on personal injury, journals, box files of the newspaper cuttings and videos.

The bed covered in papers: old letters, plans, newspaper cuttings , legal reports, jotters.


It was the latter which still found itself on the drawing board when the rest had hit the cutting room floor.

Industry shake-ups cursed Earth Girls with a protracted delay between the cutting room and the screen.

Back at the station, the film was rushed into the cutting room and we caught the programme.



There are extensive collections of Regional Council committee papers and minutes, government circulars and press cuttings .


Ensure a regular supply by taking a few sucker cuttings each year, so you always have plants at different stages of growth.

You can also take cuttings from indoor chrysanthemums.

However, to be on the safe side, it is better to take cuttings in August to overwinter under glass.

Propagation is done by taking cuttings and simply planting them in the gravel.

How should I prune it and take cuttings ?

Make your own plants, take cuttings or divisions from neighbours' plants, rather than buying them from nurseries.

September Take cuttings from strong young shoots and root outdoors as for soft fruit.


the cutting edge (of sth)

Amazingly, he accomplished that while dancing on the cutting edge.

As president of a modeling agency, Page Parkes follows the cutting edge.

But the cutting edge doesn't come cheap.

In fact, this white-owned company was often on the cutting edge of new directions.

Settlement houses and settlement house workers were at the cutting edge of social change.

The decade's retreat from the cutting edge is certainly in evidence.


Could it be that with these cuttings he is working to modify the image of the family I present?

One is by the leaf bud cutting taken in May and June and stuck in a greenhouse.

Railway lines channel wildlife into the city centre along their cuttings and embankments.

Take cuttings of violas, taking material from healthy, non-flowering basal shoots.

Tax cutting may also have passed its peak.

The Forestry Commission has opened a plant centre selling cuttings from its rare flora.

Then she saw that the last cutting was new to her.

II. adjective




He spread an oilcloth on the table then laid the big cutting board on top of it.

Turn the rice out on to a cutting board .

Wood cutting boards will survive for a period but tend to crack after about a year of continuous washing.

Perhaps there's hope for me yet, he thought as he unrolled the fillet on the cutting board .


And some of the crematoria were cutting corners .

Of course this new policy is about cutting cost because it is about cutting corners in personal care.

Farmers should not be tempted to risk their own lives, or those of others, by cutting corners .

As with any training or fitness work, the process can never be speeded up without cutting corners .


Thus an industrial salesperson may be able to advise his customers on improving productivity or cutting costs .

An obsession with cutting costs and with theories of self-help has downgraded public services and re-evoked images of the poor law.

In a similar manner, cost-cutting exercises move always in the direction of cutting costs without a specific target.

The improvement is partly the fruit of years of cutting costs .

Despite lots of talk about cutting costs , each of the top studios currently has at least one money-losing blockbuster on its books.

But it also ties in with cutting costs .


We seem to lack the cutting edge right now.

But the cutting edge doesn't come cheap.

She has a sharp cutting edge and woe betide the Europhile who treads on her toes.

Any man who has taken his brothers to court three times since 1980 must have a cutting edge to his personality.

With the advent of new candidates, their appeals needed to be freshened up and their cutting edges toughened.

Despite lacking the cutting edge , Villa continued to create openings throughout the second half.

There s no cutting edge at the moment.


The cost of the compensation was being met out of the money saved by cutting price subsidies.

It has set its face against cutting prices .

Forecourts are drastically cutting prices after the Tesco supermarket chain announced a massive drop in the cost of a gallon.

And she blasts supermarkets for failing to pass on profits to customers by cutting prices .


At the meeting Mark made some cutting remarks about Sally, who wasn't there to defend herself.

Emily always managed to say something cutting whenever we met at a party.


But the cutting edge doesn't come cheap.

Moulded, splinter-proof cutting blocks, called Barboards, are also available.

The firm then experimented by making one side of the cutting knives with serrated edges, leaving the other smooth-edged.

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