Meaning of CUTTING in English


I. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of cutten to cut

1. : something cut or cut off, out, or over: as

a. : a section of a plant of stem, root, or leaf origin capable of sending out roots and used for propagation ; specifically : a stem cutting


(1) : a crop (as of indigo, grain, or hay) that has been cut especially at a single mowing

(2) : felling

c. chiefly Britain : an excavation or cut (as for a canal, railway, or highway)

d. chiefly Britain : a clipping (as from a newspaper or magazine)

e. cuttings plural : rock particles brought to the surface in well drilling

2. obsolete : tallage

3. : something made by cutting ; especially : recording

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from present participle of cutten

: given to or designed for cutting: as

a. : edged , sharp : made for cutting, severing, or dividing

a cutting blade

b. : marked by sharp piercing cold

the cutting winds of January

c. : marked by or given to penetrating sarcastic asperity wounding the feelings of others

disagreeably arrogant or contemptuous in a cutting way — Edmund Wilson

d. : grown or cultivated for cutting

flowers from the cutting garden

e. : sharp , intense : demanding attention

a cutting pain

a cutting whistle

Synonyms: see incisive

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