Meaning of CYCLE in English

I. noun


a cycle path (= for people riding bicycles )

They should put a cycle path along the edge of each new road they build.

a walking/cycling/sightseeing etc tour

a cycling tour of Cornwall

We met on a coach tour in Italy.

clock cycle

cycle lane

cycle path

cycling shorts

life cycle

menstrual cycle

the menstrual cycle




Near Lake Como there is even an annual cycle race that visits the sites mentioned in the book.

Each annual cycle entailed the repetition of well-tried methods which had to be taken in common.

Limitations on virement ensure that the annual budgetary cycle becomes vitally important.

Managers need to know about the annual financial cycle , the bureau budget and its management and local authority finance.

Brandt switched the emphasis from geographical variation to the study of the annual cycle of plankton growth found in the northern oceans.

Our information services will benefit from longer-term planning than the current annual estimating cycle .

Thus even age measurements such as radioactive clocks that are independent of annual cycles need to be converted into years.

The life cycle varies, but some species from temperate zones have an annual cycle.


Night and day are complementary parts of a complete cycle .

However, most employers feel that the best training is obtained by working through one complete budget cycle .

A complete excitation cycle consists of four steps, corresponding to excitation of each phase by each current polarity.

A complete cycle of movement is drawn on the right of Fig. 10.1.

While I have been away, it seems the place has been through a complete historical cycle .

The period to be covered, 1974-89, encompasses two complete international economic cycles .


The period to be covered, 1974-89, encompasses two complete international economic cycles .

Third, a market economy can experience major economic cycles .

Markets produce unavoidable economic cycles of expansion and contraction. 4.

The need is to consider the economic life cycle of each alternative in order to determine the optimal replacement.

The gap in fortunes is not just a result of out-of-sync economic cycles .

The index closely mirrored the economic cycle .

At the present uncertain stage in the economic cycle , the commodity most urgently lacking is confidence.

He referred, in particular, to the lack of synchronisation between the economic cycles of the two countries.


Thus the endless cycle of reform, repression and violent response may be about to enter a new phase.

The lives of peasants are dictated by the arduous and endless cycle of their crops.

Yet breaking the endless cycle of global poverty that powers these wars is achievable, Mr Annan says.

Blaming quickiy becomes a dangerous and endless cycle that may escalate into acts of violence and crime.

Hindus believe in an endless cycle of creation and destruction.

Until recently her life had been an endless cycle of grinding poverty and growing hopelessness.


Those of some larger mammals, for example hares and lynx, fluctuate in longer cycles of 10-13 years.

For a number of years after 1865, a long humid cycle brought uninterrupted above-average rainfall to the plains.

It is focused on pricing and delivering saying Unix software has outgrown the long sales cycle .

These longer cycles may offer an antidote to the dis-ease created by the nanosecond culture.

I still left Winston Street every morning for the long cycle ride through town and up the Banbury Road.


Also, the menstrual cycle of women can seriously disrupt fluid levels, causing in some cases increases of several pounds.

Just knowing that one is participating in a study of the menstrual cycle can increase reports of negative symptoms by 80 percent.

Sometimes a mood, or a phase of the menstrual cycle , will bring about a definite aversion to keeping up appearances.

When women experience problems with their menstrual cycles , such as irregular periods, doctors often give them hormones.

Her own menstrual cycle , including its uncomfortable drawing to a close, had been strictly her own affair.

The study will continue until at least 50 premenopausal women with heart attacks and known menstrual-cycle history have been recruited.

The mean menstrual cycle length was 28 days.

But confusion reigned over the idea of the menstrual cycle .


The transfer took place during a natural cycle , and, to date, the pregnancy has gone smoothly.

It was serious, but nothing that was necessarily unexplainable by the natural cycles of health and disease in such forests.

Life is a natural cycle just like the changing seasons so youth must move to middle age and then proceed to death.

Humans are born, and they die; all is part of the natural cycle of birth and death.


Some projects may have a much shorter cycle .

The 1990s will be an age of niche markets, intense competition, and extremely short product life cycles .

Practices with less stable populations would have to run shorter cycles to achieve similar detection rates.

Another requirement to respond to unanticipated change is a short production cycle .


This vicious cycle is shown in Figure 5.2.

In a vicious cycle , weight gain increases insulin resistance increases weight gain.

Women with bulimia may also be ignorant of how their behaviour perpetuates their symptoms, creating a vicious cycle which traps them.

When you become anxious about sleeplessness, you start a vicious cycle .

A simplified version of the vicious cycle - at its worst - is shown in Figure 1.

The problem evolves into a vicious cycle .

If you make it a chore or a conflict you are already back on the vicious cycle .

As more species of life are slowly added to the embryonic aquarium, the water becomes extremely sensitive to vicious cycles .


The whole cycle , from north to south to north, takes 18.61 years.

The whole cycle is measured in days.

Stage by stage, the whole complex life cycle of the parasite was worked out.

And next year, the requests might double, with the whole dreary cycle restarting at an upped ante.

The whole development cycle is streamlined when the programmer can visualise and monitor program execution.

Eventually they will be used once more and the whole cycle will then have to be repeated.

Robert half-expected the whole cycle to start again, so long had he waited for an answer to this question.



The business cycle is still there.

Then we discuss some political problems including political business cycles .

They took charge of their new positions at different stages in the business cycle .

Actually, no matter what happens to the business cycle , people will continue to eat and to get sick.

Theoretically, capitalism should not have business cycles at all.

It really worries me what the impact could be in a few years when we hit the bottom of the business cycle .


Many differentiated cells retain the ability to return to the cell cycle when confronted with the appropriate mitogenic stimulus.

Their third suggestion is that the cell cycle is important and may need to be controlled.

These observations defined the structure of the cell cycle experiments, as carried out in January and February of 1995.

This, then, is how the cell cycle in general seems to be controlled.

Something else was important, too; and that something else was the cell cycle .

In those days Lawrence and I had very little idea indeed of what the cell cycle actually is.

Besides, even within cell biology, ideas on the cell cycle were still in the formative stages.

For the cloning biologists of the 1980s, however, the cell cycle had to remain just an uncomfortable awareness.


The reasoning is that legislators' lives revolve around the election cycles .

Since 1946, the average swing per election cycle has been 24 seats.


Alongside the other strategic arguments in its favour, the economics of the uranium fuel cycle had been taken for granted.

Reprocessing is becoming an increasingly costly item in the fuel cycle of Britain's ageing Magnox reactors.

The production of nuclear fuel was developed and other aspects of the fuel cycle investigated.

One possible fusion fuel cycle involves D-He 3 reactions.


Providing more pelican crossings, cycle lanes and residents' parking schemes.

Additionally, there are occasional examples of cycle lanes being carried in streets against the flow of one-way traffic systems.

Encouraging local councils, assisted by a special budget we have set aside, to introduce pedestrian priority areas and cycle lanes .


This balance changes throughout the life cycle .

Those who invented new products would produce those products during the initial, high-profitability, high-wage, Stages of their life cycle .

The need is to consider the economic life cycle of each alternative in order to determine the optimal replacement.

Chapters 9 and 10 include model criteria for specific age-groups throughout the life cycle .

Ostertagia ostertagi O. ostertagi has a direct life cycle .

Fourteen days is the length of the life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult.

Life cycles . Life cycles are adapted to low temperatures.

Plant cover crops such as cereal rye to add organic matter and disrupt the life cycle of root knot nematodes.


He opened the throttle, blasting the motor cycle broadside into the culvert.

He spoke to a motor cycle messenger who had once been a roadie for King Crimson.

He dropped the gangplank over the stern and wheeled the motor cycle down.

Many top speedway riders will be pitting their skills in the National motor cycle grass track meeting.

He scrubbed out the map with his boot before remounting the motor cycle .

We already have a car, motor cycle and bicycle lined up, but we need some one for the bus and train.

Some of their multi-cylinder motor cycle engines have pistons little bigger than thimbles.

When we came to Préfleur I asked Jean-Claude if he would teach me to drive the motor cycle .


I am familiar with many routes on minor roads in the region, as well as the cycle paths built by organisations like Sustrans.

Another bit of cycle path has just been constructed at Barnton on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

First, where dense cycle flows coincide with motorised through traffic, separate cycle paths have been constructed.

Make cycling safer and create more cycle paths .


A number of Farnham members rode in the Farnham to Winchester and back 53-mile reliability cycle ride.

The sponsored cycle ride for Darnley Miners came and went.

It may be just a gentle daily stroll or cycle ride or something much more strenuous.

I still left Winston Street every morning for the long cycle ride through town and up the Banbury Road.

A cycle ride , walk or swim at least three times a week will boost your circulation and help maintain a healthy bloom.


Use of quieter, cleaner lorries and the development of cycle routes will be encouraged.

The principal conclusion was that in urban areas single cycle routes do not have a clear large-scale effect.

They also want to integrate access with public transport and cycle routes .


In addition to using good teamwork, they demanded team performance against specific goals ranging from cycle time reduction to skit preparation.

It now appears that radioactive heating would be less important than conductive heating from the core, allowing a faster cycle time .

We also eliminated other steps and streamlined those that remained to cut cycle times radically.

Class etal. have also concluded that the cycle time is short.

Average cycle time design cycle ranges from around 22 to 30 weeks depending on the nature of the array.

The intervals are predetermined by the elements of a motor task or more simply by the target cycle time of a task.


A 12 mile cycle tour starting from Hawkhope to the Holt, returning via the pub at Falstone.


Many of the cycle tracks are available for use jointly with pedestrians.

Within Edinburgh three quarters of accidents happen at road junctions so take special care when travelling to or from this cycle track .

Cyclists, this special cycle track will help you make your journey safer.

Volunteers from Cheltenham Cycle Campaign are putting recycled tarmac on to a path cleared from brambles to make a cycle track .


How can this aspect of the trade cycle be explained?

The implication was that balance would be achieved over the trade cycle .

The notion that spending and taxation would be balanced over some notional trade cycle was never realistic politics.

The phases of a trade cycle .

It explains the observed rises in the apc when income falls over the period of a trade cycle .



If this is the case a two-day fast on fruit juice and water will break the cycle .

Rosie was determined to break out of the cycle of poverty that had trapped so many migrant workers.

Yet breaking the endless cycle of global poverty that powers these wars is achievable, Mr Annan says.

Only by sharing parenting, she wrote, could we break the cycle .

For many teachers a business secondment breaks their personal career cycle of school, university to school.

Therapists also teach couples new ways of speaking and listening, to break the blame cycle .

Whitelegg said that any less severe measures would fail to break the cycle of dependence on road transport and consequent congestion.

Going into mid-1993, the company had yet to break this cycle .


Haslam believes this experience taught him the need to recognise that many products follow a predictable life cycle .

The year follows a cycle not unlike a Gardener's Calendar.


C1 now discharges and repeats the cycle .

Rather than just evolving in a gradual, uniform manner, the earth may actually be caught up in a repeating cycle .

If any corrections or additions are needed, go back to step 1 and repeat the cycle .


a song cycle about spring

This washing machine has a 28-minute cycle .


A fortunate grounding and optimistic cleansing which a cycle of this sort provides.

Bicycling: Hire a cycle from the central sports shop which is open every day except Sunday.

Blood vessels normally grow during the menstrual cycle , embryonic development and wound healing.

Food symbolises many things in this film, but the recurring image is of a cycle of fleshly decay fuelled by appetite.

For technical reasons spatial frequency is expressed in cycles per degree rather than cycles per centimetre.

Fourteen days is the length of the life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult.

The pun fits all sorts of natural and unnatural phenomena, from lunar cycles to a nostalgic yearning to see Elvis again.

II. verb




The dark red Seneca changed profile as the undercarriage cycled down .

Each time, after three or four up-and-\#down cycles , she begins to use her other hand.

He cycled down the track to a junction a mile further on.


He had to cycle home unwashed as no washing facilities were provided at work.

This time a thirty-year-old schoolteacher cycling home to Hunstanton who had a puncture on a lonely stretch of road.

He was run down as he cycled home from the shops.

Now watch him cycle home in the rain.


Gradually the haze and sweat cleared from their eyes and they focussed over the open valley they had cycled up from.

Try cycling up and down like this for about an hour.

They exchanged brief greetings but one day he was walking slowly past the end of Magdalen Street as she cycled up .

She took up cycling as part of her rehabilitation.

If you have any doubts on health grounds about taking up cycling , talk to your doctor and ask his advice.

To the eight children who cycle up and down the central corridor, the lifestyle has a definite appeal.



As each culture neared the end of its organic life cycle the creative stage was finished and the atrophying civilization stage began.

In its life cycle the parasite exists in two forms or stages: cysts and trophozoites.


He left the family car in the garage and cycled 12 miles to a supermarket to save 50p on groceries.

For nine years she was a postwoman in Berkshire and used to cycle 18 miles a day.

Despite owning a D-reg Montego, he cycled 12 miles to a supermarket in nearby Carterton to save 50p on family groceries.



But how do you get them to live within walking , cycling or tram-ride distance of work?

I will walk , cycle or use public transport whenever possible.

She's had to walk and cycle to work.


Cycling isn't only good for the environment - it's a great form of exercise too.

I run, cycle , or walk at least three times a week.

I usually cycle through the park to get to school.

It took about 20 minutes for her to cycle the 5 miles to her home.


Brenda cycled along the lane towards Stowbridge that morning to meet Daddy in his new van.

No matter how good things are, we cycle into difficult times.

The parents who buy these bikes should take their offspring to the park to cycle .

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