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population density (= the degree to which an area is filled with people )

Australia has a low population density.




The theory also predicted that the average density of galaxies and similar objects should be constant both in space and time.

Using the 1734 census figures, this gives an average density of about 64-65 persons per square kilometre for the Piedmontese territories.

Bouguer anomalies include a correction for altitude but only on the basis of an average crustal density .

To answer this question we need to know the present rate of expansion of the universe and its present average density .

This gave an average population density of over 1600 inhabitants per square mile in 1981.

However, our uncertainty about the present average density of the universe is even greater.

In such a model the weights themselves will have a direct interpretation as the average population density per Landsat pixel.


Many complex interactions can take place with the co-precipitation of two or more minerals of different density .

The four liquids in this demonstration all had different densities .

Oil and vinegar salad dressing is another example of liquids with different densities .


By the second act, with its greater density of incident, I found my sympathies withdrawing.

The introduction of the plough made possible much greater density of population, concentrated in villages and manors.


The higher subject indexing density ensures that relevance is also high.

The article says the residents are against development, but we oppose only inappropriate development at high densities .

Building flats seemed inevitable it these higher densities were to be achieved.

The iron minerals hematite and magnetite have high densities be-cause of the high atomic weight of iron.

It provides an opportunity for the docklands to be redeveloped as a high quality, high density part of the city itself.

The reasons for this high density are not yet known.

This would mean that the atom, and indeed all matter, should rapidly collapse to a state of very high density .

Warming occurs so slowly that the descending lithosphere retains its high density characteristics for a very long time.


Everything would then be crowded together in a state of infinite density: the end of the universe.

Would it collapse to infinite density ?

The universe might then have re-expanded without going through a state of infinite density .

The work that Penrose and I did showed that they would continue to collapse until they reached a singularity of infinite density .


On an equal mass comparison, this further favours the composites because their low densities allow much greater panel thickness.

The City proper now constitutes nearly two-thirds of the metropolitan population and maintains a low density among cities of comparable population.

Continental lithosphere stands higher than oceanic lithosphere because continental crust is both of greater thickness and lower density than oceanic crust.

But one can not simply associate high lexical density with writing, and low lexical density with speaking.

That is due not just to its comparatively high transport costs but to its low density .

The good stiffness, combined with low density , means that wood is very efficient in beams and columns.

The concept had greater effect upon the building of suburbs, which became leafier and of lower building density than before.

The most obvious differences are the lower density and thermal conductivity of plastics compared with glass.


We are concerned with the predominantly horizontal mean flow of a fluid whose mean density varies vertically.

Oceanic lithosphere has a mean density rather close to that of the immediately underlying asthenosphere.

The mean density of Mercury indicates that its interior is substantially different from the interiors of the other terrestrial planets.


Even fraction of a second, the optical density of the nucleus is measured and stored in the computer's memory.


The high overall density reflects the urbanized nature of the population.



A dose response to oestrogens has been shown with increasing doses having greater effects on bone density .

Hologic makes medical equipment that measures bone density , used to diagnose osteoporosis.

In some this may be a result of an imprecision of the techniques of bone density measurement.

Is essential for normal skeleton development in children and adolescents, and for maintaining high bone density in young adults.

They argue, as others have done, that screening is appropriate because bone density is related to subsequent risk of fracture.

When resorption overtakes formation, the result is a decrease in bone density and strength.

It was discovered that black girls gain 34% more bone density during puberty, compared to only 11% in white girls.

The benefits included higher bone density , faster reaction times, greater muscle strength and better balance.


The enterochromaffin like cell density was determined in randomly selected fields.

Serum gastrin concentrations did not correlate well with changes in the endocrine cell density .

Indeed, while fundic argyrophil cell densities declined with age in men, no such tendency was evident in women.

These are projected on to the surface of the ganglion cell density function in the upper part of the figure.

This variation in signal intensity may reflect the differences in the cell density of tissues that express the gene.

Antral gastrin and somatostatin cell densities and fasting serum gastrin concentrations were similar in the two groups of patients with Zollinger-Ellison sydrome.

Fundic argyrophil cell densities in patients with Zollinger-Ellison sydrome were compared with previously published values in 10 healthy control subjects.

This is supported by our observation that the G cell and parietal cell densities were negatively correlated.


Computer simulated graphics of these species show electron density delocalised across three centres.

The 3Å map was noisier but showed improved definition of side-chain electron density .

The non-crystallographic symmetry was established from the electron density and heavy atom sites.

All maps show electron density contoured at 1 standard deviation, with the current model displayed for comparison.

The 2.8Å electron density map is of high quality.

Two phasing methods were used to obtain electron density maps.

The intensity of scattering is a function of the electron density and therefore of the refractive index.

The vertical bars show the region of H5 that has been built in the electron density map.


For surface transport, although an equally high energy density fuel is unnecessary, an effective method of energy storage is vital.

The problem has always been that all of these methods carry much less energy density than petrol, hence less power.

The main problem is energy density .

The dominant term in the stress-energy tensor is therefore the energy density Too.


The integrated flux density for the shell in Fig. 1 is 3.280.24Jy.

As the winding current is increased, however, the flux density in the iron eventually reaches its saturation level.

Figure 2 shows the time variation of the flux densities and velocities at peak intensities for the strongest four redshifted components at.

Although the relative strengths of these components varied, the absolute flux densities of all components generally decreased during January to June.

The spin-down energy flux density is the third highest known, after the Crab and Vela pulsars.


The role of the density gradient depends on its sign.

A variation of this method makes use of a density gradient column.


Each patient had three measurements of bone mineral density and rates of bone loss were estimated by linear regression for each subject.

Figure 1 shows the cumulative absolute changes in bone mineral content/bone width and bone mineral density after ranking each patient by age.

Figures 2 and 3 show the percentage changes in bone mineral density .

One study that identified 25% of women had a bone mineral density more than 2 standard deviations below normals.

The correlations between steroid dose and the changes in bone mineral density were not statistically significant.

The percentage improvement in spinal bone mineral density is similar to that reported in normal women receiving this dose of oestrogen.


In general, consecutive spill should be considered for low packing densities and/or very large bucket sizes.

At this packing density the average search time for a given record is 0.732R, where R is the device rotation time.

Records can be added of course, but this will increase the packing density .

The results tabulated here show that, for low packing densities , the most effective technique is generally chained overflow.

In addition, this measure gives a potentially better packing density than conventional indexing techniques.


For this reason, an increase in population density often precipitates a round of emigration.

In some individual neighborhoods, the population density is three times greater than in the infamous slums of Calcutta or Jakarta.

He suggested that the main cause of social differentiation was the increase in population density .

Presumably there are factors that control the size, and they depend on the population density .

The sampling frequency of water depends under regulations upon population density .

Where there is a high population density and a rapid population turnover, the church must achieve visibility.

Frontier areas with low population densities attract particular kinds of exploitation of natural resources.

Besides its political and racial distribution, population density varied greatly.


The opposite is true for Powys where stocking densities are increasing more and more rapidly.

It is also the statement of forage area to calculate stocking density .

The provision would allow payments to be made to farmers for maintaining low stocking densities for conservation requirements.



Building flats seemed inevitable it these higher densities were to be achieved .

To achieve real density would require a volume hologram, made from a photorefractive crystal.

The illustrations throughout achieve density without confusion, fecundity without claustrophobia.

It is possible to achieve a density of half a billion interconnections per square centimeter.

The capacity was achieved by increasing storage density on the glass platter and adding one thin-film read-write head.


The basic mechanism that undermines the traditional way of life is the ever increasing number and density of the population.

This is more likely if increasing wealth is matched by increasing population and increasing density of population.

With the use of filtration and aeration it is possible to increase the density of stocking.

Sets out basic design principles for parking provision in social housing developments, highlighting the potential for increasing housing densities .

When we added salt to the water we increased its density .

This shrinkage increases the density of the pot.

Newer electrodes using transparent indium-tin oxide as conductor material have increased the electrode density from 36 to 64 per square millimeter.


Then a machine like this can be used to measure bone density .

Hologic makes medical equipment that measures bone density , used to diagnose osteoporosis.

Tests were converted Tests to measure bone density in astronauts living in space stations have been converted to test for osteoporosis.


All maps show electron density contoured at 1 standard deviation, with the current model displayed for comparison.


population density


But one can not simply associate high lexical density with writing, and low lexical density with speaking.

But pumped up to the density required for a robot, circuit strangeness becomes indelible.

Describes the design characteristics of the nine generic house types used to estimate the capacity and density of large sites.

The height of the curve at any point on the dimension axis x is called the probability density of that particular value.

The minimum radius of the body for which this direct contest is established depends on the density of the body.

The purpose of the simulation is to estimate mean vehicle queue lengths and delays for various vehicle densities and train frequencies.

To achieve real density would require a volume hologram, made from a photorefractive crystal.

We therefore took this data into consideration when calculating the superhelical densities of the different plasmid preparations.

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