Meaning of DENSE in English



a thick/dense forest (= with trees that are growing close together )

The country we passed through was once thick forest.

thick/dense smoke

Thick smoke spread through the building.

thick/dense/heavy fog (= great in amount and difficult to see through )

The two lorries collided in heavy fog.




Although it looks like lead, it is only one-third as dense .

The fog was as dense as ever.

Distant walls disappear in a fog of dust as dense to the eye as the black fogs of old London.


The supervised approach enabled urban subdivision of dense and less dense housing.

If an object is less dense than water, the water will hold it up.

The Belemnite chalk is less dense than the Montagne de Reims and turns sandy towards the bottom of its twenty-metre depth.

Their explosive power is slightly less than that of an iron of the same size because they are less dense than iron.

The overall effect is of information produced in a much less dense manner than is characteristic of written language.

The composition of displaced terranes ranges from that of typical oceanic crust to significantly less dense granitic rock with clear continental affinities.

Further gravitational segregation of the iron core means that denser material moves inwards displacing less dense material outwards.

High pressures are essential because graphite is less dense than diamond.


It is also more dense than a normal lining and is thus able to cut out more light.

If it is more dense than water, the water will not hold it up.

Like all liquids, water that is less dense tends to float upon water that is more dense.

In the third and final phase the area of dispersal is larger and the distribution more dense .

Water that is salty is more dense than water that is fresh.


They told me that sometimes the smoke is so dense , they pass out.

At the main stage the crowd of women was so dense it was suffocating.

Above it, is a cloud so dense it appears to be like a girder, half of it molten.

The sprouts then grow into thickets of small, weak trees-thickets so dense that they crowd out all other species.

I mean, they're so dense - the language, the symbols.

Were there not so much, so dense and so hot, the Sun would not light at all.

The smoke this produced was so dense that it closed airports and smothered half the country.

Rob is still driving and is soon steering by the tree tops since the mist is so dense .


The tin lead soft solder used on the ewer is very dense to X-rays and appears as white patches on the radiograph.

A number of them carried short-barreled shot-guns, which were good weapons in very dense terrain.

Its roots are short but very dense , forming a rich white tuft.



It flings its fine hairs in the face of the assailant, in a dense cloud .

The Magellan radar-mapping mission was designed to penetrate the dense cloud layer and return detailed radar images of the surface geology.

Standard polyurethane foam ignites rapidly, forming dense clouds of smoke and toxic vapour as it does so.

The acacia grove, like a dense cloud , became a dark backdrop for her.

This shop is surely an outpost of hell, with its oppressive heat and dense clouds of smoke.

It appears that the Leonids contain a dense cloud of dust released during recent stressful passages of comet Tempel-Tuttle by the Sun.

Weather satellite images of the area taken from synchronous orbit show an immense circular area of dense clouds above the impact site.


Almost the entire journey was through the plain, now covered in dense fog .

I was at a point of crisis, lost, paralysed in the midst of a dense fog .

As the storm cleared, dense fog came down.

It will be remembered by old Spitfire pilots for its boggy runway and dense fog .

He had seen him only in the dense fog .

There was dust everywhere - the shop was filled with a dense fog of it.


Spider riders can move easily through woods and forests, scuttling over the treetops and through the dense foliage .

Whether clipped into shape or left natural, barberry is a formidable barrier thanks to its dense foliage and profusion of thorns.

Though the trees and the undergrowth had been cut back, branches and dense foliage stooped overhead.

In the dense foliage around us I heard the mortars crashing heavily, shaking the air, searching for us.


Day 9 Ottawa-Orilla Head north into stunning wilderness country, a region of sparkling lakes, rushing streams and dense forests .

Inmates were paid 50 cents a day for the back-breaking chore of clearing right of way through dense forests and laying track.

Not like the Harz with its dense forests .

She gazed at the dense forest , then up at the sky.

They are equally at home in dense forest , sparse woodland, savanna, or even on rocky hillsides.

As the pace of deforestation picked up, the area of land covered by dense forest declined considerably.

Some 360 million years ago the beginnings of dense forests showed up in the fossil record, with tall, looming foliage.

I remember going through a dense forest .


A forest is a dense growth of trees and shrubby undergrowth covering a large tract of land.

I was not the only one enjoying the apples, nor the new dense growth of trees.

Its dense growth provides nesting places for a range of bird life as well as warm cover in winter or roosting small birds.

It forms dense growths that are short in bright situations but taller in half-shade.

South-facing slopes where snow lies late support meadows of grass and herbs; drier ridges carry a dense growth of dwarf shrubs.

Summer often brings a green coloration caused by dense growths of unicellular green algae stimulated by excess light.


Army helicopters could not land because of the mountainous terrain and dense jungle .

The lake grows fish as prolifically as its bed once grew the trees of a dense jungle .

The tiger gained its stripes by evolving in dense jungle and wet, reedy areas.

The lakes are certainly there but they are hidden in dense jungle , only accessible by a network of sandy tracks.


Mercury thus contains a much greater abundance of denser materials , the strong implication being that it is rich in metallic iron.

They, too, were low-density matter trying to buoy up through a denser material .

Further gravitational segregation of the iron core means that denser material moves inwards displacing less dense material outwards.


He detected an inscription of Kleomenes on the figure's clothing, obscured by a dense network of incisions.

Nor does it work well outside cities; its short range demands a dense network of base stations.

It's now a sociological and historical fact that gay men and lesbians have constructed this dense network of relationships and communities.


But they described a dense population , a vibrant economy and open grassland.

Britain has a particular problem because of dense population and a policy of promoting road use at the expense of public transport.

This system enabled them to maintain an exceptionally dense population , on the best principles of fertility conservation.


Voice over Firefighters wearing special protective clothing made their way through the dense smoke towards the fuel flask.

The candles were useless in the dense smoke , and it was many minutes before we could see.

Great electrical bursts of dazzling blue and purple light explode behind copious amounts of dense smoke which obscures the entire stage.

Environmentalists have also criticised the dense smoke from buses which pollute the town centre.


Even after they have dropped, they are valuable, lying in a blood-red pool under the dense thicket of branches.

The Fallen Road development used to be a thick pine woods with small scrub oak and dense thickets of cabbage palm.

A lion roars in the dense thicket into which the watercourse runs.

Over the millennia it has come to be surrounded by a dense thicket of folklore.


We watched the men bundle up their parachutes and move off through the dense undergrowth , chopping at it with jungle machetes.

It prefers woodlands with an open canopy coupled with dense undergrowth and some clearings.

The path wound in and out of deep ravines, through thick oak and pine forests and dense undergrowth .

Nightingales appreciate an open tree canopy with plenty of dense undergrowth and thicket below to provide nesting sites and shelter.


The southernmost has the densest vegetation , the most complete cover, and the widest variety of both angiosperms and plant communities.

Firefighters could not get near the blaze because of the dense vegetation .

A sound wave has a much greater chance of being scattered and absorbed by such dense vegetation .

These attractive tetras make a good, peaceful community fish if the aquarium has dense vegetation with open water for swimming.

This is particularly true in areas of dense vegetation such as tropical rainforest.

Half an hour later and we were ready for a ride through the dense vegetation and forests of palms.


Signor Ugolotti led the way up through the dense woods .

Fierce Eyes watched her coldly, then nodded, then stared beyond her, at the denser wood .


During the night a storm descended upon them and they became lost in the dense woodland .

All types of country except dense woodland , but especially near water; often in towns and villages.

The muntjac and roe deer are browsers, living either singly or in very small groups throughout the year in dense woodland .


dense smoke

a dense population

Sometimes you just seem so dense !

The jungle is so dense you cannot walk through it.


As it develops a dense mat of roots, the depth of the mixture should be at least four inches.

Coniferous forests, often dense , in taiga and on mountains, less often in other woods.

I actually became interested in those dark, dense paragraphs of print.

Indeed, Beautiful World is a dense collection of tightly constructed tracks characterized by their complexity and variety.

Lais's hand shook as she downed the dense amber liquid.

The acacia grove, like a dense cloud, became a dark backdrop for her.

The candles were useless in the dense smoke, and it was many minutes before we could see.

The overall effect is of information produced in a much less dense manner than is characteristic of written language.

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