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distribution depot

the company’s distribution depot

distribution of wealth (= the way wealth is divided among the people of a country or society )

the distribution of wealth




He never shifted from his brand of socialism, a commitment to more equal distribution , combined with plenty of pragmatism.

An equal distribution of medical services does not provide equitable opportunities for medical care to these different groups.

The mean age was 40 years, an equal male/female distribution was found.

There are no slums, and no discernible wealth, just an equal distribution of what looks like poverty.

The intention therefore was to have equal percapita distribution .


Msika has been promoted to vice-president, equitable distribution has not been achieved, and the nation is shuddering with the consequences.

Calls for a more equitable distribution are interpreted as opposition and silenced with the gun.

In other words, what is needed is not only an equal but an equitable geographical distribution of educational resources.

The equitable distribution of donated livers should be based on the most practical widespread benefit.

Weighted capitation is expected to be a more equitable system of distribution , taking account of the young and the elderly.


These two techniques of casting are regarded as distinct and having different geographical distributions .

In other words, what is needed is not only an equal but an equitable geographical distribution of educational resources.

So the geographical distribution of the disease in older women is more likely to point to dietary pathogens.

The geographical distribution of internet hosts further illustrates the wide differences in connectivity between rich and poor countries.

However, the choice significantly affects the final geographical distribution and their use in resource allocation has been questioned.

Rut these have to some extent been inferred from the discrete geographical distribution of each kingdom's coinage.

The task, then, of any government attempting to reduce inequalities in the geographical distribution of services is very difficult.

A number of studies have looked at the geographical distribution of doctors both in regions and in smaller districts.


Variables with normal distribution and homogeneous variance were compared by means of parametric tests, otherwise their non-parametric counterparts were used.

A normal distribution has a kurtosis measure of 3, and a leptokurtic distribution occurs when the kurtosis is well over 3.

Part four introduces multiple discriminant analysis as an individual-directed technique based on normal distribution assumptions.

In these patients, even when the number of glands was normal , their distribution was not uniform.

Using the unit cumulative normal frequency distribution we may compute confidence limits for our estimate of beta.

But, because of the statistical properties of the normal curve of distribution , they do have a large effect at the extremes.

In Figure 7.7 half of the normal distribution is drawn.

These grades have to conform to the normal curve of distribution .


Thus, the higher the Gini coefficient, the more unequal is the distribution of national income.

Not surprisingly, a more unequal distribution of skills leads to a more unequal distribution of earnings in the United States.

This chapter is concerned with the study of the unequal distribution of power, prestige and wealth in society.

Not surprisingly, a more unequal distribution of skills leads to a more unequal distribution of earnings in the United States.

Personal and social problems are explained in terms of the unequal distribution of power and resources in society.

The statistics leave no doubt that the triumph of capital has lead to more and more unequal distribution of income and wealth.

Only an unequal distribution that takes need into account can achieve the goal of effective equality of access to medical care.

For both approaches, the fundamental feature of society is stratification-the unequal distribution of values across distinct groups.


What was needed was a wider distribution of the profits of industry, especially through higher wages.

Examples of these have been sent to employers, and it is hoped that they have had wide distribution .

The current local government system is highly centralised and unsuited to the wider distribution of power featured in the Maastricht Treaty.

Related genera include many species with a wide distribution , and there are living representatives occurring in tropical regions today.

The value of economy of scale and wide distribution is obvious in a national campaign.

Brewers had launched a lot of nablab ale brands with very little support but wide distribution through tied estates.

By contrast, we want to do more to encourage the wider distribution of wealth throughout society.



The age distribution of a work force is always an interesting and important source of information.

Statistical studies of both the age distribution of impact craters and the times of biological extinctions have suggested that both show clustering.

A slight shift in the age distribution would be expected because of the increasing prevalence of non-operated peptic ulcer patients in the population.

There were also changes in the numbers and age distribution of widowed and divorced women.

Results Table I shows the age distribution and patient characteristics at the initial evaluation of the 174 children with idiopathic constipation.

Several different methods are available to describe the age distribution of populations and the relationship between its constituent age groups.

This did not notably affect the age distribution of either group.

The age distribution of the 50 patients followed up over one year was statistically compared with the Wilcoxon rank sum test.


Suppose now that manufacturer 1 signs a selective and exclusive distribution agreement with retailer 1, promising not to supply retailer 2.

Realizing this weakness, they entered into a distribution agreement with Chess Records in 1968.

Capcom has an exclusive distribution agreement for Archer's QSound chip for the video arcade industry.

The print trade published an ever increasing number of works, and international distribution agreements widened further the public's choice.

His company has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with the telecommunications giant for a minimum of six years.


R.S. would not survive in a distribution business if this was not available.

They moved forward because there seemed to be no competition in the distribution business .

Until now, people working in the transport industry have tended to specialise in one aspect of the distribution business .

David Humphrey was still a practicing physician when he began a distribution business .

Ask also set up a new distribution business unit which will integrate its worldwide direct sales operations.

Today, he and Betty Jo have a very successful distribution business that stretches across the country and around the world.

Leif Johnson was an optometrist when he began his own distribution business .

And this is precisely what happened to two entrepreneurial partners in an international distribution business .


The Norwalk residence served as a distribution center , authorities said.

But no: the firm decided instead to eliminate overtime pay for workers at its packaging and distribution center .

Hiatt had come to oppose Shames and his plan to build a $ 30 million high-tech distribution center in Louisville, Ky.

Management for the operation will be based at the Wal-Mart distribution center , Norden said.

This is the fourth start-up of a Wal-Mart distribution center for Schneider in the past three years.

We have a big distribution center in Morgan Hill.

After the closing of its distribution centers led to organizational disaster, the firm did its best to minimize these consequences.

The year following the elimination of the distribution centers was, by employee consensus, the worst the company had ever endured.


Its offerings are now also sold via Sage's existing international distribution channels .

What is the extent of our distribution channel ?...

The firm is promising to develop new distribution channels , predicting that resellers will private label their own systems with Integrix components.

We can cut costs by bulk purchasing and take advantage of national retail distribution channels .

With Bertelsmann involved, it is not surprising that book clubs as well as electronics and book stores are being targeted as distribution channels .

That would be another major breakthrough, offering a huge distribution channel for the product.

The development greatly improves our own internal focus and accountability for both distribution channels .

Should it work enthusiastically toward changing the distribution channels ?


When the industry is sold off this obligation will be transferred to privately- owned distribution companies .

Now they own an international distribution company and have reached the highest levels of achievement in our business.

All three came from the Midlands and had been at the sharp end of the business as salesmen for distribution companies .

He testified on behalf of municipal-owned gas distribution companies , who have struggled with the high wholesale prices.

It is worth trying to get a distribution company to take your record on.

It now reckons its the first national distribution company to get Part One accreditation.

They were told Pinnacle were a more efficient distribution company and had several meetings with them.

Consider an engineer running a water storage and distribution company .


The problem is more of income distribution than of a failing in the technical working of the credit market itself.

This can be assessed by linking class structure to income distribution figures.

Despite these potential distortions, certain conclusions can be drawn about global income distribution .

Dudley Baxter's statistics of income distribution in 1867 may help place the discussion in context.

However, the income distribution within the rural sector seems to have deteriorated.

Both types of inequality are measured using the Gini coefficients for land and income distribution .

It will be noted that this ignores altogether the important question of income distribution .

Employment; Income distribution and wealth.


Our third-party logistics and distribution network covers the United States.

Petersburg, where Duracell is setting up distribution networks .

The Company enjoys a comprehensive distribution network and long-established relationships with the world's leading broadcasters.

Cable systems traditionally use coaxial cable and a series of amplifiers throughout the distribution network .

And also a cheaper and more flexible distribution network .

Global information distribution networks represent the infrastructure crisscrossing countries and continents.

A first-class hub for MiLAN's growing, worldwide distribution network .


That distribution system fails at the bureaucratic level and in terms of the direct transport available.

It was Edison who designed and introduced the electrical distribution system for incandescent lighting by direct current.

It's also an efficient distribution system .

This new standard stuck, even when distribution systems became sophisticated enough to overcome the original problem.

The distribution system is a low pressure hot water one operating by gravity.

London began with one of the most expensive distribution systems and developed one cheaper than some other Boards.

In the colonies there were no publishing houses or distribution systems .

The Napster structure would remain unchanged, and newer, less centralised music distribution systems like Gnutella could contribute too.


Table 9-1 sketches a picture of income and wealth distribution .

The impact on wealth distribution was already visible by the end of 1992, as Table 8-7 shows.

Another method of collecting information on wealth distribution is to use survey research, but this too has its drawbacks.



It is the tolerance of juveniles that controls overall distribution and the species is generally absent from estuaries.

More often than not he managed supervision, set production quotas, controlled purchasing and distribution .

However, it is difficult to control pore size and distribution .

What controls the distribution of these anhydrite cements is not properly understood and therefore their presence is difficult to predict.

The governments believe it is obvious that improved air quality depends on controlling growth and the distribution of housing and jobs.

What happens is that two companies virtually control distribution - Menzies and W H Smith.

The Master of the Rolls sets the tone of the court and can control the distribution of business among his colleagues.


The site of the original interaction between antigen and the immune system presumably determines the distribution of the granulomatous inflammation seen.

The relationship between these factors in determining the spatial distribution of the elderly is unknown and probably varies historically.

One approach is to carry out experiments with a digitizing table in order to determine empirically an appropriate distribution for digitizing errors.

Within each feather there is a further patterning which determines the distribution of the pigment.

The first point to make is that the range of factors which determines distribution patterns may be wide indeed.

Radiology of the small intestine and either double contrast barium enema or colonoscopy were used to determine the anatomical distribution of disease.


Box 2: Making technology transfer work Local partnerships are vital to ensure strength in marketing and distribution .

A fellow student told him about our marketing and distribution plan.

Whereas channels of distribution are marketing institutions, physical distribution is a set of activities.

Taylor pointed out that Mattel already has immense advertising, marketing and distribution muscle.


The citation patterns again show a bimodal distribution , with two median half-lives.

Electron microprobe element maps show the distribution and quantity of alkali feldspar in the fine-grained groundmass of the altered basalts.

The geological map, Fig. 7, shows the distribution of the main Lewisian types.

Figure 21.5 shows its distribution in a two-dimensional wake.

Scanning electron micrograph showing the distribution of the angular grains of alumina in Inceram.

The overall distribution of mortality rates within the population shows a J-shaped distribution.

Results Table I shows the age distribution and patient characteristics at the initial evaluation of the 174 children with idiopathic constipation.


The conference called for a more equitable distribution of wealth and power among nations.

The cost of packaging and distribution ranges from $3 to $4 per videotape.

This map shows the population distribution of Canada.


If distribution was limited a list of stockists could also be useful.

Of course, the stressed representations do not take account of the distribution of sentence stress in the utterances.

Table 9-1 sketches a picture of income and wealth distribution .

The holiday is also celebrated with small gifts for children and the distribution of meat to the needy.

The Labour Party comes to the fore when the distribution of resources comes to the top of the agenda.

The proposed series of investigations will examine children's understanding of economic need, income distribution and unemployment.

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