Meaning of DISTRIBUTION in English

/ ˌdɪstrɪˈbjuːʃn; NAmE / noun


[ U , C ] the way that sth is shared or exists over a particular area or among a particular group of people :

the unfair distribution of wealth

The map shows the distribution of this species across the world.

They studied the geographical distribution of the disease.


[ U ] the act of giving or delivering sth to a number of people :

the distribution of food and medicines to the flood victims

He was arrested on drug distribution charges.


[ U ] ( business ) the system of transporting and delivering goods :

distribution costs

worldwide distribution systems

marketing, sales and distribution

►  dis·tri·bu·tion·al / -ʃənl; NAmE / adjective



late Middle English : from Latin distributio(n-) , from the verb distribuere , from dis- apart + tribuere assign.

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