Meaning of DOLLAR in English




billions of pounds/dollars etc

Airlines have lost billions of dollars.

half dollar

millions of pounds/dollars etc

Millions of pounds were lost in Western aid.

pay in dollars/euros etc

American exporters want to be paid in dollars.

silver dollar

top dollar

Computer customers are willing to pay top dollar for fast repair.

trillions of pounds/dollars etc

the trillions of dollars in the bond markets




The Federal Reserve cut dollar interest rates last week but then the Fed is professionally interested in money.

These and other economic development proposals have emphasized targeting and leveraging to get maximum use of the federal dollars .

Nor are more federal dollars likely.

Over the past fiscal year, the school received $ 250 million in federal dollars for 1, 600 projects.

More federal dollars is one possible result.

Control of federal dollars is an old issue.

Counties are also bracing for the brunt of federal welfare reform, expected to mark a significant loss of federal aid dollars .

A presidential declaration would trigger federal aid dollars for flood victims.


Against the strong dollar , the pound fell to a 31-month low earlier of $ 1. 5201.

A strong dollar boosts exporters' profits by allowing them to lower prices abroad, which makes them more competitive.

Against the strong dollar , the pound was weaker at $ 1. 5292 compared with $ 1. 5383.


In London, light trading on currency markets saw the pound gain 10 points against a weak dollar to close at 1.4843.

The yen is weak and the dollar strong.

Sydney: The market shook off its bearish mood, boosted by a weaker local dollar .

And, Mr Trittin notes, some of the buyers were large foreign financial firms, taking advantage of the weak dollar .

But with a weak dollar , it will quickly burn out in faster core inflation.

Profits at auto makers and other exporters could be tarnished by a weaker dollar against the yen.



Gomez slid three one-thousand dollar bills from the wallet.

Co., which makes the stock that dollar bills are printed on.

He rolls up a dollar bill , and stares at it as if deliberately recalling something.

Open, it yielded a few dollar bills .

I got an autographed dollar bill and Viral Hepatitis I started bullying her.

Once, he even found a twenty dollar bill .

He hands over one crisp dollar bill and 40,000 sucres in coins and stained notes.

No, there was no wallet with dollar bills .


Out-of-staters pay millions of tax dollars to local governments.

These are our tax dollars , and we should demand accountability.

When banking jobs disappear, tax dollars go with them.

We want better education, better roads, and better health care, for the same tax dollar .

Both county and federal governments were taking tax dollars out of my pocket and using them to discriminate against other women.

Because two-thirds of those with an opinion believed the state wasted more than 20 percent of every tax dollar it collected.


Dixie had a peculiar talent for making many thousands of dollars worth of clothes look like she had bought them at Woolworths.

They require hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new equipment and fiber optic backbone to make them two-way streets.

Half a million dollars worth of furniture and art.

Even a few dollars worth of prevention can save you thousands and keep you in business.

By his own estimate, he has brokered a billion dollars worth of deals.

He was responsible for more than 100 people and several hundred million dollars worth of mat6riel resources.

Law enforcement officials in California said the men have put more than a million dollars worth of renovations into it.



Everybody who could rushed to buy dollars .

When investors sell marks for yen, they generally sell marks for dollars first and then sell the dollars to buy yen.

But on the streets of Yangon, it takes 125 kyats to buy a dollar .

It surged after a round of automatic orders to buy dollars were executed at about 1. 4585 marks, traders said.

But on the way to the bank to buy dollars she lost her wallet containing £400.

Apparently they would rather spend it on buying gold and dollars which is all that keeps them going.


The kind that cost about a hundred dollars on the black market.

It cost a half million dollars to film.

Any delay to the hydroelectric project will cost millions of dollars a month.

Chairs, small tables and cabinets may cost several hundred dollars .

Yet fixing them will cost billions of dollars that local politicians can not raise from taxes.

The procedure cost five hundred dollars , which Amelia left unpaid.

The farmer said it would cost three dollars , but the girl had only thirty cents.

He and Peggy Britt started with a product sample kit that cost just twenty-five dollars .


He had a patent and had earned millions of dollars in royalties.

I earned barely ten thousand dollars a year, and James was still in college.

For her latest film, Sliver, she has earned almost 3m dollars .

Every day I earned approximately a dollar and a half.

Till then, Antonescu earns a modest dollar from his bootleg memory bullets.

It also lifts the yen-value of the money the exporters earn in dollars .

Some governments of countries earning dollar surpluses supply Eurodollar deposits as a matter of policy.

I was earning 4900 dollars a year teaching.


The balance of trade with the Soviet Union is to be paid in dollars , though loans are promised to cover that.

In this case, Betty Edward says she was never paid thousands of dollars promised her by the attorneys.

With only half the contents missing, it has paid me ten dollars more.

Salomon Brothers paid the ten-thousand-dollar bill racked up by the wife of its mailroom clerk with three months' tenure.

One pays top dollar and one gets really good people.

But construction companies can not afford to pay top dollar , never mind the double rate required by Davis-Bacon, to novices.

And inside the Cathedral, some one from the States paying two thousand dollars for a seat.

Bay Area parents typically pay a few thousand dollars in annual tuition to send their children to preschool.


The 25 initial contracts, due for delivery in 1995, will rise and fall in dollar increments.

State expenditure on agriculture was set to rise to dollars 294,000,000, from dollars 230,000,000 the previous year.

Auto shares and some electronics exporters rose with the dollar .

Pound up: The pound rose to 1.5230 dollars and 2.4829 marks from 1.5182 dollars and 2.4655 marks at the previous close.

That concern may temper any gains in exporters, rising with the dollar .

Worldwide, stock prices rose in dollar terms.


Workers in the oil industry want to sell oil for dollars .

When investors sell marks for yen, they generally sell marks for dollars first and then use the proceeds to buy yen.

You don't sell million dollar paintings here.

He sold fifty million dollars at 5. 5 percent.

Rupiah are sold to buy dollars and other currencies to purchase those imports.


That night I spent the ten dollars Papa had given me.

But those same tourists are spending more total dollars in the city than they did four years ago.

All you read about Washington is how they are going to spend those billions of dollars .

He said Californians are spending millions of dollars to storm-proof their homes.

I spent every last dollar as though it were my first.

R guys and spend zillions of dollars out of the box trying to get a hit.

Marketing firms spend millions of dollars in the effort to find out what customers exist for planned or present services and products.

The group has spent thousands of dollars trying to kill the McCain-Feingold bill.


Here again, they must trade their yen for dollars .

Most of our exports are traded in dollars .

At any given moment on the trading floor billions of dollars were being risked by bond traders.

Bond prices were little changed in modest trading and the dollar was mixed in a muted session.

In Tokyo trading , the dollar bought 105. 57 yen, up 0. 25.


a run on the dollar/pound etc

be down to your last pound/dollar/litre etc

look/feel like a million dollars/bucks

I felt like a million dollars.

multimillion-pound/multimillion-dollar etc

you (can) bet your life/your bottom dollar


A newer model could save you hundreds of dollars a year.

And, Mr Trittin notes, some of the buyers were large foreign financial firms, taking advantage of the weak dollar .

Fifteen dollars was clearly a low estimate.

He has millions and millions of dollars.

I got ten from one of my grandmas and then I got a fifty dollar bill from my other grandma.

Many millions of dollars have flooded into new biotechnology companies in pursuit of interferon and other potential moneyspinners.

That surprised everybody, since the administration has lately tried to talk the dollar down.

Two dollars will take you half way across the city.Two seconds by the side of the road will get you a cab.

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