Meaning of DUAL in English



a dual purpose (= two purposes )

A dog can fulfil a dual purpose by providing both company and security.

a dual role (= when someone or something does two things )

People have dual roles in society as producers and consumers.

dual carriageway

dual citizenship (= the legal right of being a citizen in two countries )

McGuirk holds dual citizenship in Ireland and the US.

dual nationality (= the state of being a citizen of two countries )




This prime site is adjacent to the dual carriageway at the main entrance to the port.

The accident happened on a busy dual carriageway when the transporter hit a grass verge and landed on top of one of the cars.

Every major road out of the centre had its tramway running up the centre of a dual carriageway .

From the Bypass east to the city limits, the A71 has been built as a dual carriageway , 7.3 metres wide.

Then he drove off, the wrong way down the dual carriageway , said Jane Cockburn, prosecuting.

He drove a wide circle out of the car park towards the slip-road that would take him back to the dual carriageway .

Chased by the youths, he ran across a dual carriageway and flagged down a driver who rushed him to hospital.

The motorway petered out into dual carriageway .


Mr Kohl himself has floated the idea of offering dual citizenship on a trial basis.

Some of the athletes in this international potpourri, like Kaila, McGuirk and Thomson, hold dual citizenship .

However, dual citizenship would not be allowed.

Why, Fox is so diverse that he even has dual citizenship -- neither of them in the United States.


The two pilots sat side-by-side in an enclosed cockpit, with a gangway between the seats and full dual control provided.

It must also be reinforced by matrix systems such as dual control and evaluation systems...

The dual control antics of the two drunks was spotted on police video, a court heard yesterday.

Specification T11/49 had been issued for a dual control trainer but this was not due to enter service until mid-1953.

Trislanders have no autopilot, and in most cases no dual control .


In similar vein, dare it be said that the charitable function of Age Concern serves this dual function?

For women preachers in particular, these testimony stories fulfill a dual function .

It will have a dual function .

Of the fifteen rotary controls that adorn the S120's front panel, all except one is dual function .

This method serves a dual function - it will absorb irregularities in the existing floorboards, and also muffle sound.

It was seen to derive directly from the dual functions of the state, the securing of accumulation and legitimation.

As a New Town, Cramlington has always had a dual function .

Hence medicine under capitalism has a dual function , both liberating and controlling.


There could not even be a question of dual nationality .


This is the dual nature of woman epitomized in nineteenth-century medical beliefs and which continues today.

They issued a report in July 1992 which acknowledged the dual nature of the experiment.


Alternatively, we could have used the fact that LPI* and LPII* are dual problems .

The defence establishment is faced with a dual problem .


This was a Baptist church in an inner city area with a modern dual purpose building surrounded by high-rise local authority dwellings.

This is a dual purpose crop.

We ask both groups to be aware that the paths have a dual purpose and to show consideration for each other.

This visit made apparent the dual purpose of the scheme - of accountability and professional development.

The dual purposes of this chapter are to describe and explain this major division in the distribution of resources in old age.

This is a difficult question to deal with partly because of the dual purpose of the entire exercise.

This is a dual purpose exercise which develops the strength in your legs and the flexibility in your shoulders.


Councillor Tait has now been handed a letter which expresses concern over Mr Gilbert's dual role .

His decision was made in 1992, when he gave up his brief dual role as publisher.

In addition to this worry about the dual role , some teachers, and headteachers in particular, doubt the skills and experience of advisers.

Balancing the dual roles of minister to the world and shepherd to his own flock has taken its toll.

His Role: Melville has cast Pip in a dual role .

Investment has a dual role to play within any economy.

Coach Mike Sherman will take over in a dual role after Wolf's last day on June 1.


Hopkins was clear about the dual strategy of the new purity movement.

Their success was founded on a dual strategy .

It has employed a dual strategy to achieve these two objectives.

To counteract this, clownfish have adopted a dual strategy to deceive the anemone.


The Board schools were set up, governed by local worthies, creating a dual system .

But Dewey adamantly opposed a dual system of education, with one curriculum for the college-bound and another for everyone else.

Many pupils are bemused by the dual system of measures.

The contrast between these two is a further reason for the popularity of dual systems .


Don Jose continued in his dual role of father and teacher to his son.

He found it difficult to cope with the dual pressures of work and home life.

He has dual nationality because his father was born in Pakistan and his mother is British.

It's much safer if you learn to drive in a car which has dual controls.

The magistrate's court has a dual function: to try minor cases and consider whether in more serious cases there is enough evidence for a trial to take place.


I can summarize the preceding by pointing to the fact that there is actually a dual metaphor being employed.

It must also be reinforced by matrix systems such as dual control and evaluation systems...

The dual character of therapy, then, is actually two sections of the same thing: relieving engrams.

This is not the place to explore the subtleties of dual or segmented labour market theories.

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