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energy efficiency

This guide provides advice on ways of improving energy efficiency.

fuel economy/efficiency (= how well a vehicle uses fuel, without wasting any )

Greater engine efficiency has led to improved fuel economy.




A case can be made for both its constitutional propriety and its administrative efficiency .

It assumes administrative efficiency will suffice when this may only have the most limited of practical effects.

A second consideration is administrative efficiency .

Then I had to wait some three years, and the attitude in hospital and lack of administrative efficiency was unpleasantly conspicuous.


The first-best criterion relates only to allocative efficiency .

To summarize: The competitive market system is allegedly conducive to both allocative efficiency and freedom.

Suppose we are interested only in allocative efficiency .

So far we have discussed the impact of indirect taxes on allocative efficiency .

What effect do taxes have? Allocative efficiency ?

The first is the question of allocative efficiency .

Efficiency in this sense is gauged in terms of allocative efficiency .

So far, we have discussed the taxes that would do least harm to the allocative efficiency of the economy.


Particular attention will be paid to the interplay of arguments dealing with equity, economic efficiency and different legal systems.

This, then, suggests the maximum economic efficiency .

By the end of this stage, social productivity and economic efficiency would have increased at least two-fold compared to the present day.

In future economic efficiency was likely to assume as much importance as the technical side.

Whatever economists might like to think, economic efficiency is not the only consideration that is motivating policy.

In the textbook theory of the firm, the cost function is drawn assuming both technical and economic efficiency .

We rejected the former alternative on the grounds that competition can, paradoxically, sometimes be inimical to economic efficiency .

Under the conditions outlined above, this is likely to reduce the economic efficiency of public provision.


Besides proximity to a large population of consumers, the other advantage of the new store is greater efficiency .

In neither public nor private cases are we assured that they all lead to greater efficiency .

The most compelling argument for true reform is that it would lead to greater efficiency in government.

In a move for greater efficiency , the two factory buildings have been merged into one.

Savings made through greater efficiency will be ploughed back into the Service.

The benefits of cost savings, greater efficiency and synergy are being realised.

The Government said it would widen choice for viewers and listeners, safeguard quality programming and bring greater competition and efficiency .


Particle beams promise substantially higher efficiency than do lasers, but focusing presents severe problems.

They then analyze performance trends by teams, and strive continuously for even higher first-pass yield efficiency .

New Scientist took up some original thought on an old idea, the flywheel, which can store energy with high efficiency .

Such local network systems would offer higher efficiency and greater local control of electricity, including generation, delivery and use.

Their work has without doubt led to higher standards of efficiency and integrity by national investigators.

However, because of the much higher efficiency , such a configuration need not entail much higher natural gas demand.

The higher thermal efficiency resulting from the topping cycle reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced per unit of power generated.

The highest recorded efficiency is 35 percent.


Firstly, improved police efficiency will affect the rate of recorded crime.

That creates strong pressure to emulate the best and so will lead to improved quality and efficiency .


Consumers were not choosing efficiency and manufacturers were not improving efficiency as much as they had in the past.

These included waste reduction, paper and cardboard recycling and improving energy efficiency .

This was seen as being a major spur to improving efficiency for the generating companies.

Only by steadily improving efficiency would Britain win and keep its share of the world's markets.

They need only announce a general aim of improving efficiency or international competitiveness and their case is virtually made for them.

Indeed, small miracles have been achieved in improving efficiency , shortening in-patient stay and improving facilities for day-surgery.

They dispute the economic argument, saying the economy would be strengthened by improving energy efficiency .

Reddy says that about 40 percent of that reduction came from improving efficiency .


In other words, increased efficiency .

It was machinery which had led to increased efficiency and output.

When planned savings from increased efficiency are taken into account, the year-on-year increase in resources will be 11 percent.

It could profit from increased efficiency , as long as the technology is available.

This system offers reduced keycard expenses for the hotel, increased efficiency and increased flexibility.

These data suggest that the reforms may not be responsible for the improved performance observed. Increased efficiency or increased funding?

These systems when used effectively can bring increased efficiency and at the same time help create a desirable environment for guests.

Increased costs will result in increased prices unless entirely compensated by increased efficiency .


Holding your breath builds up tension and shallow breathing denies your body the oxygen it needs to function at maximum efficiency .

We must act with maximum efficiency , individually and collectively, in our neighborhoods as readily as in our international affairs.

If several powerheads are being used, they should all be of the same make and power rating to provide maximum efficiency .

This, then, suggests the maximum economic efficiency .

On the one hand military action must be pursued with maximum efficiency , defined by military criteria.

Regular servicing ensures vehicles operate at their maximum levels of efficiency and safety.

Then there is the problem of maximum efficiency .

Once you have a universal message, a doctrine of appropriate maximum efficiency , everyone listens.


Beveridge provided a rationale based on concepts of national efficiency , rationality and the rights of citizenship.

Anglicanism provided the largest number of clerical recruits to national efficiency and social hygiene.

This involves grasping the dynamic inter-relation between new scientific knowledges and the much broader public debates over national efficiency and imperial survival.

Science now occupied a central place in the ensuing debate over national efficiency .


In other words, it must not damage allocative, operational or dynamic efficiency as described in Chapter 2.

The narrower is this spread, the greater will be the operational efficiency of the market.

Leading the way to operational safety and efficiency is the installation of appropriate floor matting, specific to the work station requirements.


In my opinion, the relative rigidity and compartmentalization of the program made for lowered technical efficiency and morale.

This relates to possible gains in technical efficiency arising from an increase in competition.

In the textbook theory of the firm, the cost function is drawn assuming both technical and economic efficiency .

However, tension arose between the need for decentralization in order to ensure more technical efficiency and political fears of too much independence.

It is used in applications where technical efficiency and speed of operation are important.



Meanwhile, cost efficiency remains a priority.

Thus, the entire initiative was about greater cost efficiency as well as greater effectiveness.

Speed, accuracy and cost efficiency in collecting receipts and making payments are critical.

At this point our cost efficiency is fifty thousand dollars divided by seventy thousand, or 71. 4 percent.

And he solicited examples on what they were achieving in the way of greater effectiveness and cost efficiency with their newfound authority.


And PG&E will give away energy-saving light bulbs next month at a city-sponsored energy efficiency fair.

So there is no significant push towards energy efficiency when houses are built or rehabilitated.

But Clinton insists that new technologies will improve energy efficiency , enabling developing countries to continue economic growth without increasing emissions.

Despite the adverse effect of lower output, energy efficiency has been maintained at the 1990 level.

Environmentalists stressed the importance of energy efficiency as offering the best prospect of limiting global warming.

It is therefore logical that energy efficiency and reduction of oil use have become inseparable.

Their energy standard will be assessed by an energy audit carried out by the local authority's energy efficiency unit.


Much of the beauty of a good machine is in its mechanical design, as well as in its fuel efficiency .

But it is firmly against heavy-handed regulation, such as a sharp increase in mandatory fuel efficiency for cars.

The only certain way of cutting CO2 emissions is to encourage fuel efficiency .

Improvements in vehicle drag coefficients lead to greater fuel efficiency and stability at high speeds, and simulation is driving innovation forward.

Greater fuel efficiency is essential and there are now prototype cars that can travel between 52 and 100 miles per gallon.

With engine modifications, more fuel efficiency , a new flight deck.

For vehicles run by Trust staff the emphasis will be on maximising fuel efficiency and minimising damaging emissions.


While not all manufacturing efficiency gains are directly transferable to construction, many are translatable.

This produced a significant efficiency gain with negligible, if any, loss of accuracy.


Oil consumption will continue to decline due to efficiency improvements and switching to cheaper, cleaner power supplies such as electricity and gas.

The two Chairman insisted that revenue growth has as big a role in the merger justification as efficiency improvements through operating synergies.

Further energy efficiency improvements are vital to the achievement of acceptable levels of economic growth throughout the industrialised world.

This has proved to be a successful exercise with cost and efficiency improvements made in a number of areas.



Business plans are used to achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

In its condensing mode, the unit achieves up to 95% efficiency , contributing to reduced fuel bills.

To achieve efficiency , pruning of low-scoring readings may take place at certain points without greatly affecting the accuracy of the system.

Indeed, small miracles have been achieved in improving efficiency , shortening in-patient stay and improving facilities for day-surgery.

The Halifax has achieved a level of efficiency that shames competitors.

Such huge improvements in fuel economy have been achieved through greater engine efficiency and reduction of air resistance.

For this reason, trade unions might be active in cooperative efforts with management to achieve growth through greater efficiency .


This project will review these bibliographies and data-bases to assess their efficiency in recording such material.

This paper examines the prospects and problems of assessing the efficiency of health care alternatives in the light of the recent White Paper.

Amendment No. 27 is concerned only with assessing the degree of efficiency with which a school's financial resources are managed.

It is immensely difficult for outsiders to begin to assess the efficiency of the secret world.


Matching and randomization are two fundamentally important design techniques to enhance the validity and efficiency of a study.

Tandem columns can enhance efficiency by increasing plate numbers or enhance selectivity by connecting different stationary phases.

Cohesive social units foraging a particular area over several generations would enhance efficiency by transmitting such information among closely related animals.

This would enhance efficiency and slow product proliferation.

We will bring private sector skills in to enhance efficiency and increase value for money.

Graduates are active both in creating innovative opportunities to enhance further agricultural efficiency and in applying scientific findings to production practice.

First, the elimination of exchange rate uncertainty will enhance the efficiency of the price mechanism as a resource allocator.


These improvements are currently being geared to improving efficiency and output from the normal working day.

The effect of the resulting orderliness was a greatly improved efficiency .

We are maintaining our policy of improving the competitive efficiency of our retail networks.

But Clinton insists that new technologies will improve energy efficiency , enabling developing countries to continue economic growth without increasing emissions.

It has noticeably improved the efficiency of my tubes.

Switched hubs can improve network efficiency by more than an order of magnitude.

Advanced Expert Systems Conventional computing has improved efficiency by storing and manipulating data and information faster and more accurately than people.


I wanted to increase the efficiency of my fluorescent tubes.

Teams work well to increase the efficiency and timeliness of operations.

It was generally believed that this would increase their efficiency in line with private industry.

Nor has the focus of government industrial research been on increasing the efficiency and productivity of existing industry.

The development of internal communication systems will increase efficiency by sharing information, thus reducing waste and duplication of effort. 4.

Supporters argue that privatisation increases efficiency , widens share ownership and increases consumer choice.


It was machinery which had led to increased efficiency and output.

The most compelling argument for true reform is that it would lead to greater efficiency in government.

One can not necessarily assume that the operation of market principles perse will automatically lead to efficiency .

The great claim made for perfect competition is that it leads to efficiency .

Over the years, the departments have moved closer together and combining them will also lead to efficiency savings for the authority.

Proponents of left-to-right strategy argue that it is much simpler, requiring far less bookkeeping, and thus leads to greater efficiency .

Increased competition leads to greater efficiency in local industry.

It should lead to a greater efficiency among the police and give a much-needed boost to the fight against crime.


His hated intelligence services still operate with horrific efficiency .

Msjor areas of emphasis include profitability, liquidity, operating efficiency , and capital structure.

Strategy, Structure and Systems - the so-called Hard S's - are concerned with the way an organisation operates and its efficiency .


The Home Secretary is legally required to promote the efficiency of the police.

The competitive market is advocated because it is held to promote efficiency in resource allocation and the liberty of the individual citizen.

Mainstream industrial organization argues that the purpose of the policy is to promote economic efficiency .

All of us had been promoted out of any efficiency that we might have had.


It had opposed partnerships of advocates, believing they would reduce choice and efficiency .

The biologist is willing to reduce efficiency in the interest of sustaining the catch.

However, this reduces efficiency , wastes heat and causes a fire danger.

The high price of energy reduced the efficiency of the economy.

They should be kept together in one place, as far as possible, as separation would reduce efficiency .

Under the conditions outlined above, this is likely to reduce the economic efficiency of public provision.

From this perspective the problem is that governments have interfered increasingly with the workings of the market economy and reduced its efficiency .

Taxes are generally distortionary and tend to reduce efficiency .


in the interest(s) of justice/safety/efficiency etc

Extending the ban to wedding rings, in the interests of safety, say the company, has upset some workers.

Ideally, the student should be making all the decisions and choosing actions in the interests of safety and efficiency.

If the alarm gets no response, the timer goes ahead and switches off in the interest of safety and economy.

The mature glider pilot would never hesitate to make a fool of himself in the interests of safety.

We should be able to state which fuse we require when we buy a plug in the interest of safety and economics.

model of efficiency/virtue etc

Mr. Howard I wonder whether the hon. Gentleman is citing Lambeth council as a model of efficiency and good practice.

The police, when they arrived, were models of efficiency and solicitude.


A new furnace could give you increased efficiency and more heat output.

I was impressed by her speed and efficiency .

The management seems to expect staff to be constantly achieving higher levels of efficiency and productivity.


A case can be made for both its constitutional propriety and its administrative efficiency .

Be that as it may, the efficiency of the Customs service was much less regarded.

But much greater economic efficiency is not the only gain.

Doctors are under urgent types of demands on their time so they go for efficiency .

Our time efficiency is eighteen days divided by twenty-three days, or 78. 3 percent.

The benefits of cost savings, greater efficiency and synergy are being realised.

The results suggested a plateau of energy efficiency had been reached.

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