Meaning of EFFICIENCY in English

ef ‧ fi ‧ cien ‧ cy W3 /ɪˈfɪʃ ə nsi/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [uncountable] the quality of doing something well and effectively, without wasting time, money, or energy OPP inefficient

efficiency of

the efficiency of the train service

considerable advancements in energy efficiency

2 . efficiencies [plural] the amounts of money, supplies etc that are saved by finding a better or cheaper way of doing something:

operating efficiencies

• • •


■ verbs

▪ improve/increase efficiency

The company is taking steps to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Recent efforts by American business to increase efficiency seem to have failed.

▪ promote efficiency (=develop or encourage efficient ways of doing something)

A competitive market helps to promote efficiency.

■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + efficiency

▪ greater/increased efficiency

In a search for greater efficiency, the two departments have merged.

▪ maximum efficiency (=the most that is possible)

The boat's design helps it to move with maximum efficiency.

▪ fuel efficiency (=using fuel in an efficient way)

Better fuel efficiency can be achieved by driving more slowly.

▪ energy efficiency (=using energy in an efficient way)

Energy efficiency can play a huge role in reducing pollution.

▪ high efficiency (=used about machines)

The diesel engine offers high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

▪ operating/operational efficiency (=the efficiency with which a machine or system works)

The computer can process this information quickly, without any loss of operating efficiency.

■ efficiency + NOUN

▪ efficiency gains (=increases in efficiency)

New technology introduced by the company has brought efficiency gains.

▪ efficiency savings (=money saved by being more efficient)

Efficiency savings in the industry will inevitably lead to job losses.

▪ efficiency measures (=changes introduced to make something more efficient)

The new efficiency measures are designed to improve the health service.

▪ standards of efficiency

Their work led to higher standards of efficiency across the industry.

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