Meaning of ELECTRONIC in English



an electronic calculator

Candidates may use electronic calculators in the exam.

an electronic device

The shops are always full of new electronic devices.

an electronic dictionary (= small electronic machine containing a dictionary )

Electronic dictionaries are very popular in Japan.

an electronic instrument

An electronic instrument requires no tuning and very little maintenance.

electrical/electronic equipment

The store sells a wide range of electrical equipment.

electronic aids

Fishermen rely primarily on electronic aids for navigation.

electronic banking

electronic cash

electronic communication (= using computers )

Electronic communication encourages more information exchange.

electronic data interchange

electronic data (= kept in an electronic form )

new ways of storing electronic data

electronic funds transfer

electronic mail

electronic money

electronic organizer

electronic paper

electronic publishing

electronic signature

electronic tagging

electronic ticketing

personal electronic device




Some of the cards they have produced suggest a definite electronic book strand in their thinking, at least in terms of linguistic products.

It is clear, though, that the Data Discman is only the forerunner of more sophisticated electronic book players.

In the next chapter, we deal with activity by chip-based electronic book publishers and review the latest products reaching the market.

Like Franklin, they see their activities as electronic book publishing.

The user interface looks like setting the standard for future electronic books of this kind.

Curiously, this futuristic notion returns us to one of the earliest electronic book models which we described in the original report.

Ultimately, electronic books need customers.


The authorities reacted by ruling that tamper-proof electronic cash registers must be used.

So she places her smart card containing electronic cash provided as part of a bank service into the smart-card reader.

Mostly, they hand over a credit-card number, but some transactions already use electronic cash .

Of course, electronic cash does not have to be held on a Card.


I/C Integrated Circuit An electronic circuit on a single chip.

Is to be distinguished from the implementation, in which electronic circuits are designed to realize an architecture.

Information is held temporarily in electronic circuits and is lost whenever the computer is turned off.

Brains are not designed like electronic circuits , with easily identified separate components that can be taken out independently.

Its biggest uses are in industrial cleaning for degreasing engineering parts and electronic circuit boards.


If music can cut out the computer in the middle, then so can films, books, audio and electronic commerce .

That enables electronic commerce on the Internet.

But online stock trading was once one of the few reliably profitable areas of electronic commerce .

These goals are the guiding buoys for firms plotting their course in the turbulent waters of electronic commerce .

To become a reality, electronic commerce needs a network infrastructure to transport the content.

So, some aspects of the technical infrastructure for electronic commerce are already in place.

Verio also offers selected enhanced services such as Web hosting, electronic commerce and virtual private networks.

However, investment without a clear idea of the electronic commerce architecture being built would be akin to driving with blinders on.


After all, electronic communications has many similarities to the oral technologies which pre-dated the written word.

The result was an electronic communications run on the Capitol.

Indeed, we have, in the past, returned comments to students on paper rather than via electronic communication .

What averted catastrophe was the introduction of widespread electronic communications , especially for education and entertainment.

Science is being reshaped by electronic communication and storage.

The electronic communication has forged bonds among staff and third-grade families that are the strongest at Logan, said Principal Francine Schaffer.

It said the Echelon system is capable of capturing and processing 3m electronic communications a minute.

Their mis-sion - to discuss information technology, electronic communications and the Labour movement.


One of the few exceptions is a small factory, mainly employing women, which produces electronic components .

The new Computer Desk looks like a big, traditional desk yet features concealing spaces for electronic components .

Prices of electronic components have fallen dramatically - this again usually is only possible with large scale in sales.

These unique circuits contain semiconductor devices as well as other discrete electronic components soldered on a thin alumina substrate.

The argument applies just as forcibly to many manufacturing industries, such as those of automobiles, electronic components , computers and aircraft.

Such systems usually integrate additional electronic components , such as a laserdisc player.

At one extreme it is used to support power cables; at the other to encapsulate electronic components .

It is like having a large array of small drawers containing electronic components .


Although modern electronic controls aren't always very easy to set, they are very precise and economical.

Within a year or two of Obernetics's publication, electronic control circuits revolutionized industry.

Rolls-Royce's famed electronic control is retained, though.

This, in fact, is what engineers do when they devise electronic control circuits to guide spaceships or steer robot arms.

The Bosch-made electronic controls are easy to understand and operate, as are the hydraulic levers.


Some better-known examples are electronic mail, enhanced fax, and electronic data interchange.

But, in general, they include systems for design, production control, distribution, electronic data interchange and so on.

Other products include magazines, electronic data bases, and cartographic material.

Since the 1950s there have been three major phases of electronic data creation.

As a result of the microcomputer revolution, electronic data processing has become a familiar feature of research in most humanities disciplines.

Donations will be recorded on an electronic data base.

Specific technologies under investigation include advanced software, microprocessors, computer-aided production management, electronic data interchange and biotechnology.


Chip makers want to shrink their chips to meet the demand for faster electronic devices and computers.

It is linked by wire to a briefcase-sized electronic device fifty yards away.

To play the game, children run the hand-held electronic device over the barcode of any product.

Flash memory is a type of semiconductor chip used to store data in computers and electronic devices .

Massey has also added an electronic device on its 6-cylinder tractors for automatically raising and lowering semi-mounted ploughs at the headland.

For convenience, this information is not stored in human form, but in some magnetic or electronic device .

We are evaluating a more sophisticated electronic device which allows the entire theatre team at risk to be monitored with minimal inconvenience.

Recently, an electronic device has been marketed which gives advice on when you should expose yourself to daylight at your destination.


Frame Technology Inc believes the next generation of desktop publishing systems will utilise electronic document publishing as their cornerstone.

The problem of documentation is further confounded when one considers the nature and range of electronic documents currently being produced.

It is true that electronic document management is here.


The most advanced electronic equipment of the age.

Following an agreement with the St Lucian government, electronic equipment and chandlery have been granted duty-free status.

Industrial machinery, computer and other electronic equipment , chemicals, scientific instruments and transportation equipment lead the export list.

Ball maintains the prerequisite glum visage, but he's clearly happy standing behind his bank of electronic equipment .

As with most valuable electronic equipment , surge protection is recommended against possible lightning strikes and power surges.

He only hoped the electronic equipment was safely stored away.

A man who lost his agency for imported electronic equipment , for example, did not praise nationalization of the import business.


Libraries might be ill-equipped to handle the deposit of records in electronic form , but its deposit should be encouraged.

Just when did this revolution occur and in fact did information exist before its arrival in electronic form ?

Even though much of this information may already be in electronic form , retrieving the correct document from a database is not simple.

Bricks look a lot like Legos, only in electronic form .

In principle, now that operational information is largely electronic , it could be preserved in electronic form in its totality.

Examples include the use of electronic forms that recognize information hand-written with an electronic pen.

The number of information sources that exist only in electronic form continues to multiply.

Information is increasingly distributed in electronic form either via an office system or, more basically, sent out on a disk.


They jumble together shampoos, toys, chocolate, clothes, electronic goods and hair slides.

The South exported textiles and electronic goods in return for zinc and semi-finished products from the North.

The technique allows manufacturers to shut down unofficially imported electronic goods .

She washed clothes and dealt in smuggled electronic goods , rabbit-fur hats, sunflower seeds, pearl necklaces and noodles.


Skymaster is stuck in a conundrum that affects a lot of electronic information services.

As with any complex electronic information system or service, a strong support structure can make an enormous difference in customer satisfaction.

In other words, interactivity brings a vital element of added value to all electronic information , whether multimedia or not.

The new electronic information technologies also make it much harder to lead.

As yet, the costs of electronic information sources represent a relatively minor part of a research library's budget.

This book will explore both the opportunities and the dangers ahead for participatory democracy in the electronic information age.

New legislation is needed that is mindful of the value of electronic information resources to future researchers.

Despite the increased flow of electronic information , both factors and clients see an advantage in improved personal contacts.


Finally, one exciting development is the electronic intarsia carriage for use with the standard gauge electronic machine .

The tutors are all trained by the company and are competent on all models of the french electronic machines .

Meanwhile Geoff Turton, 16, was issuing instructions via an electronic machine with arrows on what way the ramp should point.

I imagine most people buy an electronic machine because of the flexibility of its patterning system.

Magnetic ink a magnetized ink that can be read both by humans and by electronic machines .

I am sure that an engineer could tell you of other differences between the punchcard and electronic machines too.

Your electronic machine is capable of producing magical results so don't be afraid to experiment.


AutoRegistry A Multi-Code Page capability supports international character sets for global electronic mail interoperability.

Dwight Silverman can receive electronic mail via the Internet.

But they do compete in advanced services like electronic mail and computer-data networks.

The WorldNet Service will include Internet directories and other navigational aides as well as electronic mail .

It should also enable the integration of electronic mail , voice mail and facsimile, as well as desktop audio and video conferencing.

That includes writing reports, sending electronic mail and surfing the Internet.

Anyone familiar with electronic mail who have access to facilities at work or college can join us.

Gemini's service is now also available through electronic mail .


Within the field of electronic media , the film medium has the most universal appeal and impact.

In that regard, the electronic media are more revealing than print.

The mass audiences and the technology for reaching them are what give the press and electronic media their character as mass media.

Television scarcity, compared to print, no longer provides a rationale to regulate electronic media while letting newspapers and magazines alone.

Furthermore, the electronic media are by their nature democratic.

The electronic media is changing values and those values will in turn change the nature of our society.

It is a feature of a changing pattern of information use, emerging through a variety of electronic media .

One of the harsh realities about the electronic media is that it chews up its stars as fast as it creates them.


A newsletter is regularly produced including excerpts from the electronic messages received and sent by children using the network.

One, the act of reading electronic messages will not infect a computer.

If two gardeners hit it off, they can go private through electronic messages in a sort of letter-writing setup.

Williams, in an electronic message to Barwood and the council, said he would support her idea.


These range from the handling of simple, yet administratively inconvenient, cash payments to sophisticated electronic payment schemes.

In fact, the transport of information needs to be decoupled from higher-layer mercantile protocols such as electronic payment services.

Switch has been introduced to allow electronic payments .


The simplest form of electronic publishing is word processing with a typographic style of output; office publishing, if you will.

It is getting harder by the day to isolate the various segments of the electronic publishing industry into neat little compartments.

The spreadsheet program can produce graphics and you would like to put these graphics into your electronic publishing system.

Treatment of material I have developed a simple analytic treatment which can be applied to the main areas of electronic publishing .

What do you tackle first, the spreadsheet graphics or the electronic publishing system?

Desktop publishing forms just one part of the electronic publishing market.

Take, for example, the problems that the electronic publishing industry is currently facing with fonts.

However, we are as yet unable to provide the complete simulation of electronic publishing that we have successfully organized for print publishing.


In the case of electronic records this is often only possible before the creation of the record itself.

The provenance of electronic records in government and business must be related to the culture and organisation that created the information.

Yet in the case of electronic records the details of provenance are all too quickly lost following the process of generation.

In terms of electronic records , compliance with rule 24 would effectively ensure that the issue of document authenticity had been dealt with pre-trial.

What is evident is that the age of electronic records opens numerous possibilities that will enrich the understanding of contemporary culture.

These have implications for their approach to Information Management and more particularly to the management of electronic records .

Often this information does not survive for electronic records .

But if electronic records are to be captured this needs to be written into systems.


When the disk is found to be free from a virus infection it is given an electronic signature code.


The bank has its own armed security guards-each a professional marksman-and electronic surveillance systems.

He said increased security will include random searches of park visitors and more electronic surveillance at all venues.

Also, an uneven terrain made electronic surveillance more difficult.

In all, four instances of electronic surveillance without a court notIce occurred during the late 1950s.


Fields such as biotechnology, chemical process plant operation and advanced electronic systems are clear examples of this.

Neural systems are inherently analog and parallel in nature; electronic systems have been digital.

However, the directive is likely to remove any real distinction between personal data held on paper and on electronic systems .

The same electronic system that provides flexibility to care for children or elderly parents at home can function as an electronic leash.

These relate to electronic systems , sound synthesis, circuits, and transducers and amplifiers.

Nasdaq trades are executed via electronic systems by brokerage firms that match buyers with sellers.

Experience in the field of strongly correlated electronic systems and Mott insulators would be an advantage.

The Silver modular electronic system is now well and truly with us.


Finally, payment can be made by mail transfer , telegraphic or electronic transfer.

Telegraphic transfer is similar except the instructions are sent by cable, phone, telex or electronic transfer.

In advanced economies the cheque and associated electronic transfer techniques have become the chief means of payment in the business world.

And the missing cash would distract their attention from the big electronic transfers .


Just as manual catalogues are not harmonised retrospectively, so electronic versions are unlikely ever to be.

Among the most exciting Journal developments last year were the launch of two new electronic versions of the paper.

The electronic version is being test marketed in the United States.

As a result the publication will be made available in an electronic version from 1 February 1994.

Also promising are electronic versions of the Yellow Pages and other directories, complete with thousands of computerised maps.

Next year an electronic version of the Apacs scheme is due to start.

The images are reproducible electronic versions of scanned illustrations, slides, microscopic and other visual material.


an electronic keyboard


Granted, a lot of electronic exchanges are stilted and jittery.

How can we then translate the success of its print-based activities into electronic publishing?

Inside the mirrored towers of its operations complex, it decodes, translates and analyzes the electronic stew known as signals intelligence.

Lab-Plant has introduced a computer-controlled, electronic stirrer which can be programmed to perform a series of functions automatically and for long periods.

Now it is shifting fast into electronic publishing.

The electronic republic, therefore, has already started to redefine the traditional roles of citizenship and political leadership.

The recent development of the electronic ballast switches on a new era in lighting technology.

These unique circuits contain semiconductor devices as well as other discrete electronic components soldered on a thin alumina substrate.

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