Meaning of ELECTRONIC in English

e ‧ lec ‧ tron ‧ ic S3 W3 /ˌelɪkˈtrɒnɪk, ɪˌlek- $ -ˈtrɑː-/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ electronics ; adverb : ↑ electronically ; adjective : ↑ electronic ]

1 . electronic equipment, such as computers and televisions, uses electricity that has passed through computer ↑ chip s, ↑ transistor s etc:

electronic games

an electronic organizer (=a small piece of electronic equipment that you can use to record addresses, phone numbers etc)

2 . using or produced by electronic equipment ⇨ e- :

electronic music

electronic banking

electronic publishing (=a system of producing books, magazines etc in a form that can be read on a computer)

—electronically /-kli/ adverb :

electronically controlled gates

The information is recorded electronically.

• • •


▪ electric used about something that works using electricity:

an electric kettle


Is your cooker electric or gas?

▪ electrical used about things in general that use electricity, or people whose job is to make or repair these things:

a company manufacturing electrical goods


an electrical engineer

▪ electronic used about equipment such as computers and televisions that work by using extremely small electrical parts, or about systems that work using computers:

Most kids love electronic games.


Email is the short word for electronic mail.

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