Meaning of ELEMENTARY in English




a beginners’/elementary/intermediate/advanced class (= teaching different levels of a subject )

An advanced class might be available.

a high school/elementary school student American English

Her son is a high school student.

an elementary/intermediate/advanced course

an advanced course in art and design

basic/elementary precautions

Your home could be at risk if you don't take some basic precautions.

elementary particle

elementary school




Only in their most elementary courses do other academic fields offer even a partial parallel.

The workers' ignorance compounds their poverty: everywhere, failure to follow the most elementary rules of diet makes undernourishment worse.

The most elementary lessons involved in studying ideas and consciousness seem to have been forgotten.

Figure 1 shows several of the most elementary transformations together with the rules that generate them.

Because otherwise we shall not even have the most elementary preconditions for this development ... By all means!

The most elementary form of camouflage is to match the background perfectly.

The process is difficult, and demands the performance of millions of calculations to reach even the most elementary prediction.

The most elementary way is to leave the material on its original sheets of blotting paper, piling them up on top of each other.



Then, at last, elementary education will dies.

The specialists in elementary education meanwhile focus their attention on the methods and materials appropriate to elementary years.

They spend six years in elementary education and three years in junior high school.

In Brown v. Board of Education , which dealt specifically with elementary education, the Court took the final logical step.

It is no use trying to give technical teaching to our artisans without elementary education ....

There was universal elementary education in Britain - a century behind Prussia, and three behind Saxony.

Hence there was an extension of the powers of local government and the state intervened after 1870 to provide universal elementary education .

There was no association of elementary education with a prescribed period of childhood.


At the elementary level of existence, many of them were desperate for basic necessities.


However, I think that this ought to include a revision of the names of all the elementary particles .

According to quantum theory, elementary particles do not really exist until an intelligent observer measures them.

Quantum mechanics depicts space as a seething foam of uncertainty, with unimaginably short-lived elementary particles appearing and disappear ing.

At any one moment, there is a definite and finite set of possible futures for elementary particles .

So the question is: What are the truly elementary particles , the basic building blocks from which everything is made?

The elementary particles known as protons, which live at the heart of every atom, will begin to decay.

Research in theory and computation encompasses quantum field theories of elementary particles , neural networks and quantum chromodynamics.

How powerful this explosion would be would depend on how many different species of elementary particles there are.


Technology and society generally is continuously in trouble because this elementary principle is forgotten or ignored by enthusiastic innovators.


Like my contemporaries I first attended an elementary school , about which I remember only three things.

Education researchers have traced her poorer performance all the way back to elementary school .

The Education Act of 1870 set out to provide elementary schools for children up to a minimum age of ten throughout the country.

Optimal practice in elementary school language arts will have similar balance.

They studied third-and fourth-grade children at two elementary schools .

Some of the elite kindergartens and elementary schools also protest the advent of baby cram schools even while admitting their young alumni.

Big money will now be poured into cleansing the elementary schools of anti-phonics heresy.

What we learn in elementary school sets the foundation for a life of learning.


Even elementary students in fourth and fifth grades have guns.

Modular buildings could also be placed on the La Cima site to house elementary students .

A Hartford school lunch costs 90 cents for elementary students , $ 1. 15 at middle and high schools.


elementary education

an elementary course in word-processing

Billy is taking elementary algebra this year.

She had difficulty with even the most elementary tasks.

The right to defend itself is an elementary right of every state.


How powerful this explosion would be would depend on how many different species of elementary particles there are.

In many elementary classrooms there is a good deal of affection for children and various opportunities for active, hands-on learning.

Most were given elementary training in another technical skill to facilitate harmony and cross-utilization.

So the question is: What are the truly elementary particles, the basic building blocks from which everything is made?

The 1988 Education Reform Act ought to mark the end of elementary education for the under-11s.

Thom identifies seven elementary catastrophes as the only possible results when not more than four control factors are present.

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