Meaning of ELEVATOR in English




elevator music

mine/elevator/ventilation etc shaft

a 300-foot elevator shaft

rode the elevator

He rode the elevator down to the first floor.




Creed and McGowan were already waiting in front of the elevator doors .

Near the elevator door was a fake fireplace and an antique mahogany mantelpiece with great bunches of fruit carved on each corner.

The elevator door on the first floor was ornamental iron lace.


The roar of the grain elevators and the slap of timbers rent the sunlit air.

There used to be a grain elevator , but it closed.

Two associated pneumatic grain elevators with a combined discharge rate of 400 tons per hour were completed soon after.

Most of the commingled corn is stored in grain elevators , said John Wichtrich, general manager for Aventis CropScience.


He worked only part-time, an elevator operator , because the country was awash in college graduates.

Desperate and disenchanted, she flees to Tulsa where she works as a department store elevator operator .

The elevator operators know his habits and are holding back the door of a car.



They rode up in the elevator again.

You see them crossing hallways and riding in elevators .

She smiled to herself imagining what it would be like to ride in an elevator fifty stories just to go to bed.

A compulsion to ride in glass elevators in Marriott hotels.

Quinn pushed the door open, walked through the lobby, and rode the elevator to the eleventh floor.


As she stepped into the humming elevator , Chesarynth realized that the other doors were holograms for security.

Guests step off the elevator into dimly lit halls, a dubious signature of Starckdesigned hotels.

He stepped into a crowded elevator .

As he stepped out of the elevator and strode towards her, she felt her heartbeat do a funny little dance.

He stepped on to the elevator , and the doors closed in front of him before Wyatt remembered to get on with him.

He stepped into his private elevator , and pressed the button for the eighteenth floor.


He took the service elevator down to the parking-lot and got into his car.

To get to his broadcast location he was forced to take the freight elevator .

Renwick followed slowly, gave her time to take the elevator before he passed the reception desk.

They played for another hour, mostly losing, then took the elevator up to the eighth floor.

The prisoners were taken down in the elevator one at a time.

We took the elevator to the sixth floor and removed our shoes at the door.

He shaved, got dressed and took the elevator to the breakfast-room.

We said good night and took the elevator back down.


An old plough disc forms a foot and oil comes from the harvester's elevator motor drive.

Despite pulling the elevator back and the aeroplane changing attitude, it carried on, sinking fast.

He backed away towards the nook beside the elevator , where he kept his gun, but the stranger was too quick.

I climb aboard Moosha and suddenly get the sensation that the express elevator is going right through the roof.

I rushed to the elevator and down to the art gallery, dreading that...

It was like being in an elevator which suddenly drops from the top of a twenty storey building to the basement.

People were trapped in elevators, businesses closed early, and schools sent students home.

You just walk down this corridor and around these elevators to the bank on the far side.

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