Meaning of ELEVATION in English





Sand dunes are often the highest elevation not just on the coast but for miles inland.

Accumulations of up to 2-1 / 4 feet of snow were forecast by Wednesday night in some of the higher elevations .

The consultant also recommends lift charges to higher elevations .

At high elevations a healthy pine will have up to seven or eight whorls, Proctor said.


The Nab is an excellent viewpoint, better in fact than the actual summit of Wild Boar Fell although of lower elevation .

The artillery was firing at low elevation and was practically out of high-explosive ammo.

These small streams are often fast flowing until they reach the lower elevations of the Low Weald.

Elsewhere, the tree had grown randomly at lower elevations , and the nut was used for local consumption.


Elevation of blood pressure can cause headaches.

Many tried to block the judge's elevation to the Supreme Court.


Arapahoe Basin has five lifts, 61 trails and the steepest elevation at 13, 050 feet.

Immediately after Dudley's elevation , Gloucester was appointed to the commission of the peace, where he played an active role.

In 455 the Goths were to be the prime movers in his elevation to imperial office.

Its depression immediately under the load is compensated by elevation elsewhere in the chain.

Most Quebecers were delighted by the elevation of the extraordinarily popular politician.

Palmerston was clearly satisfied with Scott's plan and layout and regarded the provision of classical elevations as only a minor revision.

The artillery began firing beehive rounds, which I had never seen before at minimum elevation .

The last hundred feet of elevation form a near-vertical cliff, effectively turning the mesa into an imposing dark fortress.

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