Meaning of ELEVATION in English

/el'euh vay"sheuhn/ , n.

1. the height to which something is elevated or to which it rises: The elevation of the tower is 80 feet.

2. the altitude of a place above sea level or ground level.

3. an elevated place, thing, or part; an eminence.

4. loftiness; grandeur or dignity; nobleness: elevation of mind.

5. the act of elevating.

6. the state of being elevated.

7. Archit. a drawing or design that represents an object or structure as being projected geometrically on a vertical plane parallel to one of its sides.

8. Survey.

a. Also called angle of elevation . the angle between the line from an observer or instrument to an object above the observer or instrument and a horizontal line.

b. the distance above a datum level.

9. the ability of a dancer to stay in the air while executing a step or the height thus attained.

10. the Elevation , Rom. Cath. Ch. the lifting by the celebrant of the Eucharistic elements immediately after consecration, for adoration by the communicants.

[ 1350-1400; ME elevation- (s. of elevatio ), equiv. to elevat ( us ) (see ELEVATE) + -ion- -ION ]

Syn. 1. See height. 3. height; hill; mountain; plateau. 4. exaltation, nobility.

Ant. 1. depth.

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