Meaning of ELIMINATE in English




eliminate a deficit (= completely get rid of it )

His proposals have so far failed to eliminate the deficit.

eliminate a hazard (= get rid of a hazard )

They took steps to eliminate all potential fire hazards.

eliminate risk (= remove risk completely )

You can’t eliminate risk in your life completely.

eliminate the need for sth ( also obviate the need for sth formal ) (= make something unnecessary )

The new drug treatment eliminates the need for surgery.

remove/eliminate/lift barriers

Will this remove the barriers to change?




I am not saying that the diet will completely eliminate cellulite but I do believe it will significantly reduce it.

Republicans would completely eliminate income restrictions for participation in IRAs.

Some of these O 3 datasets have been analysed without completely eliminating the dynamical variations related to the quasi-biennial oscillation.

Vomiting does not completely eliminate all food from the stomach.

One way of telling whether a horse has completely eliminated the infection is to take follow-up nasal swabs.

This completely eliminates the problem without wasting any card!

They avoid the expense of large cabinets and wind and vibration problems are completely eliminated .


The problem is virtually eliminated in commercially grown mussels, by harvesting them before they are five years old.

Countries now routinely providing vitamin A have virtually eliminated vitamin Arelated blindness and death.

A few candidates may virtually eliminate themselves by their hesitancy and you can even consider refusing to continue the interview.

Those are the costs Proposition 186 would virtually eliminate .

For the bureaucracy itself, Marx noted how a Bonapartist regime virtually eliminated the risk of public scrutiny and criticism.

He reacted rather than acted, and that virtually eliminates all of his effectiveness.

Absentee landlords and large concentrations of landholdings were virtually eliminated .

By being able to hand a printer finished artwork the cost of several stages of labour intensive work can be virtually eliminated .



Still, concern about home-buying is why Alexander charges that eliminating the mortgage interest deduction would cause a real-estate crash.

In return for simplicity, it would eliminate popular deductions for charitable contributions, state and local taxes and home-mortgage interest.

Some proposals, including Forbes', would eliminate all tax deductions .


But Clinton showed that hundreds of federal programs will be on a strict diet during the struggle to eliminate the federal deficit .

It had eliminated the large budget deficits of the early 1980s and was in fiscal balance.

But, ah, what might have been, if we did not have this political fixation on reducing or eliminating deficits .

They are divided for months over how to eliminate the budget deficit .

But he has not specified which government programs would be reduced to pay for the tax cuts and eliminate the deficit .

But pressure to eliminate the budget deficit , said Vest, is likely to lead to diminished help from Washington.

Most money managers are convinced President Clinton and congressional Republicans will strike a deal to eliminate the federal budget deficit .


Storage of materials and the effort of mixing are eliminated by using ready-mixed concrete, which is available in two forms.

But efforts to merge or eliminate any of them will run into political problems.

The masks are only the latest in a number of measures in the effort to eliminate deaths by tiger attacks.

It allows a manufacturer to incorporate its suppliers' efforts toward eliminating waste in the upstream portion of the manufacturing cycle.

That effort has already eliminated several hundred administrative jobs in its East Bay divisions.


And when that didn't drain off enough cash, yet another assistance plan required the state to eliminate 120,000 jobs .

The Los Angeles Times will close some sections and eliminate 150 editorial jobs .

It will also eliminate 500 jobs through attrition and lay-offs at its Armonk headquarters.

The maker of printing chemicals said it intends to eliminate about 100 jobs , reducing its work force to about 500.

For example, some companies have moved their employees across the country and then eliminated their jobs .

His pledge to halve the deficit over the next four years is largely based on eliminating 100,000 government jobs .

C., Jackson Mills announced it was closing altogether, eliminating nearly 400 jobs .


Dedicated to non-man entry sewer repair and maintenance, the Sika-Robot cuts costs by eliminating the need to excavate pipes.

This eliminated the need for costly lines that transmitted power or data.

This also eliminates the need to scroll to find data, which would defeat the purpose of having a command centre.

The soft new mud automatically eliminated the need for plowing and fertilization.

The operation made financial and environmental sense by eliminating the need to use a hazardous waste site.

That eliminated the need for a new check.

Also the possession of a credit card reduces or even eliminates the need to hold precautionary balances for many people.

It does not eliminate the need for saving.


The original plan was to eliminate tariffs on most goods by 2004.

By June 19, one of the geographic split plans may be eliminated .

The new plan would eliminate the mandated middleman and allow retailers to buy directly from suppliers.

Do I have a plan to eliminate it?


In 1990, Brezzo eliminated the museum staff position of controller.

He hopes the next council will eliminate the position .

He estimated $ 1.5 million in savings by eliminating the 34 teaching positions .


This eliminates the possibility of the wrong person being updated, and enables the operator to see if any details are incorrect.

More important, no changes are made in the system to eliminate the possibility of another pilot making the same error.

The bi-word filter eliminated some possibilities but was not good enough to find a single interpretation.

It eliminates all possibilities of revolts and ensures absolute obedience in everything.

On visits to both bureaux, we felt that their working practices eliminate any reasonable possibility of this happening.

That the practice of spiritual marriages can not with any certainty be traced back into the first century eliminates the third possibility .

Prospective students tend to consider the multi-media scheme after eliminating other possibilities .

Too early death, or severe infirmity, or excessive distance could eliminate any possibility of a significant relationship.


This has eliminated the fly problem , and is the strategy that would be used immediately if a fly outbreak occurred again.

By combining long and short strips of two different metals-brass and steel-in one pendulum, Harrison eliminated the problem .

Water cooling eliminates the problem in mainframe computers, but smaller machinery must find an alternative.

Object: To eliminate structural problems without having to reread your document or waste time cutting and pasting paragraphs.

If so, check every document you write for several weeks to correct and ultimately eliminate this problem .

And in his later work the careful dating supplied by Picasso himself eliminates any chronological problem .

This completely eliminates the problem without wasting any card!


S.-imposed requirements, most having to do with eliminating programs , cutting staff and slashing budgets.

Most of our leaders assume that the only way to cut spending is to eliminate programs , agencies, and employees.

Since the crashes, the Navy has eliminated a program that allowed navigators, weapons experts and radio officers to become pilots.

Dan Miller, R-Fla., have indicated they will try to eliminate the sugar program .

School principals in Chicago sued to eliminate the reform program that took away their lifetime job security.

Dole has endorsed a California ballot measure that would eliminate affirmative action programs .


A few precautions are advisable to eliminate any risk that may exist in a domestic situation.

This will lower but not eliminate the risk of infection.

In any event, the new regulations can not eliminate the risk to taxi drivers.

Research will never eliminate risk , but it minimizes it.

For the bureaucracy itself, Marx noted how a Bonapartist regime virtually eliminated the risk of public scrutiny and criticism.

In contrast, the engineer's ambition is to control, to organise, to plan and to eliminate risks .

In modern portfolio theory this is defined as the extent to which the construction of the portfolio has eliminated non-market risk .

Nevertheless, it will eliminate the risk of misunderstanding if you and your employer discuss retirement specifically.


Of course, no municipal system succeeds in totally eliminating the use of force.

More important, no changes are made in the system to eliminate the possibility of another pilot making the same error.

This system also eliminates the need for expensive electronic amplifiers.

At that time, the quota system would have been eliminated .


A flat tax , which eliminated tax on investment income, might.

A flat tax , he wrote in December 1994, would eliminate taxes on capital gains, dividends, interest and estates.

By eliminating import taxes , or tariffs, and other import restrictions at national borders.

Forbes' platform makes sense in a state on a mission to eliminate the income tax and substantially reduce the property tax.

It would eliminate some of the tax subsidies that benefit corporations.

First, they want to eliminate taxes entirely for people fortunate enough to inherit estates of $ 1 million.

Two years ago the state also eliminated the tax credit cap on research and development.


In energy terms, the goal of the autonomous house is to eliminate fossil-fuel use and the associated carbon dioxide emissions.

Congress eliminated the use of supervisory goodwill and capital credits.

Of course, no municipal system succeeds in totally eliminating the use of force.

Projects covered by the deal include effluent treatment works and gas supplies to eliminate the use of brown coal.

Others have all-in-one hook gliders which clip on to the face of the track and eliminate the use of separate curtain hooks.

This need to eliminate the use of nonrenewable fuels follows for two reasons.

Contextual logic may help to eliminate unwanted uses of homographs. 3.



Manufacturers, therefore, are being urged to design processes to eliminate direct operator contact.

Meditative techniques were designed to eliminate this struggle, to overcome the duality and to promote a more balanced mental condition.

Medical experiments must, if possible, be designed to eliminate psychological biases in patient and physician.


It would also have helped to eliminate contradictions between authors such as the use of incorrect units.

The proposed move could help eliminate a lot of excess beds.

The reduction of fat in the diet helps to eliminate the fat on the body.

They are designed to stimulate the circulation which in turn helps to eliminate the toxins and fatty particles.

The Convention has been instrumental in helping to eliminate the dumping of industrialized countries' hazardous wastes on developing countries.

Contextual logic may help to eliminate unwanted uses of homographs. 3.


The two reasons for using simulation methods in pilot training are to reduce costs and to eliminate hazards.

The Dole plan is vague as to what programs would be reduced or eliminated to pay for the tax reductions.

There are several general measures that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the problem altogether.

The use of mixes reduces active time by eliminating almost all measuring time and almost all mixing time.

Also the possession of a credit card reduces or even eliminates the need to hold precautionary balances for many people.

But, ah, what might have been, if we did not have this political fixation on reducing or eliminating deficits.

And its innovative user interface features reduce or eliminate the number of steps needed to perform standard spreadsheet operations.

The intended result of such treatment is to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption by producing a negative response to alcohol.


To seek to eliminate it from the environment is impossible; a fact acknowledged by the Minister for Agriculture and his advisers.

Should one seek the causes, eliminate them and so prevent the disease?

What follows is that Toyota, Nissan and the others will seek to eliminate the weaknesses in their overseas production.

Why else should he be seeking to eliminate her past to his own advantage?


To try to eliminate this way of thinking is difficult; but we must begin.

They must deal creatively with uncertainty instead of futilely trying to eliminate it.

If there is no improvement, then you should try eliminating all the other suspect foods that you have listed.

Dan Miller, R-Fla., have indicated they will try to eliminate the sugar program.

We would suggest you try a mains filter before getting involved with trying to eliminate radiated r.f.i.

They tried to eliminate all super-natural explanations from their theories of the earth.

Injury center spokeswoman Mary Ann Fenley said the center is not trying to eliminate guns but to make them safer.


Advances in medical science have eliminated the need for many patients to spend long periods of time in hospital.

The car maker said it will eliminate 74,000 jobs over the next four years.

The Colts were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

The dictator eliminated anyone who might be a threat to him.

Traffic police intend to eliminate congestion caused by illegally parked vehicles.


Having to live with big risks that can not be eliminated makes living with the little risks of life seem natural.

He supposes that technological process will eliminate the problem of scarcity of resources.

His scheme involves eliminating 100,000 parking places and installing 15,000 parking-meters.

The parents were able to eliminate the intimidating outbursts almost entirely.

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