Meaning of ELIMINATE in English


-ˌnāt, usu -ād.+V transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Latin eliminatus, past participle of eliminare, from e- + limin-, limen threshold — more at limb

1. archaic : to put out of doors : thrust out


a. : to cast out : remove , expel , exclude , drop , oust

the resultant cabinet change eliminated twelve ministers — Current Biography

eliminate gangster elements from the organization

the two teams losing two games in succession will be eliminated — New York Times

a number of candidates were eliminated for poor flying technique

b. : to cause the disappearance of especially as a factor or element in a process or situation : get rid of : eradicate

to eliminate surprise, the theory goes, is to eliminate nuclear war — W.R.Frye

seek to eliminate the odium attaching to the word materialism — William James

succeeded in eliminating the city's debt

eliminate a distracting noise

sometimes : to get rid of by killing or destroying

eliminated his opponents with ruthless cruelty

3. : to expel from the living body : excrete , egest

eliminating toxins from the intestine

the kidneys eliminate urea

4. archaic : to isolate (as a principle) from surrounding or confusing details : deduce

5. : to cause to disappear by combining two or more equations

eliminate an unknown quantity

Synonyms: see exclude

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