Meaning of EXHIBIT in English

I. verb


a gallery is showing/exhibiting sth

The gallery is showing a series of watercolour works.

display/exhibit symptoms formal (= show symptoms )

She was displaying symptoms of stress.

exhibit sth in/at a gallery

It was the first time that the paintings had been exhibited in a gallery.




In such cases, the two sections often exhibit markedly different levels of variability.

Children abused or seriously neglected in childhood often exhibit as adults a sociopathic inability to empathize with other people.



Two of the daughters, Annie and Rose, were painters who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1887 and 1885.

She became an accomplished pianist and several of her pictures were exhibited at the Royal Academy .

The architect's plans were exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1899.


I sometimes think that artists could well exhibit a few sketches along with the actual picture.

Back home, I took down a catalogue of works by Leslie Hakim-Dowek, one of the artists exhibiting in the show.

Local artists and craftspeople exhibit their work, discuss and demonstrate their skills in the Manor and its beautiful surroundings.


Networks that exhibit the same terminal behaviour as some device, system or more complicated network are naturally known as equivalent circuits.

It is therefore possible to unwind the program that many times, obtaining a finite syntactic approximation which exhibits the same behaviour .

These modes exhibit a behaviour of ever-increasing frequency as the Cauchy horizon is approached.

Such old people customarily exhibit behaviour which is extraordinarily difficult to tolerate and which raises a high level of anxiety.


Such a reaction is both natural and understandable: the Constitution does exhibit those very characteristics .

It is a political project exhibiting all the characteristics of a centrally controlled socialist economic system.

These are learned from others in the group who already exhibit these characteristics .

To appear round and full was to exhibit the characteristics of prosperity and the patent outcome of regular meals.

They do not exhibit the semantic indeterminacy characteristic of poetic metaphors.

Many women workers exhibit labour market characteristics traditionally associated with vulnerability to unemployment.

Marijuana exhibits characteristics of a depressant as well as a stimulant; however, it is classified as neither.


We are back again to the idea that quantum systems exhibit an unexpected degree of togetherness.

During work experience students are expected to exhibit a high degree of interpersonal skills in initiating and sustaining working relationships.

We can recognise animals or birds as exhibiting a different degree of consciousness from our own.

As a result the business class as a whole exhibits a high degree of integration and social cohesion ....

The ability of V domain dimerization to exhibit a degree of structural fluidity has previously been noted.


Many of the squatter settlements exhibit high levels of social organisation and stability rather than marginal characteristics.

In such cases, the two sections often exhibit markedly different levels of variability.


Six years earlier, the museum had exhibited the same seventy-five pieces, loaned by the trustee and benefactor.

A new home for the museum exhibits that are seldom seen.

The exploration company said artifacts recovered from the new expedition will be housed in a permanent museum and exhibited around the world.


They have recently exhibited paintings which they call Cubist paintings.

The dealer had recently exhibited some of his paintings in a mixed show with Picasso, Matisse and Derain.


Interestingly, both female as well as male patients exhibited a hypocholesterolaemia, a finding not previously reported among other population groups.

The texts show typical maps of the sensory strip and the motor strip, but patients exhibit a lot of variability.

All but one patient exhibited the response while on interferon therapy.

This explains the increased sensitivity to levodopa that some patients exhibit after a period off the drug.

These reactions seem to be independent of dose and a number have occurred in patients previously exhibiting allergic reactions to sulphasalazine.

All these patients exhibited biological stigmata of primary hyperparathyroidism.

Over half of the patients exhibit clinical signs associated with portal hypertension, such as ascites and hepatorenal syndrome.


Less deliberately structured groupings can exhibit similar patterns of socialisation, too.

Babies born to women who did not abstain from drinking during pregnancy also tend to exhibit abnormal sleep patterns after birth.

These random movements in aggregate demand are of course unpredictable and exhibit no clear pattern .

The model therefore implies that the deviations of output from its natural rate should also be unpredictable and exhibit no pattern .


Some of the 1-cyclopropyl-quinolone-carboxylic acid derivatives exhibited particularly interesting microbiological properties .

However, sentences also exhibit meaning properties and relations that words and phrases lack.

The Wein-berg-Salam theory exhibits a property known as spontaneous symmetry breaking.


The fish within a typical marine community tank fish collection are also likely to exhibit a wide range of feeding modes.

Such space is needed to store and exhibit a range of national treasures.


Moreover, many a traditionalist continued working and exhibiting at Salon and Academy, without ever being published or becoming popular.


Over half of the patients exhibit clinical signs associated with portal hypertension, such as ascites and hepatorenal syndrome.

Sometime after her acceptance, she exhibited signs of her former diabolical symptoms.


Deep dyslexics exhibit several other reading symptoms too.

Betty Levin had been hospitalized for two weeks when her husband, Alvin, began exhibiting symptoms .

We now exhibit the same symptoms of the same disease, the loss of myth.

But when that remedy was given to a sick person exhibiting those same symptoms , it helped cure the person.


Both criminal law and contract exhibit a tendency to convert such presumptions into irrebuttable rules of law.

They thus exhibit a strong tendency to drag their feet as doomsday draws nearer.

At full whack, I would guess that the Rivera exhibits some very unsociable tendencies indeed.

Law students tend to become more concerned with matters of proper procedure and exhibit an increased tendency to reason by analogy.

This delineation of labourism is ideal-typical; in practice it could exhibit contradictory tendencies .


Although the rules which provide its definition are surprisingly simple, the set itself exhibits an endless variety of highly elaborate structure.


Should it be exhibiting a work which, in all probability, was obtained from its legal owner by fraudulent means?

In 1856 the Bissons were reproducing and exhibiting photographs of contemporary works of art.

Fisher is very much the full-time artist and was recently invited to exhibit a work at the U. S. Senate.

The degree show gives them a chance to exhibit their work publicly in central London.

All around him his friends and contemporaries were exhibiting and selling their work , some of them under contract.

Richard Parker last exhibited his work in public alongside that of Ken Cozens back in 1961.

Local artists and craftspeople exhibit their work , discuss and demonstrate their skills in the Manor and its beautiful surroundings.


Anyone who exhibits extreme anxiety in the face of potential danger is unlikely to become an effective military leader.

Some of the patients exhibit aggressive and violent behavior.

The gallery exhibits mainly contemporary sculpture and photography.

The gallery will exhibit some of Monet's paintings.

The prisoner exhibited no emotion when the sentence was read out.

The sculpture was first exhibited at the Canadian National Exhibition.


Clearly Artai exhibited at least one mutated characteristic.

Contrary to systems that could be under-stood by old-fashioned reductionism, these dynamic systems exhibited emergent behavior.

He exhibited high intelligence, had an exceptional memory, but was unpopular and solitary because he hated games.

The Orphic cosmogonies exhibit a concern to portray humans as well as the world in which they live.

We have seen that in capitalist societies, different classes exhibit differences in social characteristics, such as values and patterns of behaviour.

While so many documentary-makers seem chiefly eager to exhibit their punditry, he appeared as a genuine seeker after knowledge.

With me she had none of the shyness she had exhibited in Byron's company the evening before.

II. noun




Among the new exhibits is a footbridge that once stood at Percy Main and a segment of the Channel Tunnel.

The new exhibit is part of a $ 1 million renovation under way in the Nairobi Village section.

The new exhibit reminds us that human beings are fascinated with people-watching.


Yet other species exhibit variation patterns that defy analysis of the sophistication of present-day biology.

There is a wealth of Coventry-produced aircraft and other exhibits , dominated by the giant Armstrong-Whitworth built Argosy freighter of 1959.

The wall of the gallery, the other exhibits hanging on it.



C., released a statement denouncing an art exhibit on display in Phoenix.

And the heavy-metal lyrics and art exhibits already symbolizing the millennium with images of imminent apocalypse are more gloomy than rational.

Amy took Amelia and Muriel to art exhibits at the college.


View of one of the exhibit halls .

Soon hundreds were camping out in the empty Casino and the closed exhibit halls where they kindled small fires to keep warm.

Most of the other booths in the exhibit hall advertised pharmaceutical drugs.


The museum exhibits artefacts and vehicles made in the county of Hampshire, and Gordon Keeble cars were built in Southampton.

Adey had grown an artificial self-regenerating coral reef once before as a museum exhibit at the Smithsonian.

Maryvonne wondered when I again complained about feeling like a walking museum exhibit on modern Western life.



Unique exhibits include a model of Crow's Fairground dating from 1956-68.

Ongoing exhibits include gem and mineral displays ranging from the microscopic to the massive, and videos of Kartchner Caverns.

The exhibits will include paintings, graphics, masks, photographs and sculptures by more than 200 prominent and emerging artists nationwide.

On loan from the Mesa Southwest Museum, the exhibit includes skeletons and eggs, along with tons of other dino-type artifacts.


The exhibit opens today and runs through May 26.


Exhibit A is the bloody glove.

a new sculpture exhibit at the museum

All exhibits are listed in the catalogue.

The children's museum has several hands-on exhibits.


Alas, most of our exhibits aren't in anything like such a good state of repair.

An exhibit of seven altars created by Bay Area artists and community groups. $ 3 to $ 5.

But among the loveliest exhibits was a two-inch by three-inch Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis.

Of the 160 exhibits assembled for the London show, one-third have been lent from the Hermitage collection.

The exhibit ends with architectural elements, coins and a kneeling stable figure.

The exhibit is free, as is parking.

The Tubac Center of the Arts features museum-quality exhibits.

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