Meaning of EXPECT in English




be expecting a baby (= be pregnant )

My wife’s expecting a baby.

demand/expect obedience

Parents should not demand unquestioning obedience from their children.

don't expect miracles

Don’t expect miracles. A hairdresser can't make a 50-year-old look like a 20-year-old.

expect a call

She’s expecting a phone call from Matt.

expect sympathy

I know I can’t expect any sympathy from her!

lead sb to believe/expect/understand sth

He had led everyone to believe that his family was very wealthy.

The hotel was terrible, and not at all what we had been led to expect.

what to do/say/expect etc

They’re discussing what to do next.




Goldstein fully expects an Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format product programme to be initiated during 1994.

Any day now, we fully expect to hear some guy playing Sousa marches in his armpit.

Irene had fully expected that Douglas's move to a new branch would lead to promotion, but it hadn't happened.

I fully expect that Tony will end his career with the San Diego Padres.

She had fully expected to be dismissed the next morning, but nothing was said and she didn't ask.

She fully expected to be back in Boston July 1 for the opening of the vacation activities.

He was waiting to see you and fully expecting you would be there.

She fully expected to see her suitcases standing somewhere.



Political analysts expect the Labor government to call the poll some time in February, about five weeks before it is held.

Heavy advertising has won candidate Forbes far more attention than political analysts expected he would get.

Henry Kaufman, the economist and investment analyst , might be expected to welcome the trend.

Most analysts had expected a loss.

But analysts expect the bullish trend to continue.

Cirrus had warned analysts to expect a significant shortfall.

To complete the turnaround at the Glasgow-based group, analysts are expecting a call on investors with a rights issue.

Many market analysts expect the sector to continue to climb in 1996, benefiting in part from the colder weather this winter.


England expects that every man will do his duty

expect/fear the worst

Distillery boss Billy Hamilton fears the worst after Heath was assisted off in the second-half with a torn calf muscle.

From what he has heard he fears the worst about the likelihood of a quick turnaround on the field.

I knew I was being irrational but I began to fear the worst .

Leading the mob assault into the fisherman's cabin, the pastor expects the worst .

Only then did we begin to fear the worst .

Quite frankly we expected the worst .

the last thing sb wants/expects/needs etc

I like going to bed with her when going to bed with me is the last thing she wants.

To be slipshod is to be hounded, which is the last thing he wants.

With household costs inevitably rising, the last thing he wants is a larger mortgage than he can reasonably afford.


At these prices, I expect better service.

Drivers should expect long delays on all roads out of town today.

Economists expect the economy to grow by 5% next year.

Forecasters expect snow in the mountains.

How many people are you expecting?

I'm expecting a call from him soon.

I'm expecting a fax from Korea. Has anything arrived yet?

I expected to find him in the bar, but he wasn't there.

Light rain is expected today in the Bay Area.

Perkins fully expects to be back in Boston by July 1.

She's shorter than I expected.

We all expected she'd get the job - it was a real shock when she didn't.


But just don, t expect me not to whinge about it.

I hope you.won't expect me to discuss it.

It might be expected that the percentage thinking that health had improved since their parents' time would increase with age.

People expect lawyers to look this way.

The Hindu of May 20 reported that the death toll in the coastal districts had reached 817 and was expected to rise.

This week the company released new drilling results showing that nickel reserves are twice as large as expected.

When he heard the heavy doors open, the loud voices, he knew what to expect .

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