Meaning of FONT in English






Athelstan waited near the baptismal font .

When their son, Thomas, was born, I stood by him at the baptismal font as godfather.

Four were pinned like a window above the baptismal font .

As one pundit told me, marble follows the locals from the baptismal font to the tombstone.

The new poor box was replaced and padlocked near the baptismal font .


It has enhanced internationalisation features and the ability to work with a mixture of different fonts and character sets.


It comes with 25 scalable Bitstream soft fonts in TrueType format and 13 resident fonts.

You failed miserably to mention the excellent selection of scalable fonts that come with PagePlus.

Your own prejudices are summarized in your letter - low price, scalable fonts , low-resolution clip-art, telephone support.



Two dozen screen fonts are also supplied.

The user can select any screen font he or she prefers and can enter copy in almost any fashion.

Secondly, be prepared to experiment with other typeface libraries so long as the format they produce has compatible printer and screen fonts .



Once again, however, this really only works if both systems use the same font suitcases.

It is then all the more strange that 1-2-3 for Windows limits you to using only eight fonts per worksheet.

This information base is then manipulated using a font descriptor file to generate a particular font.

But when you want to use more fonts , what do you do?

I want to use Arial as a font and have the text red.

The technique uses Fourier transforms, and reportedly correctly recognises at least 5000 words using 24 various font styles, including cursive ones.

Install whichever is appropriate, and you can use Eaglefeather as your font whenever you wish.

I used the fonts with WordPerfect 5.1.


Athelstan waited near the baptismal font .

However, by changing the default fonts themselves, you can combine fonts and create a number of effects.

Just remember to return the font to normal at the point where you want the other font to stop.

Once again, however, this really only works if both systems use the same font suitcases.

Say font 3 is enlarged characters and font 4 is italics.

This book shows that he was the font of those beliefs.

This switches back to font 1. 5.

Two dozen screen fonts are also supplied.

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