Meaning of GRAB in English

I. verb


catch/grab/seize etc hold of sth (= start holding something quickly and firmly )

She grabbed hold of the letter and tore it open.

grab bag

The treaty covers a grab bag of issues.

grab sb’s arm (= take hold of it with a sudden violent movement )

‘Wait’, he cried, grabbing her arm.

grab/seize a chance (= quickly use an opportunity )

As soon as she stopped speaking, I grabbed the chance to leave.

make/grab (the) headlines (= to be reported in many newspapers as an important story )

Madonna's adoption of the child grabbed world headlines.

sb's hand grabs/grasps sth (= take and hold something firmly )

He felt Connor's hand grasp his shoulder.




She grabbed Anna's arm , her fingers sinking into the flesh, and began to drag her toward the car.

But instead he grabbed her arm and shoved her ahead.

I started to jump up again, but Polly grabbed my arm .

The cabby refused and grabbed him by the arm , at which point the robber pulled free and ran off.

Corrigan resisted the urge to grab him by the arm and hold him.

Hinkle grabbed her other arm and between us we heaved her up and into the chair.

When he sat down, his wife Lourdes grabbed his arm to comfort him.


The layout was powerful and grabbed your attention .

A plumbing emergency will grab your attention .

The increasingly likely dismissal of President Abdurrahman Wahid is grabbing most attention .

The purpose of the letter is to grab attention to ensure that your resume will be read.

Thing is, you've got to grab attention with just one phrase as punters rush on by.

Its purpose is to grab your attention and keep you watching.

Voice over It's difficult to say who is having most fun, but there's plenty to grab the attention .

Many manufacturers are grabbing consumers' attention by offering free graphics software with their printers.


I sat up and leant over him and grabbed my bag .

But after the officer leaves, Michael grabs his sleeping bag and hits the streets.

They held the knife up against the baby's face and grabbed the bag containing £95.

More girls were chosen, grabbed their evening bags , ran quick fingers through their hair.

Holding back the tears, she grabbed her bag and stumbled from the house.

She set the answering machine, grabbed her bag and locked up the flat.

Some one grabbed her bag and made off before she had time to see who it was.

Rain fought back the impulse to grab her bag and check the contents, and then she was through to the Post.


That allowed Washington's Danny Copeland to grab the ball for the winning touchdown.

A mad scramble followed a Dollar free throw, and Hamilton eventually grabbed the ball on the right wing.

Clarke is a burly man who tends to grab the ball and go - more suited to the wing than midfield.

Pearce, wanting to take a quick throw-in, grabbed the ball and pushed him on the cinder track surrounding the pitch.

But Abdur-Rahim missed an off-balance shot and Jelani McCoy grabbed the loose ball .


This was my chance and I grabbed it.

By the force of his own enthusiasm, Buchanan has a chance of grabbing some of the 21 delegates at stake.

The Aboriginals saw that finally they had a chance of grabbing some white man's money.

But in the doubles the youngsters were given a chance and grabbed their moment of glory.

So when I got this chance , I grabbed it.


The Southampton midfielder grabbed his first goal for the club with an unstoppable shot.

Marco Van Basten grabbed his fourth goal of the season, 12 minutes after Daniele Massaro had broken the deadlock.

And it was Nicholas who grabbed Celtic's second goal after 27 minutes.

And after grabbing two goals in the opening 15 minutes, Rovers possessed neither the need nor the inclination to chase things.

He grabbed two goals and signed as an apprentice for his home club.

Comrades however had the last say when Dean Gordon grabbed a consolation goal for them on the stroke of full time.


He follows through with his right, wasting no time on punches, just grabbing for the gun .

So I grabbed my gun and told my wife to take Jean and the other girl out of here.

He lunged forwards, hit Rohmer hard with his shoulder in a rugby charge and grabbed his gun arm.

She promptly grabbed the gun and threw it down a well.

Trent slung a bandoleer over his shoulder and grabbed both guns and two boxes of cartridges.

According to one report, Moussa grabbed the gun from a comrade.

Steve yelped and Newman grabbed the gun he was holding.

Instead of handing over the test, the testy proctor grabbed the gun .


He grabbed the man's hair and slammed his face against the wall.

The police officer grabbed him by the hair , put the barrel of his pistol in one eye and fired.

She grabs the hair at her temples to get enough to uproot it and halt the melting for a while.

Or he grabs him by the hair , drags back the head, makes the first deep cut.

I grabbed her hair ....

As he crumples I grab hold of his hair .

When she refused, the attacker grabbed her hair , slapped her and tied her wrists together.


Later I saw blood on my hand where I'd grabbed him.

She said she never knew how lucky she was to have all those hands grabbing at her skirt.

One of his hands grabbed a rusty handhold at the roof's edge, then he heaved himself up with the other.

Needless to say Kyle would push his hand away or quickly grab the train back and put it back where it belonged.

Bowring reeled, choked, flailed his hands , tried to grab at reality, wherever it was.

Startled, Simon's hand shot out to grab it, his fingers scrabbling desperately, his nails scraping the wood.

Any minute and he'd reach out a hand and grab her.

She reached for Nina's hands , and grabbed what she hoped were her little fingers.


The arguments now are less about headline-grabbing ideas than safeguards and the exact wording which frames the proposals.

And yet, in the face of this record, some of my headline-grabbing opponents are asking me to resign!


The world can not go to war every time a despot grabs a piece of land .


Dougal grabbed the body's legs and hauled it on its back to the edge of the gazebo nearest the pond.

A table rushed toward him and he grabbed its leg .

Throwing it over him, they finally managed to grab hold of his legs and stop the uncontrollable bouncing.

The key when you shoot the gap is to grab the legs .

He groaned and dropped to his knees, grabbing her other leg and pulling hard enough to send her flying.

But as we approached the cottage, l felt him grab my legs from the back.


He also expects that farmers who shoot will grab such an opportunity .

Solov had given Holder sixteen bars of music to improvise to, and the dancer grabbed at the opportunity .

Breed's possessed frontman is grabbing his opportunity by its ungainly bollocks.

Western countries should be grabbing the opportunities presented by the new openness.

Failing to grab a career opportunity is generally due to lack of research, too vague a plan and poor self-belief.


Carrick, who will be 40 next month, brought Yorkshire maximum bowling bonus points by grabbing six for 58.

In his first start, against Maryland, he scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds.

Duncan fouled out with 1: 51 left after scoring eight points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

He scored 12 points and grabbed 14 rebounds.

Cicely makes six points , grabs four rebounds and finally seems to know what plays are being run.

And from Stinson, who scored 11 points and grabbed 12 rebounds.

Danny Fortson scored 30 points and grabbed 15 rebounds as Cincinnati held off the late charge by the 49ers.

Jess Settles scored 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds for the Hawkeyes, who outrebounded the Colonials 47-25.


Duncan fouled out with 1: 51 left after scoring eight points and grabbing 13 rebounds .

Mutombo is a natural defender, patrolling the middle, grabbing rebounds and finding the outlet man.

Robert Horry, the former Rocket, made only two of 10 shots but grabbed 12 rebounds .

Eddie grabs the rebound and puts it up with no time on the clock.

But she grabs five rebounds and turns over the ball only three times.

In his first start, against Maryland, he scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds .

He scored 12 points and grabbed 14 rebounds .

During that time, he has grabbed 20 or more rebounds in 114 games.


Not surprisingly, the major computer, consumer electronics and telecommunications companies are hoping to grab a share .

Moving to grab a share of the $ 70 billion long-distance market, Ameritech Corp.


The driver grabbed me by the shoulder and asked for my fare.

The assailant approached another woman on Baden Avenue near Maple Avenue, grabbed her shoulders , kissed and mauled her.

Kate grabbed the shoulder of her daughter's tee-shirt and dragged her to the cell door.

And felt grabbed at the shoulder .

She sagged against him, her legs quivering, the blood pounding in her ears, and grabbed his shoulders for support.

She was about to look away when he grabbed her shoulder .

Creed caught up with her in the hallway and grabbed her by the shoulder , spinning her round.


She reached for the.38 jammed into her waistband, trying to pull it free as Stark grabbed for her throat .

He then grabs his throat with both hands, as if suddenly choking, closes his eyes and pretends to lose consciousness.

I wanted to grab people by the throat and confront them with this terrible situation that was being allowed to continue.

I wanted to leap across his desk and grab him by the throat .

I slide my knee to the side, grab his throat with my right hand, and squeeze.

He grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kick her.


For a moment she feared he would simply step over, grab her wrist , pull out the money.

She got up, tears streaming from her eyes as he grabbed her trembling wrist and put the bracelet on her.

I grabbed his wrist and broke it, spinning him round and holding him up.

We were still talking and laughing when she grabbed both my wrists and dug in.

He grabbed her wrist , and spun her back to face him.

He hesitated, then grabbed her wrist and twisted it so that she screamed again and the knife dropped.

I grabbed his wrist , twisting the hand away from my face.

A cop grabbed my wrist and handy-helped me into the street.



I managed to grab a few more hours in bed before rising late in the morning.

Afterward, while she was rushing back out the door, I managed to grab hold of her and introduce myself.

Again, Yanto managed to grab the tail, and yet again the fish broke free and leapt in the air.

Somehow she managed to grab hold of his shirt and she shouted out her resistance.

He managed to grab it; the stitches gave a better handhold.

At first simply managing to grab the feet will prove to be an effort.

Detectives believe that Elizabeth managed to grab the canister, but it was wrenched from her grasp.

She managed to grab it before it went in.


She reached and grabbed the tail of his long jacket, and she hauled him back down the stairs.

Dallas' David LaFleur can't quite reach out to grab a pass.

With that, he reached down to grab up her suitcases.

She never reached up to grab the child when the grabbing was good.

I reached down and grabbed her arms, tried pulling.

Bedford reached over to grab the door.

He was walking off when I reached out, grabbed him again and slapped him across the head.

Gao Ma stumbled toward it and reached but to grab a branch covered with spiny hollyhocks.


Duncan fouled out with 1: 51 left after scoring eight points and grabbing 13 rebounds.

In his first start, against Maryland, he scored 12 points and grabbed six rebounds.

He scored 12 points and grabbed 14 rebounds.

And from Stinson, who scored 11 points and grabbed 12 rebounds.

Danny Fortson scored 30 points and grabbed 15 rebounds as Cincinnati held off the late charge by the 49ers.

Jess Settles scored 21 points and grabbed 15 rebounds for the Hawkeyes, who outrebounded the Colonials 47-25.

They have played a combined 275 playoff games, 23 All-Star Games, scored 49,891 points and grabbed 24,019 rebounds.

Marcus Camby scored 23 points and grabbed seven rebounds, Donta Bright made a huge 3-pointer and the Minutemen won.


One of the friends, Manuel Cabrera, said he tried to grab Jamie but the intense heat drove him out.

I could say I was trying to grab some connectedness for myself.

He tried to grab the knife.

Its lack of distinction sometimes caused him to be insulted in the street, but no one ever tried to grab it.

Ryker tried to grab them but was too late.

Daley did what he had always done when somebody made demands or tried to grab some of his power.

The 17-year-olds were met by armed police and our photographer Ken Lennox when they tried to grab £8,000 outside a credit firm.

Whoever controlled her handkerchief controlled her, and Demetros accidentally latched on to it as he tried to grab her.


make/grab (the) headlines

Woods' success has made headlines nationwide.

Days later his passionate affair with cartoonist Sally Anne Lassoon was making headlines .

It is the exceptions which make the headlines .

More airplane tragedies will make the headlines .

The problems-from bad backs to carpal tunnel syndrome to headaches-have made the headlines of every health magazine in the country.

The story made headlines around the world and researchers believe it may have inspired the novel Lassie Come Home.

This is evidenced by a number of recent disasters which have made the headlines .

What has grabbed headlines this year is the issue of food safety.


Grab your coat, we're late.

According to the report, Mason grabbed the gun from a friend.

Brown grabbed the phone and started shouting.

Could you get there early and grab some good seats for us?

I'm going to run downstairs and grab some books and stuff - I'll be right back.

It was chaos, everyone was just grabbing drinks from behind the bar.

She turned to him and grabbed his arm so hard it surprised him.

The boy grabbed hold of my bag and disappeared quickly into the crowd.

The firm is trying to grab a share of the market from competitors.


A mad scramble followed a Dollar free throw, and Jason Hamilton eventually grabbed the ball on the right wing.

From time to time she glanced suspiciously around as if afraid some one might try to grab it off her.

He also expects that farmers who shoot will grab such an opportunity.

Henderson grabbed it, and avoided several Trojans by putting it around his back.

I grabbed the door handle, pulled the door open against the force of the wind, and ran up the stairs.

It also allows the owner of a registered trademark to complain if its name has been grabbed by somebody else.

The Bruins committed myriad mistakes and the Avalanche grabbed their 3-0 lead on only nine shots.

We move on, with me grabbing the back spot.

II. noun




Burwell is known for her visionary grab bag of charmingly painted furniture, and increasingly, for her stunning computer graphics work.

We were left with a grab bag of effects, only a modicum of which registered.

A true grab bag filled with unexpected surprises.


Handrails and / or grab bars in the bathroom near the toilet and in the shower / bath.


In the past fortnight war veterans have begun more land grabs .

Monta o accuses the city of deliberately forcing the neighborhood to go downhill, the better to justify a future land grab .

If these incorporations fail, Marana and Oro Valley land grabs will continue.


This shameless power grab is the work of Rep.

Meanwhile, his opponents, including many Democrats and New Dealers, moved to check his power grab .



Gritting his teeth against the pain, he made a grab with his right hand and ripped the knife from its sheath.

He made a grab for Isaac, but wasn't quick enough.

She dodged around him and ran into the road as he made a grab for her.

Somewhere on the journey would come a chance to make a grab .

Then Rose made a grab for Evelyn's hair and started banging her head against the floor with both hands.

The realization felt as if the world had made a grab at him.

He wasn't going to make a crude grab at her.


Hamilton's actions were nothing more than a power grab within the company.


Howe said Doug Johns is his fifth starter, but the fourth slot is up for grabs.

I had some memorable test drives after buying a dozen 6R4s when they were up for grabs at the factory.

In the past fortnight war veterans have begun more land grabs.

She dodged around him and ran into the road as he made a grab for her.

The defender does this by suddenly splitting his X block and converting it to a double open-palm grab .

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