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a grammar school British English (= a secondary school for children who have passed an exam when they are 11 )

grammar school




Instead they believe that it is Sampson's generative grammar formulation that is at fault.

The rewrite rule is an effective method of representing the rules of a generative grammar .

There are applications for which a generative grammar would be better suited than a probabilistic one.


The local grammar school had put too much of a gawky human edge on his son's image.

Her husband Ronnie, once headmaster at the local grammar school, is still in a coma after the bombing.

Eventually we moved to Dorset where my father taught at the local grammar school.

Monty was an Old Boy of the local grammar school.

John Major scholarship boy who made it to the local grammar school and was lucky to obtain patronage from the local squire.


The new comprehensive schools, educationalists complained, seemed to have less social mixing than the old grammar schools had done.

I leaned against the wall and thought back to a graduation party at my old grammar school.


The purpose of a pedagogical grammar is to teach the student to speak the language.

In every pedagogical grammar , there should be a plan for systematic revision of previously taught material.

In order to meet this type of situation you need to know how to evaluate a pedagogical grammar . 9.2.

Some of the principles of planning and writing a pedagogical grammar will now be considered.


However, most of the research has relied upon a narrow and traditional form of grammar teaching.


From these sources he is piecing together the vocabulary and grammar of Gothic.

Dialect refers to vocabulary and grammar .



Students are not simply presented with grammar rules - instead grammar is treated as a problem-solving activity.

Make sure your editor provides you with comments based on sound principles and grammar rules , not on taste.

Unification is the controlling factor that determines whether categories are able to combine to satisfy a grammar rule .

Oxford Practice Grammar has been designed to satisfy your students' need for clear grammar rules and exercises.

It is not to be expected that each sentence written will obey grammar rules .

Understanding the grammar rules may reinforce fluency and accuracy, but will not of itself enable you to speak correctly.


From one fairly typical grammar school , studied by Colin Lacey, the fee-payers had almost disappeared as early as 1925.

Read in studio A grammar school headmaster has been cleared of assaulting a twelve year old girl pupil.

I by contrast contrived to leave my grammar school in the Midlands without A levels.

In both cases, opting out was perceived as a means of ensuring the survival of grammar school status.

In Ulster, there are 72 grammar schools out of 238 secondary schools, and no posh independent schools at all.

The anti-grammar school campaigners complained that the ballot rules were too complicated and unfair.

Joanne works at a grammar school and almost all her teaching experience has been at this school.

Some three-quarters of all the pupils in them had the necessary ability for admission to grammar schools .


Category scale grammar See class structure grammar.

Class structure grammar See also class; set; system; structure.

In class structure grammar these form a class.

Chomsky explains this phenomenon by suggesting that human individuals are innately endowed with a deep structure grammar of language.

In class structure grammar these -ly adverbs are members of an open set.



Our pupils will, therefore, learn basic grammar as well as developing their communicative skills.

I learned the grammar , the ritual behavior, the slow walk of openings.

For language learning is essentially learning how grammar functions in the achievement of meaning and it is a mistake to suppose otherwise.

Remember the first sentence you learned in grammar school?


Grammar I stick to facts and teach the rules of grammar .

The founder often made provision for the mass-priest to teach a grammar school.


Unfortunately it is essential to use a large grammar to achieve a large coverage of the language.

A sixth question should also be added: Do deaf people around the world use the same grammar ?

Both of these dictionaries use structured grammar codes to indicate grammatical patterns in which the words may participate.


generative grammar/linguistics/phonology

In generative phonology, the claim is that, at the abstract level, vowels are simply tense or lax.

Instead they believe that it is Sampson's generative grammar formulation that is at fault.

The rewrite rule is an effective method of representing the rules of a generative grammar.

There are applications for which a generative grammar would be better suited than a probabilistic one.

spell/grammar checker

A spell checker , word count feature and thesaurus are all included and the program can handle headers and footers.

However, a dictionary pack for PageMaker is available which contains PageMaker spell checker modules for 20 different languages.

Some of these packages include excellent typographic extras, like a spell checker or thesaurus.


a good French grammar

English grammar is very different from Japanese grammar.

Students' essays will be graded for grammar and spelling.


Again, traditional teaching has tended to dissociate grammar from context and to deal in isolated sentences.

For Mrs Furry was our ideal of what a grammar school teacher should be.

Since the principal function of grammar is to indicate how units of meaning are to be combined, this is scarcely surprising.

The grammar schools and secondary moderns are similar in terms of class exclusivity.

The augmented grammar contains the rules of the original grammar plus rules which characterise the structures that the transformations can add.

This is particularly so in the case of a recogniser with a very general grammar .

Tone greatly aids the researchers' understanding of Creole grammar , which appears less simple than was thought.

What happened to us in our seven years at the grammar school was that we felt safe and we felt encouraged.

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