Meaning of GRAMMAR in English

n.1 a the study or rules of a language's inflections or other means of showing the relation between words, including its phonetic system. b a body of form and usages in a specified language (Latin grammar).

2 a person's manner or quality of observance or application of the rules of grammar (bad grammar).

3 a book on grammar.

4 the elements or rudiments of an art or science.

5 Brit. colloq. grammar school.

Phrases and idioms:

grammar school 1 Brit. esp. hist. a selective State secondary school with a mainly academic curriculum.

2 Brit. hist. a school founded in or before the 16th c. for teaching Latin, later becoming a secondary school teaching academic subjects.

3 US a school intermediate between primary and high school.


grammarless adj.

Etymology: ME f. AF gramere, OF gramaire f. L grammatica f. Gk grammatike (tekhne) (art) of letters f. gramma -atos letter of the alphabet

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