Meaning of GRAPHIC in English




a graphic account (= very clear with a lot of details, especially unpleasant details )

He wrote a graphic account of his time in jail.

a graphic description (= very clear and containing a lot of details, usually about something unpleasant )

The book has some graphic descriptions of life in the prison camp.

a graphic designer (= who designs the way pictures and words look in books, magazines etc )

He's been working as a graphic designer for two years.

a graphic example (= very clear and full of unpleasant details )

The film is full of graphic examples of what can go wrong if the proper safety procedures are not followed.

a graphics file

This handy utility allows you to change graphics files from one format to another.

computer graphics (= images created by computers )

There’s a massive market for high-speed computer graphics.

graphic design

graphic detail (= a lot of very clear and often unpleasant detail )

I didn't like the graphic detail of the violence in the film.

graphics card

software/word-processing/graphics etc package




One of the most graphic came from experienced Paul Futcher after a Rush treble against Barnsley.

Photoshop is the program used by most graphic artists for the slick effects seen on the Web.



Its activities cover programming, installation and maintenance, staff training, desktop publishing as well as graphic art and video production.

It since has helped sponsor a number of graphic arts academies in the state.

These are the main raw materials in Kodak's Estar polyester film base for graphic arts films.

The palace is now home to the National Gallery's collection of graphic art .


Certainly she was no philistine, but a graphic artist herself.

This instrument was very serviceable to artists , graphic artists especially, working in competition with the camera.

The latter is what follows from that, prints in the case of a graphic artist , editions for the sculptor.

Andrea Saenz-Proano, 23, a graphic artist of San Diego.

Photoshop is the program used by most graphic artists for the slick effects seen on the Web.


Professional advice on graphic design is valuable.

A Bay Area native, he started out in graphic design , but soon branched out.

Create impressive graphic designs on your walls; all it takes is courage and a little sleight of hand.

Thirdly, the new style guides have clearly been influenced by some interesting graphic design work.

Richie, the youngest at 15, was in the throes of GCSEs and hopeful of a career in graphic design .

On the opposite wall, a print was mounted; an austere graphic design , white and grey to match.


Second prize went to graphic designer Beverley Dowson, 22, of Bishop Auckland.

But 230 pounds was life-threatening for a 5-foot-1-inch graphic designer named Rachel Kochackis.

Visual communication is not the exclusive domain of the graphic designer or the advertising executive.

The questionnaire itself will be made more user-friendly, said Sylvia Harris, a census consultant and graphic designer at Yale University.

Ballard, 29, a graphic designer from Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Melinda Bergman Burgener is a free-lance writer and graphic designer who lives in San Francisco.

She then undertook a geographical and creative pilgrimage, working as an art instructor, graphic designer and book illustrator.


For decompression sickness, your dive history is available in graphic detail for hyperbaric specialists to consult.

Their obsessive story is told in graphic detail as they sail merrily along on an ocean liner.

She knew exactly what he meant, could recall in graphic detail the event to which he was referring.

More subtle is the way the minor second also becomes symbolic of the Storm, again starting as a purely graphic detail .


It has a serious graphic equaliser , full logic cassette deck and an all-singing all-dancing spectrum analyser.

Later that week I bought a Kenwood cassette player, four good speakers and a graphic equaliser .


Today he uses the Catalina bighorns in his classes, as a graphic example of how not to manage wildlife.

At Hubbard Woods Elementary an even more graphic example of the troubled world our children face reared its ugly head.


Paul Zahl in his book Deliver us from Evil gives a graphic illustration of a bush fire sweeping towards two duck hunters.


But techniques of reproducing graphic images - illustrations - were very slow to develop.

PaperPort software creates a graphic image of the scanned item and lets the user edit, annotate and sort the result.

In accord with its graphic image , the desired detachment stands half-way between a mild staccato and a legato.

Other graphics formats Naturally, there are lots of other ways to get graphic images on to a Web page.

Blow up an enlargement, most frequently of a graphic image or photograph.


Most of the documentation aids are graphic representations of the subject matter.

A Levy-Jennings quality control chart is a graphic representation of the acceptable limits of variation in the results of an analytic method.

This graphic representation of idea growth provides information that will assist in the optimization of the stages of the innovation process.

The graphic representation of violence in the twentieth century has presented a set of complex issues.


Any flip of the remote control will serve up countless images of graphic violence .


Documents the friendship between artist and dealer through drawings, gouaches and graphic work .


They have also incorporated paintings, photos and graphic works by women artists to give their arguments an extra visual punch.


The movie contains graphic language and scenes of drug use.


But the film goes on to develop graphic , orifice-stuffing permutations on the theme of you are what you eat.

For decompression sickness, your dive history is available in graphic detail for hyperbaric specialists to consult.

Java applets are capable of handling a wide variety of graphic formats as well as creating graphics on the fly.

Photoshop is the program used by most graphic artists for the slick effects seen on the Web.

The electrocardiogram provides a graphic indication of the membrane effects of altered potassium concentrations.

We also captured some graphic film of the screaming kids.

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