Meaning of GRAPHIC in English


I. adjective also ~al Etymology: Latin ~us, from Greek graphikos, from graphein Date: 1637 1. of or relating to the pictorial arts, of, relating to, or involving such reproductive methods as those of engraving, etching, lithography, photography, serigraphy, and woodcut, of or relating to the art of printing, relating or according to ~s, formed by writing, drawing, or engraving, 3. (usually ~) marked by clear lifelike or vividly realistic description, vividly or plainly shown or described , of, relating to, or represented by a graph, of or relating to the written or printed word or the symbols or devices used in writing or printing to represent sound or convey meaning, ~ally adverb ~ness noun Synonyms: see: ~ II. noun Date: 1944 1. a product of ~ art, the ~ media, 2. a ~ representation (as a picture, map, or graph) used especially for illustration, a pictorial image displayed on a computer screen , the art or science of drawing a representation of an object on a two-dimensional surface according to mathematical rules of projection, the process whereby a computer displays ~s, a printed message superimposed on a television picture

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