Meaning of GRAVITY in English



centre of gravity

specific gravity

the Earth’s gravity

the continual pull of the Earth’s gravity on the Moon.




Venus could lack such an inner core because of the lower central pressures corresponding to its lower gravity .

Warmth, low gravity and the security of being held creates a feeling of release and overall relaxation.

If it has a fairly low speed, gravity will eventually stop the rocket and it will start falling back.

Does the low gravity make it easier to travel light?

This system also permits a very low centre of gravity for the total fin profile.

Children grow fast in this low gravity .

Because of the low gravity of the Moon the uncompressed density will not be much less.

Burkett was rather small, rather bow-legged, a low centre of gravity .


The specific gravity is measured by Archimedes' principle.

Haulm destruction is carried out to stop the specific gravity from getting too high.

A minor, but important constituent of many sandstones are the heavy minerals, with a specific gravity in excess of 2.9.


But to find out what happens in strong gravity .

But it is not as strong as gravity on the Earth - because the Moon is smaller and lighter.

The clocks work normally - perfectly normally, whether they're accelerating or in strong gravity .

The closer in you get, the stronger the gravity .

In very strong gravity ... light ... in fact, everything ... absolutely everything ... What a thought.



When corrections are made to take account of these differences in crustal density the magnitude of gravity anomalies is significantly reduced.

The data are reduced using standard procedures to produce Bouguer gravity anomalies to an overall accuracy of 1 m Gal.

Correction for altitude alone gives the free-air gravity anomaly .

Initial indications are that the basic rocks responsible for the gravity anomaly are more extensive than originally mapped.


It seemed to geophysicists that the continents should shape the gravity field in some way.

In effect, the debris is captured and contained locally by the Martian gravity field .

But the lunar gravity field was then so poorly mapped that the chances of achieving a successful preprogrammed landing were very small.

For example, the gravity field on the lunar surface is about one seventh as strong as on Earth.

We should also recall that asteroids have very weak gravity fields .


This, however, is difficult to determine in the case of quantum gravity , for two reasons.

In October 1981, I went to Moscow for a conference on quantum gravity .

We do not yet know the exact form the correct theory of quantum gravity will take.


This is clearly a result of the higher surface gravity on Mercury, a little over double that on the Moon.



Flares feature highly in the line up, as do dizzy platform shoes that defy gravity .

Clinging to the hillside amid scenic splendour, these houses sternly defy gravity by not tumbling down to the sea below.


The alternative is to use the effects of gravity , the dart losing height as it flies.

At home, she has learned to use gravity to help fold laundry.

This spectacular technique uses gravity to enhance the force of the kick.

This is done using washing and gravity separation.

Another version of this exercise uses gravity to work against your splayed legs.


I don't think you quite understand the gravity of the situation.

Mars' gravity is only about 38% of Earth's.

They speak with passion and gravity .


Generally, different theories are used to explain widely different phenomena, from the forces in the atom to gravity .

In free fall, only the force of gravity is acting so the body is not in compression.

In the quantum theory of gravity , on the other hand, a third possibility arises.

Stepping high in the light gravity and brandishing the bag before her, she ploughed her way out into the open air.

They'd fly right across the tube, riding the gravity gradients, making it look easy.

This is because the center of gravity of the hammer is in the iron part.

This pressure is maintained by means of water towers and gravity , or by booster pumping stations.

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