Meaning of GREEN in English


I. adjective


a green field

All around the house were green fields and rolling hills.

a green fuel (= a fuel that harms the environment as little as possible )

Are green fuels, like Biodiesel, really the solution to our fuel crisis?

a green/brown/yellow etc leaf

the deep green leaves of the coconut trees

a green/wooded/lush valley (= one with a lot of plants or trees growing in it )

We were on a ridge above a green valley, with the mountains beyond it.

a red/green/blue etc colour

Our door was painted a bright green colour.

bottle green

bowling green


Both their children have blue eyes.

collard greens

dark blue/green/pink etc

a dark blue dress

green audit

green bean

green belt

green card

green countryside

Our train was passing through rolling green countryside.

green light

The government has given the green light to Sunday trading.

green onion

green paper

green pepper

green revolution

green room

green salad

green shoots

Tender green shoots will appear in February.

green tax

green tea

green vegetables

Eat plenty of green vegetables.

green with envy (= feeling a lot of envy )

She could see that all the other girls were green with envy .


The cows moved slowly through the long green grass.

light blue/green/grey etc

She had blue eyes and light brown hair.

lime green

paint sth (in) blue/red/green etc

We painted the door blue.

Paint the walls in a contrasting colour.

The living room was painted in pastel shades of pink and blue.

pea green

putting green

the green belt British English (= land around a city where building is not allowed )

the government's commitment to protecting the green belt

the village green (= area of grass for everyone to use )

a cricket match on the village green

village green




Baked potatoes, green beans and a nicely basted pork roast.

No green beans , no corn on the cob, no succulent tomatoes like the year before.

Serve with green beans or lightly boiled spinach.

We had grilled chicken dark meat over rice with a little sauce, and a side order of steamed green beans .

Make the soup and dessert the day before and serve some green beans or spinach with the lamb.

Puny had left baked chicken, and green beans cooked with new potatoes, one of his favorite meals.

If you are using green beans , trim the ends and cut them in half. 3.

Squash and green beans sustained the worst damage, with 50 percent 70 percent, respectively, of these crops lost.


In some exceptional cases, a relaxation of green belt restrictions may be justifiable to allow such extensions.

In the meantime proposals have been submitted for private-sector mini New Towns in the green belt around London and beyond.

Argues that it is being forced to loosen its green belt restrictions as a result.

In terms of the aims set out in 1955, it can be said that green belt policies have been fairly successful.

The district council objects to the proposed channel because it involves development in the green belt and within a local landscape area.

In response to such criticisms, many feel that a more flexible approach to green belts is required.

But I regret that nowhere has any formal green belt as yet been proposed.

Over the next six years green belts fell out of ministerial favour, but rehabilitation followed in 1970.


The glint of the green bottle on the glass shelf above the basin.

When the last green bottle accidentally falls, there are no green bottles hanging on the wall.

It was too late, Fon thought, her mind on the green bottle , far too late.

It comes in a green bottle and that is the major pleasure it affords.

The outside of the green bottle became crusted with frost.


Mr Premji apparently told him that the green card scheme was bureaucratic and unworkable.

Noncitizens can make a contribution under the law, provided they hold green cards .

It takes an average of nine months to get a green card application processed, officials said.

I touched my green card in my jacket pocket and felt the plastic protective cover between my fingers.

Wednesday is the deadline for immigrants to apply for the required spruced-up green cards .

But applicants will be given a receipt, along with their old green card , to use as proof of legal residency.

Q.. What is the penalty for those who marry only to obtain a green card for one of the spouses?


More tarmac and concrete has left fewer green fields for water to drain into underground reserves, as Sheila Brocklebank reports.

The beautiful green fields with their thick hedges were behind us, and we were now on the cold, open moor.

Cowbells clang across the endless green fields .

Scattered farmhouses, sentry telephone poles, and budding green fields flanked them on each side.

Beyond was a thin hedge; and beyond that, a green field between two copses.


Most clients who seek them in fact qualify for green form assistance and they are comparatively uncommon.

Until then, green form professional advice will continue to be available.

A solicitor is required to obtain authority to use the green form scheme in such proceedings.

Rather more attention has been paid to the future of the green form scheme and to multi-party actions.

The Key Card and the green form are intended to be placed side by side and are reproduced on pages 448-451.

It comes in a green form and a yellow form.

Hardy in mild areas, especially green form .

In nature the green form lives in green places and the yellow form in yellow and brown places, with rare exceptions.


The warriors always accompany them when they must travel long distances to find green grass .

It is exhilarating, like the first glimpse of green grass when entering a baseball stadium.

Their presence, particularly under a lawn, is betrayed by the worm casts which are easily spotted between the green grass .

The tree limbs were covered with leaves and the green grass cushioned the sapphire blue of the sky.

All her life had been spent surrounded by grimy bricks with hardly a green grass blade in sight.

All eyes and ears for greener grass .

The Doctor had fallen on to plush green grass .

So John Broome is switching on to the green , green grass of home.


Beyond this rose the green hill that sheltered Applegarth.

The kid drove along through the green hills of California without saying a word.

It is nailed to the top of a green hill , surrounded by greenery, facing the sun.

Inside a yellow barn set in rolling green hills , 10 Sufis spin like synchronized tops across the wooden floor.

Now Mrs Knelle drove away from the lake, along a narrow road between green hills where sheep grazed.

His shouts would fill the whole valley, echoing from the dark green hills of bush.

She began to mince them into a fragrant green hill on the board in front of her.

Few outsiders pass through these green hills .


Stems of pale pink blooms above bright green leaves .

With its light green leaves it is a suitable complement to darker brownish green plants.

So the kindly plant grew to cover the rock with her green leaves .

The dorsal side of the blades of specimens having green leaves is usually lighter, yellow-green.

After a while they brought their bowls out of the cupboard and the green leaves grew taller and flower buds began to fatten.

Cornish said the guayule shrub, which has silvery green leaves , has long been viewed as a possible source of latex.

There are insects that look exactly like green leaves .

Their new light green leaves look vulnerable.


A solitary street-lamp shed feeble green light , leaving most of the street in shadow.

Doctors gave him the green light yesterday to start against New Orleans on Sunday night.

Huge capital schemes, given an amber light in the Autumn Statement, could get the green light straight away.

The president gave him a green light , and in the next three years he re-created his role at the company completely.

Stockton Borough Council is expected to give the green light to the Forum move at the end of this week.

The action got a green light Monday from the Food and Drug Administration.

She counted twelve green lights , blessed twelve Halifax bombers on their way.

There was this eerie green light .


Next, add the meat, soy sauce, green onions , and deep-fried bean curd.

Serve garnished with cilantro, diced lime, and green onions .

Crush peppercorns, then combine with star anise and green onions .

Slice the green onion into 2-inch lengths, then shred lengthwise; set aside about 2 tablespoons of the green tops.

Garnish with cilantro and green onions .

Remove from heat and add roasted pepper, tomato, green onion , and thyme; mix thoroughly.

Scatter the green onion bottoms and half the ginger on the plate and lay the fish on top, skin side down.


The proposed launch of the green paper last week was postponed on the orders of Downing Street.

A green paper nightie this time, and by now I don't give a damn about the cellulite.

Two green papers were produced, suggesting different ways of doing this.

Alternately, a piece of light green paper might be glued over the hardboard.

Part three of the bill examines major changes to radio services, first outlined in the 1986 green paper .


At its southern end are the rolling green pastures of Parliament Hill, north London's premier spot for kite-flying.

Sometimes, cowboys use more heroic life-saving measures, lifting weak cattle into trucks so they can be hauled to greener pastures .

A flock of sheep grazed in one green pasture , across the fence from a herd of contented Guernseys.

Open green pastures and the distinctive monoliths gathered together in a circle.

Drought had prompted ranch manager Matt Swan to move most of the cattle from the 7-L Camp to greener pastures .

Then, a little higher, it surprised them, suddenly unveiling green pasture and rose bushes with delicate pink blossom.

The narrator and her parents and neighbors leave their home in the Midwest and head to greener pastures via the Oregon Trail.


Heat the oil in a large saucepan, add the onion, garlic and green pepper and cook until soft. 2.

It had cheese, mushrooms, green peppers and more.

Serve with a green pepper and cucumber salad.

Likewise for a very nice green pepper plant.

This is basically made of mangoes and chopped green peppers .

Add sausage slices, diced ham, onion, green pepper and celery.

Positive results prompted further trials and asparagus, green peppers , melons, onions, nectarines and pears were also grown.

Add corn, onion, green pepper , salt and pepper.


Thus, a second green revolution may be in the offing hereby big energy production increases, but the energy-poor still starve.

Biotechnology is going to be speeding up the green revolution in agriculture.

Callenbach's Ecotopia on the other hand is brought about by a green revolution of West Coast ecological activists.

But the potential of biotechnology, like that of the green revolution , is assessed in different ways by different people.

Bhundri is a relatively rich village, where several farms have tractors, and all the farmers practise green revolution agriculture.

We all know that there has been a green revolution .


As a former actor I must say I have never seen a green room that was green.

Then she sat down on the floor, in the dark, green room among the birds.

Buzz lay on a high, black-barred hospital bed, in a pale green room as small as a shoe box.


Tossed green salad is almost always part of most restaurant meals.

Add sliced apples or pears to a green salad .

Serve with a jacket potato and a green salad .

A little, however, goes a long way to adding interest to a plain green salad .

Serve with grated Parmesan cheese and a green salad .

Most specials are just $ 6 and all come with green salad and bread.

A green salad can be enhanced by primrose and violet heads, and they make appealing decorations for a cake.

On the side, I enjoy the tortilla soup and a green salad topped with chopped avocado and jicama.


The curtains looked like spring, but a spring that had happened somewhere else: all green shoots and rainfall and blossom.

Using your thumb and index finger, remove soft, new green shoots to just above the set of leaves.

What Forest displayed at Elland Road were not green shoots of recovery but a field of talent in full bloom.

It was weeks before the bulbs in William and Jenny's bowls began to show green shoots .

It can not just point smugly to the late-flowering green shoots of recovery and wait for economic summer to arrive.

To claim that a packed Oxford Street is an indication of the green shoots of recovery is surely rather premature.

I just skip and run - and look for green shoots .

Let's hope that a wet spring will bring green shoots for Roberts and the economy alike.


Fewer still would argue that people did not need green spaces within their communities.

Other goals that were achieved included a vast increase in green space and a major expansion of the community college system.

The purpose of the surveys is to expose consensus and conflicts about popular values for green spaces close to the city.

Distant trucks coming at us looked slow until they got parallel to us across the green space .

We will encourage more parks, gardens and green spaces .

I liked the green spaces of Nam, too.

The refinery's 175 hectares will be replaced by areas of parks and green spaces .

The gardens are a welcome green space within the bustling Town.


Whereas traditional politicians offer visitors green tea , the Reform of Heisei serves black coffee.

The residents filled out a questionnaire in 1984 about their habits, including how much green tea they drank.

It may be black or green tea flavoured with jasmine flowers, is very fragrant and is always drunk without milk.

I ask if I might have some green tea and feel even better as I sip the bitter, warm liquid.

Yes, especially the spice and green teas-and they managed it without the caffeine too.

Order a hot sake or green tea from the server.

Zahara brought a cup of green tea .

Some have shown green tea to be beneficial against disease, others have not.


Lightly as sandpipers marking the shoreline boats at the jetty sprang and rocked upon the green water .

The firm glossy green water mosses with ovate to lanceolate leaves belong to the genus Fontinalis.

It tasted like pale green water .

So she was under the sea; this was green water around her, not air.

Probably the only effective cure for green water is a U/V filter.

I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-stream, Down through the water , the green water and the rabbit.

An ultra-violet unit will help to control green water .

They wandered down a small incline where they stopped on a bridge and stared down into the browny green water .


give sb/sth the green light

The board just gave us the green light to begin research.

Doctors gave him the green light yesterday to start against New Orleans on Sunday night.

Everyone has given it the green light.

green shoots (of recovery)

Clematis so bristles with brittle green shoots in spring that planting then is an anxiety rather than a pleasure.

If green shoots are now appearing, the media is entitled to claim some credit for watering them.

It can not just point smugly to the late-flowering green shoots of recovery and wait for economic summer to arrive.

It was weeks before the bulbs in William and Jenny's bowls began to show green shoots .

The curtains looked like spring, but a spring that had happened somewhere else: all green shoots and rainfall and blossom.

To claim that a packed Oxford Street is an indication of the green shoots of recovery is surely rather premature.

Using your thumb and index finger, remove soft, new green shoots to just above the set of leaves.

What Forest displayed at Elland Road were not green shoots of recovery but a field of talent in full bloom.

pastures new/greener pastures

the Labour/Conservative/Green etc vote

Although the Labour vote was still six million, its numbers were lower than at any time since 1910.

But anti-Tory feeling in a recession-battered area has polarised the Labour vote to his disadvantage.

But the Green vote has disintegrated.

Her great threat to the Howard government is to split the conservative vote three ways.

The ardent left-winger helped launch the Red Wedge pop-meets-politics movement to boost the Labour vote in the 1987 general election.

the grass is greener (on the other side)

the green room

the greening of sb/sth

the greening of corporate America

The infestation, described as the worst for 20 years, follows record rains and the greening of normally arid expanses.

They involve a variety of practical conservation activities - energy-saving, waste recycling and the greening of derelict land.

Your help in achieving the environmental objectives is vital in ensuring the greening of the whole Company.


green bananas

green eyes

a conference attended by representatives of all the Green parties of Europe.

A government committee is considering a proposal for a green energy policy.

Even when I was 21 I was so green , I had no idea that my best friend was on drugs.

George turned greener with each rock of the boat.

Go! The light's green .

More money needs to be invested in developing greener fuel sources.

Pike was a grizzled combat veteran in charge of fifteen green recruits.

rolling green fields

There are lots of green groups in Portland and Seattle.


Finally, this leads me into green disciplining.

Framed photographs of Manningham swinging a club decorated the lime green walls.

I looked into the mirror, my green eyes looking back out at me showing no emotion, no excitement at all.

Paint the arch white, green or black.

The green light surrounding them now seemed to be imparting a sick lifeless pallor.

The term green shrimp refers to all or any uncooked shrimp.

Then he reached under the counter for his slim green ledgers.

They are not mere repositories of geographic information, they are yellow, red, brown, green and blue.

II. noun




Daffodil's pale blue and dark green were innermost.

Horizon purple, mid-sea blue , shore-sea green , lastly golden.

I obtained bluey greens by intermixing ultramarine with azure blue and/or Lascaux green.

The water was gun-metal blue , with greens and browns rippling on its surface.


They were loose-legged and bright green with white lace.

The snow pea leaves should be bright green in color.

They are ribbon-shaped and bright green .

Heat very briefly so that the snow peas just turn bright green .

Description: The leaves of the submerged plant are bright green , lance-shaped or even oval.

The valley beckons the hiker with rolling grasslands that are bright green in spring and golden in autumn.

Buy them fresh and bright green , with no dark marks.

The bright green , narrow, lance-shaped leaves are arranged round the stem.


Alternatively, reverse colours, using dark green in feeder 1 and white or pastel colour in feeder 2, as illustrated.

Midway between sun and stagnant water he blazed in his glorious colors of putrefaction dark green , dark blue, black.

If the plant grows emersed, the leaves are dark green , stiff, leathery, sappy and very acutely branched.

In the valleys, you find a darker green of trees and the euphorbias that mimic our cactuses.

Paint the centres a darker green .

The uniforms of the soldiers are a very dark green that looks gray, almost black in the firelight.

Daffodil's pale blue and dark green were innermost.

The leaves of the cottonwoods along the road were dark green , or khaki with dust.


My school uniform colour was a deep green .

The two figures so alike, dark-haired and slender both, dressed in deepest green , were mirror images of each other.

They are deep to bright green , and slightly wavy.


If you want those fresh green fronds to stay that way, high humidity is a must.

In my own garden, I put a premium on fresh greens .

Buy them fresh and bright green , with no dark marks.

Spring gardens, on the other hand, will contain lots of bright yellows, purples and fresh greens .

Above me the reddish escarpment and the red stone of the terraces contrasts with all the fresh greens sketched in long lines.


They are light to dark green and dull.

The plant is light green and very decorative.

Below, I look down on the differing surfaces, the differing states of ripeness from light green through to gold.

Description: The leaves are long, lanceolate, light to bright green , borne on short leaf-stalks.

Description: Light or bright green , oval or oblong, small leaves which grow close together on long stems.


Base colour in juvenile is olive green along the back, fading into brick-red flanks with a pale beige belly.

Like the pickerel, the perch were colored beautifully in yellow and olive green .

Not surprisingly, therefore, they are themselves drab creatures dressed in browns and greys, olive green and steel blue.

The surface is olive green with lighter colored veins.

When I looked at Sogono, in his olive greens and boots, he looked a fish out of water.

Yes, I could now see most of it was olive green , with the odd camo suit.

They were dressed in military olive greens .

His shooting uniform of olive greens and tweeds as tribal as the black Sunday outfits of the Lewis churchgoers.


The carpet is pale green and scattered with Oriental rugs.

Very pale green spots on the head and white spots on the body over a brown ground color identify this species.

These ribbon-like leaves are pale green , with a prominent midrib and usually two lateral veins on either side.

But every day we see more pastel patches of red, purple, yellow, and pale green of swelling buds.

I think you should wear peach and cream and pale green , sage green, and grey perhaps.

The flowers are a subtle shade of pale green , rimmed in purple as the days go on.

There are two varieties: pale green , or dark green, thinner ones.

The walls were washed a pale green that never looked bright and fresh and clean.


If given moderate light, the growth is slowed down and the leaves become small and dark green .

Worse, they were small greens , their shells of no value-the male no more than fifteen pounds, the female less.

Impressive churches and small greens dot the city, and there are plans to renovate many of the dilapidated waterfront buildings.


The colours used are a selection of lovely soft greens and pinks.

In the sanctuary, the earthy hues of autumn had given way to the soft green of pines.

The walls were of plaster, painted soft green and decorated with silver and gold lozenges.

A lonely larch, too, is gossamer-robed in softest green .

By May the soft greens of spring darken and the freshness of the garden gives way to headier scents and fragrances.


Some are vivid pink, others black and yellow , acid green or maroon with metallic blue spots.

Like the pickerel, the perch were colored beautifully in yellow and olive green .

There are yellow or yellowy green , slimy and undigested stools.

The large proportion of yellow and green indicates many changes from one generation to the next.

The two greens in the Aquacryl range, Lascaux green and Lascaux yellow green, are very intense and strong.

The range of the artist's palette widened to include cobalt blue, ultramarine, chrome yellow and viridian green .



The rest was given over to a bowling green and a large expanse of lawn; the potential for change was enormous.

Ah yes, digging up the bowling green would probably mean some explaining, as well.

The area round the school houses the library, tennis courts, a children's play area, and a bowling green .

Take the road behind Porthmeor Beach to the path past the bowling green .

I understand that it will be used towards the purchase of floodlights for the bowling green .

The incident happened near the bowling greens .

The new building will serve the existing football and cricket pitches, tennis court and bowling green .


His lower body is lime green with a rich shading of deep red across the upper half.

By flaking off successive layers, the tree displays a bark of beige, cinnamon, lime green and slate blue.

The contrast between the lime green and the rose pink was striking.

Twachtman puts his lime green in the sky instead of on saguaros, the pale blue on a rock.

The window frames had been painted lime green approximately seventy-four years ago.

Walls were painted lime green and lilac.

Possibilities remaining were pink, lime green , orange and mauve.


Everyone else had gone and I was practising on the putting green .

The early starters were already on the practice ground and the putting green .

Try any you fancy along the carpet or on the putting green .


Then she put the salad greens to soak.

Dark green arugula, often used as a stand-alone salad green, has a peppery and slightly bitter flavor.

Divide salad greens between 2 plates.


Open Arms Hotel Country house on the village green .

He walks beside me through the small woods between our subdivision and the Nearing village green .

Members also agreed to ask Darlington Borough Council to plant some more bulbs on the village green .

A memorial was unveiled on the village green on October 4 - the village sign already incorporates a Lancaster.

A terrace of visually pleasing stone cottages facing the neat village green are dated 1846.

Look out for the stocks on the village green .

Turn left on Main Street, past village green .

There were minor explosions in the centre and at the far end of the village green .



Scott Verplank putted well - when he hit a green .

Here you hit uphill to a green guarded by a seven-foot deep bunker.


I found them perfect for mixing up warmer greens .

Divide mixed greens evenly between plates.

And a small salad of mixed greens adds color and crunch.

Salads with mixed greens and top quality olive oil or walnut oil can also be greatly enhanced by confit.


The walls are painted an avocado green and they are uncovered, but for a caricature sketch of Isabelle above the television set.

The 517-foot-long truss is painted ballpark green and resembles a large bridge.

All the walls were painted a sickly green: the same colour, thought Marie, as mushy peas.

The 707 taxied in between rows of screens painted military green , where pierced-steel planking flashed in the sun.

The bathroom was painted a dark green half-way up the walls and, above that, cream.

Their back door was painted a trendy sludge green and it had a large keyhole as well as a Yale lock.

And when I chanced one last look round I saw they'd painted the front door green too.


Aerobics studios and putting greens could provide exercise for adults.

Stark said as we stood on the practice putting green of the Crieff Golf Club.


Then he reached the first green of the tournament proper - rather than the first green of the practice rounds.

To reach the sixteenth green from the championship tee required a full driver over a lake of 230 yards.

He was playing well enough till he reached the greens , but his putts would not go in.


The sky above them was beginning to turn a brightish green , scarcely blue at all any more.

Left without an assignment for about a month or more, Carter was tempted to turn in his greens .

The temperature on the highlands is moderate, and the rainfall, properly managed, is enough to turn the country green .

Heat very briefly so that the snow peas just turn bright green .

The glaring desert had turned a brilliant green .

Only when they have been roasted at high temperature do the beans turn from green to brown.

The pedestrian signal had turned to green .

This is placed on chemically treated plastic strips which react with cancer cells, turning a fluorescent green .


On her head she wore a green felt hat, with a pin stuck through it like a bodkin.

She wore a floor-length pine green skirt with a matching jacket.

Prune was pregnant again and wore a murky green long woollen smock.

She was dressed in green silk gauze and wore upon her flowing green locks a crown of jewels.

He wore battle-dress green , slacks and sweater and his weather-beaten face glowed with satisfaction and well-being.


Add a small amount of oil if greens begin to stick.

Flesh varies from green to orange and is juicy and refreshing.

It is similar in hue and transparency to phthalocyanine green , but perhaps slightly less brash.

Parkas worn over close-fitting body pieces leap from the gloaming in acid greens, violent oranges, purples and cardinal reds.

The Big Nurse got him clear across the room, right through his greens.

The second and seventh greens 1908.

We get automatic two-putts on temporary greens.

III. verb


Earth Day advocates were busy greening up the city's parks.


The infestation, described as the worst for 20 years, follows record rains and the greening of normally arid expanses.

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