Meaning of HOOD in English






He reached for his black hood and put it on.

Her bobbed hair was like a black hood .

St Gertrude's, Sidcup Nuns, now: ladies in black hoods for teachers - surely that was surprising?

A black hood covered his face.

The black hood was pulled forward, well over the face.

On the other side of the road, a taxi waited in the drizzle, its black hood glistening.

With her veil pushed back and her black hood shading her face, she looked rather like a nun.

The officer in charge has to provide a black hood as a blindfold, and a four-inch circular white target.



She pulled down the zip of her suit, pulled back the hood and simply sat down on the track.

I pulled my hood down and my hair was dry.

Even then I jinked from side to side as I pulled the hood back.

Athelstan pulled his hood over his head as he felt the heat of the sun on the back of his neck.

She got out, pulling up the hood of her waterproof, and helped him to carry the crates up the drive.


Two men put a hood over his head, bound his hands and threatened to shoot him.

Two white hands rose and put back the hood .

Now there were people putting hoods or sweaters or newspapers over their heads and running for the entrance.

When we stopped, they came and put hoods , woollen knitted ones, over our heads.


He would dress the part, even though he wore a cloak or hood .

In Dallas in October 1985, a black woman was abducted by four white men wearing hoods .

All wore hoods over their heads.

His name was derived from his habit of wearing a blue hood of coarsely woven cloth which masked his face.

Two appeared on television wearing hoods , while the faces of the others were obscured.

She was wearing a fur hood and a Melton cloth coat with a huge fur collar.


a latter-day Versailles/Tsar/Robin Hood etc


A black hood covered Gilbert's face.

A group of hoods mugged Tyler on Park Avenue.

Dan got out to take a look under the hood .

Sandvik put his hood up against the cold.

Shanae opened up the hood to check the oil.


A wave came aboard when I was on watch with the hood of my oilskin unwisely left down.

It was an open tourer having a folding hood and never looked large enough to take four adults.

Not to mention an artificial grass lawn on the hood and a white picket fence on the front bumper.

Scrub hens bounced off the windshield and iguanas skated across the plane of the hood .

Sheet steel is used in applications ranging from pails to car hoods.

The hood framed her expressive face, emphasising the grimace of determination before she lowered herself into the starting blocks.

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