Meaning of HORIZON in English




a dot on the horizon

The plane was just a dot on the horizon .

broaden...horizons (= learn, experience, or attempt new things )

I’d like to work abroad to broaden my horizons .

looming on the horizon

An economic crisis is looming on the horizon .




The same summer ... I am looking down on the world, but it does not stretch away over nebulous distant horizons .

Lassen on the distant horizon , and with the spiked rim of Castle Crags below to the nearby south.

The village faces west to a distant horizon formed by Skye and the Torridon mountains, a glorious prospect.

Then go outside and pick out an object, such as a large tree or building, on the distant horizon .

The lone cyclist, the donkey rider heading for a distant horizon: wherever they are going the eye can not follow.

The wind was blowing free, and if there were any fences they must have been beyond the distant horizon .

I stormed across the wet barren sands towards the thin line of sea on the distant horizon .

The undulating East Anglian landscape stretched towards a not distant horizon .


The brilliant morning sun had just burst into sight, setting the eastern horizon aglow.

By the time they had reached it, a thin bow of unbearable incandescence had thrust itself above the eastern horizon .


He could see the flashes on the far horizon beyond the city.

There, her eyes will always be glued to the far horizon .

A wall of white mountains fills the far horizon .

A gentle sun now emerged, the sea became blue, and low dune-shaped hills appeared on the far horizon .


Player A's strategy is linear in z for both the finite and the infinite horizon models.

Thus, they may be thought of as sources of financing with an infinite time horizon .

The presence of noise also allows agents to create temporary reputations in infinite horizon games.

We argue that for any positive discount rate reputation effects will be temporary in infinite horizon games.

As the infinite time horizon case is simpler to treat we begin with this.


Beyond them, beyond this enclosure, the lush countryside meanders to its low horizon .

For weeks now the planet Mars has been seen, a hand's breadth above the low horizon .

Their lower horizons may show some gleying.

The red ball of the late afternoon sun was low on the horizon .


Now new horizons were being presented.

We live with an extraordinary sense of new horizons , of adventure, of challenge.

This fresh ecumenical contact and its opening of new horizons has by no means been restricted to the meeting of Christians with Christians.

He is the exemplary modernizing figure whose works are pompously taught as avant-garde texts that open new horizons for Arab youths.

It speaks to us, opening up new horizons .

All kinds of new horizons opened up.

Thinking of new horizons , maybe?

Others long for the new horizons , the flexibility and choice it will give them.


Suddenly its noise was distinct and loud like a tractor coming over the western horizon .

The mountains, luminous and romantic, lay all across the western horizon .

Everything - wind, sand and stray paper bags, disappeared over that western horizon .

From the look of the western horizon , half the continent could have been on fire.

A low, scudding cloudbank was coming off the western horizon , purple with unshed rain.

Over east the yellow sun brimmed while along the western horizon the purple lip of night still clung.

My father turned Rawalpindi towards the darkening western horizon and increased to full speed.


A feeling of wide horizons - open possibilities - this is the atmosphere we need to do work of this kind.

Her eyes were wide as new horizons .

There were no doubts or misgivings about the move from my chosen field of journalism to the wider horizons of radio broadcasting.



At no stage does the outer surface of the object go inside the event horizon .

An event horizon is not in itself a structure.

For external observers this surface constitutes what is called an event horizon .

The critical point, where gravity becomes so strong that escape is impossible, is called the event horizon .

The epoch of blue shift is usually confined to the time when the object is still inside the event horizon .

So the paths of light rays in the event horizon had always to be moving parallel to, or away from, each other.

Its boundary is called the event horizon .


Therefore a multi-year time horizon budget needs to be implemented.

With that kind of time horizon , how can I know how much my planning contributed to the outcome?

They both allow people to choose their own time horizons , which can be anything from two to 25 years.

The time horizon is already close and getting closer.

A time horizon of 5-10 years.

Thus, they may be thought of as sources of financing with an infinite time horizon .

One - three months seems about the right time horizon for raising the majority of deposits.

The further up the line you get, the longer your time horizon becomes.



They drove up towards the countryside, trees and fields appearing on the horizon .

D., there began to appear on the Roman horizon disturbing signs of cultural decline and moral decay.

However a glimmer of hope has appeared on the horizon .

Something slightly less flat than the flatness surrounding it appeared on the horizon .

Nevertheless, new problems of access were appearing on the horizon , as were issues of cost containment.

Two marker posts with winking lights had appeared on the horizon , and the bus was steering between them.

Ahead the lights of a great city appear on the horizon .

Another little dark cloud had appeared on the horizon of her summer.


Their first choice is not always available but the week should achieve the aim of broadening their horizons and their experience.

But she must broaden her horizons .

A few years in Leeds will broaden her horizons , even if she doesn't find a husband.

Perhaps you're the one who needs to broaden your horizons .

For when one's mind broadens its horizons , one attains contentment, peace and, ultimately, happiness.

Though it has made its name as a mainframe software house, Compuware is keen to broaden its horizons .

Aldous Huxley broadened her horizons somewhat.


The failure of the talks held in Geneva at the end of September has clouded the horizon and increased tensions.

New equipment and processes would never be tested in manufacturing environments; new strategies and theories would seldom cloud managerial horizons .


Everything - wind, sand and stray paper bags, disappeared over that western horizon .

The fog had disappeared from the horizon and then little by little from the whole sky.

The presumed answer is that the golden age has long since disappeared below the horizon of memory.

Their source of money was about to disappear over the horizon .


You might have some fun, make new friends, expand your own personal horizons .

Art escaped his kin to expand his horizons , so he knows exactly what drove Mark away.

His mission in life is to expand the horizons of those around him.

And it will expand her horizons .

This resistance can only be overcome as you gently persuade and cajole subordinates to expand their horizons .

Like millions of other women around the world, she has learned that work outside the home has expanded her horizons .

Try to find a copy if you are considering expanding your horizons .

Another possible use of video in a training programme is to trigger new ideas and expand trainees' horizons .


Sadly, when I was there war was not the only dark cloud looming on the horizon .

Meanwhile, the absolute deadline of June 30, 1982, loomed on the horizon .

The two disputes he mentioned pale in comparison with others looming on the horizon .

Additionally, grain merchandisers bought corn futures this morning, suggesting additional sales could loom on the horizon , traders said.

Another kind of hazard was already looming on the horizon for the weaker peasant elements.


It speaks to us, opening up new horizons .

He is the exemplary modernizing figure whose works are pompously taught as avant-garde texts that open new horizons for Arab youths.


He scanned the horizon and saw on the edge of the sky the familiar yellowish stain.

It is possible to scan a horizon and count 10 species.

Cornelius stood up, drew back his hair and scanned the horizon .

I scan the grey horizon as the water rises.

They eagerly scanned the horizon where they had last seen the car disappear.

Sometimes in the evenings Kalchu would sit outside under the eaves, scanning the horizon , willing the sky to change.


A streak of white, like a slow-worm, stretched itself along the horizon .

The mountains were endless, great aries of peaks any of the not even named, stretching to the horizons .

Rank on rank they stretched to the horizon , their reflections shimmering towards us on a blue mirror.

Luminous rays stretching downward toward the horizon like the long glinting fingers of myriad hands.

Concrete runways stretched to the horizon .

The Galaxy was high in the sky and its misty lens shape stretched lazily from horizon to horizon.


For those who wished to widen their horizons there were educational influences outside the classroom.

If you add keyboard skills, you could widen these horizons .

As we move towards the end of the millennium the Association is increasingly widening its horizons .

I really do see this age as a time to widen horizons .


A blue screen blocks the horizon .

An hour and there was a speck of yellow on the horizon as tiny as an aphid.

His vision was riveted to one vanishing point on a particular horizon , and that was the story of avant-garde art.

Like millions of other women around the world, she has learned that work outside the home has expanded her horizons.

The horizon will be strangely close because of the small radius of the body, only a few kilometers.

The fliers knew there was a spoiler on the horizon , knew that delay might open a window of opportunity for others.

The three cave occupations spanned some 100,000 years with ten distinct cultural horizons.

Their hearts might be heavy, but there's a glint on the horizon , a new sun rising.

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