Meaning of HYDRAULIC in English





They plan to use a hydraulic jack to lift the assembly up and out of the reactor.


Each carriage is equipped with a hydraulic lift and places for two passengers in their wheelchairs.

Clint Bunsen said he doubted they could afford it anyway with Bud needing a new hydraulic lift for the snowplow.

A hydraulic lift ran up the mansion's four storeys.


Whatever the species, the mechanism by which the force was exerted is likely to be the same, namely hydraulic pressure .


They are pushing upwards because their stalks function as vertical hydraulic rams .

Watertightness is achieved by thrust from hydraulic rams acting on the other end of the tank.

Arches converge above boat shaped hollow concrete piers close to each riverbank and concealing hydraulic rams that perform the clever bit.

Sussex gardens offer a glimpse of sheep, while Norfolk gardens go one better with hydraulic rams !

At each end of the tanks are portcullis gates, which are opened and closed by hydraulic rams .


Undercarriage retraction and extension is operated via the hydraulic system .

Atlantis was returning with an ailing hydraulic system .

In the interest of safety, the hydraulic system and the prop were overhauled completely.

During its incipient Asiatic stage, the Mormon state was not based on a large-scale hydraulic system .

They were also used in hydraulic systems because they did not react with the materials used in the pipes and pistons.

A hydraulic system operating principle has certain consequences.

According to a report in this month's Modem Railways an all-electric tilt will replace the present hydraulic system .


Flight Controls Ailerons, rudder and elevator driven by twin hydraulic servo-actuators, and push-pull rod linkage.

Miners today work with advanced coal-cutting machinery and hydraulic props, they're safer and they're better paid.

One of the hydraulic stand pipes, seen before being enclosed in a cabin.

The hydraulic specialists were organized in the same manner, as were the aircraft mechanics, and so on.

The dinos poised in the skeletal power of hydraulic hoses, chained gears, and cabled levers.

They are pushing upwards because their stalks function as vertical hydraulic rams.

Three appliances and a hydraulic platform tackled the blaze.

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