Meaning of I in English



all I want is ...

All I want is a normal life.

As far as I can make out

As far as I can make out , he has never been married.

As far as I know (= used when you think something is true but are not sure )

As far as I know , they’re arriving on Saturday .

as I mentioned earlier

As I mentioned earlier, it will cost a lot of money.

As I recall

As I recall , it was you who suggested this idea in the first place.

before I forget (= forget to get it )

Give me your phone number before I forget .

Can I offer you

Can I offer you something to drink?

can/may I suggest (= used to politely suggest a different idea )

May I suggest that you think carefully before rushing into this?

Could I interest you in a drink/dessert etc? (= used as a polite way of offering someone a drink etc )

(do you) know what I mean? (= used to ask if someone understands or has the same feeling as you )

It’s nice to have a change sometimes. Know what I mean?

do/if you know/see what I mean? spoken (= used to check that someone understands you )

I want to buy her something really special, if you know what I mean.

We’re still married but living apart in the same house, if you see what I mean.

from what I can gather/as far as I can gather (= this is what I believe to be true )

She’s his niece, from what I can gather.

from what I can gather/as far as I can gather (= this is what I believe to be true )

She’s his niece, from what I can gather.

how shall I/we put it? (= used before saying something in an indirect or polite way )

Mr Lewis is now – how shall we put it? – hardly the influence he once was.

I appreciate your offer (= I am grateful for it - used especially when politely refusing someone's offer )

I appreciate your offer, but I don’t need any help.

I beg of you formal (= please )

Listen, I beg of you.

I can assure you

The document is genuine, I can assure you .

I can take a hint (= used when you understand someone's hint )

All right, I can take a hint. I'm leaving.

I can truly say

I can truly say I’ve never enjoyed myself so much.

I could use a laugh (= I want to hear something funny to cheer me up )

Tell me what she said - I could use a laugh.

I couldn’t eat another thing spoken (= used to say that you are completely full )

Thanks, that was lovely, but I couldn’t eat another thing.

I dare you

So jump, then. I dare you .

I don’t care

‘He looked angry.’ ‘ I don’t care !’

I don’t mind admitting sth

I’m scared and I don’t mind admitting it.

I don’t wonder British English (= I am not surprised )

I don’t wonder you’re tired.

I doubt it (= I don’t think so )

‘Do you think there’ll be any tickets left?’ ‘ I doubt it .’

I dread to think (= I think it will be very bad )

I dread to think what will happen if they get elected .

I dread/hate/shudder to think (= I do not want to think about something bad )

I dread to think what might have happened if we hadn’t found her.

I fear so/I fear not

‘Were they satisfied?’ ‘I fear not.’

I fear so/I fear not

‘Were they satisfied?’ ‘I fear not.’

I forget the name/details etc

I forget the name of the street, but it’s the first on the left.

I grant you

He’s got talent, I grant you , but he doesn’t work hard enough.

I hasten to add (= used to explain more about what you have just said )

I was refused accommodation – not, I hasten to add , on account of my appearance .

I hate to admit it but …

I hate to admit it but it looks like we’ve failed.

I hate to be a nuisance .../Sorry to be a nuisance ...

I hate to be a nuisance, but could you move your car to the other side of the street?

I have a horrible feeling that

I have a horrible feeling that we’re going to miss the plane.

I (have to/must) confess (= used when admitting something you feel slightly embarrassed about )

I must confess I don’t visit my parents as often as I should.

I hear what you say/what you’re saying spoken (= used to tell someone that you have listened to their opinion, but do not agree with it )

I hear what you say, but I don’t think we should rush this decision.

I hope to God

I hope to God I haven’t left the car window open.

I hope you don’t mind

I hope you don’t mind me asking, but why are you moving?

I know what you mean (= I understand, because I have had the same experience )

‘I just felt so tired.' ‘Yeah, I know what you mean .’.

I know what you mean (= used to say you understand and have had the same experience )

‘I didn’t really like him.’ ' I know what you mean , I didn’t get on with him either .

I might add (= used to comment on what you have just said )

She was trying to entertain us – unsuccessfully, I might add .

I must admit sth (= used when saying that you admit that something is true )

I must admit I hate camping.

I object (= used in formal arguments, for example in a court of law )

Mr Chairman, I object. That is an unfair allegation.

I owe you one (= used to thank someone who has helped you, and to say that you are willing to help them in the future )

Thanks a lot for being so understanding about all this – I owe you one !

I presume so

‘Are his parents still alive?’ ' I presume so .’

I quite agree/I couldn’t agree more (= I agree completely )

‘We have to talk.’ ‘Absolutely,’ Meredith replied. ‘I couldn’t agree more.’

I quite agree/I couldn’t agree more (= I agree completely )

‘We have to talk.’ ‘Absolutely,’ Meredith replied. ‘I couldn’t agree more.’

I see what you mean (= I understand what you are trying to say )

Oh yeah! I see what you mean .

I see (= I understand )

‘He lives here but works in London during the week.’ ‘Oh, I see .’

I should...if I were you

I should stay in bed if I were you .

I should...if I were you

I should stay in bed if I were you .

I shouldn’t wonder British English (= I would not be surprised about something )

He’ll come back soon enough, I shouldn’t wonder.

I suppose so

‘Can we come with you?’ ‘Oh, I suppose so .’

I suppose so

‘Aren’t you pleased?’ ‘Yes, I suppose so .’

I suspect

She’s not going to be very happy about this, I suspect .

I take it (= I assume )

I take it you’ve heard that Rick’s resigned.

I take your point/point taken (= used to say that you accept someone’s opinion )

I was forgetting ... (= said when you have just remembered or been reminded about something ) spoken

Oh yes, I was forgetting she was pregnant.

I wish...would

I wish they would come and visit us.

I wonder

What are they going to do now, I wonder ?

I would...if I were you

I would talk to the doctor if I were you .

I would...if I were you

I would talk to the doctor if I were you .

I'm a Celebrity ... Get me Out of Here!

if I had known/if I’d have known

I wouldn’t have come if I’d known you were so busy.

if I remember rightly

This photo was taken in Paris, if I remember rightly .

if you know what I mean

Sometimes it’s better not to ask too many questions, if you know what I mean.

knowing sb/if I know sb (= used to say that you expect someone to behave in a particular way because you know them well )

Knowing Sumi, my note’s probably still in her pocket.

He’ll be chatting up the women, if I know Ron!

more...than I care to remember (= a lot of them )

I’ve experienced more reorganizations than I care to remember .

not that I care (= I do not care )

Sarah has a new boyfriend – not that I care .

so do I/so is he/so would Peter etc

Joe was a little upset, and so was I.

He’s been ill, and so has his wife.

As the demand rises, so do prices.

so I hear/so I’ve heard spoken (= used to say that you have been told something or know it already )

There’s a nasty infection going round, so I hear.

So I see

‘Look – I’ve even cleaned the windows.’ ‘ So I see .’

Well I never!

Well I never! I wouldn’t have thought she was that old!

What I mean is (= used to explain more about what you have said )

What I mean is , I don’t feel alone anymore.

what I want to do is ...

What I want to do is develop the skills I already have.

When I was young

When I was young , I wanted to be a model.

World War I/World War II

He was a pilot in World War II.


(I'll be/I'm) damned if ...

(I'm) just looking

"Do you need help with anything?" "No thanks. We're just looking ."

(I'm) much obliged (to you)

Madam Deputy Speaker: I am much obliged to the hon. Gentleman.

(I'm) pleased to meet you

A forty-year-old actor with great presence warmly shakes William's hand Male lead Pleased to meet you.

However, Mrs Singh was pleased to meet her and generally liked all the teachers and what she saw.

I am so pleased to meet you.

We would be very pleased to meet you and feel sure that we can offer you an interesting and worthwhile programme.

(I) don't mind if I do

"Would you like another piece of cake?" "Thanks - don't mind if I do."

(I) must dash/(I) have to dash

(I) must fly

As a scheduled operator, Virgin must fly its 400-seat jumbos even if there are only a handful of passengers on board.

He is expected eventually to rule that the Union flag must fly , and he called the row unnecessary.

If Jerba was picturesque, Nefta is magical and I regret that I must fly home in a week.

Second, it must fly swiftly away from the nest and alight some distance from it.

To keep your pilot's licence you must fly 5 hours each year minimum.

What is more, it is able to tell others what direction they must fly in order to get food themselves.

With me on his back he must fly down to the Gruncher.

(I) quote

I believe I quote from the minutes of our inaugural meeting.

It offers an escape from the double bind of commentary pithily summarised by Foucault, in the passage I quoted just now.

May I quote you or your company or do you prefer total anonymity? 2.

The edition of his book I quote from here was published a hundred years ago in 1891.

Whose responsibility is this? I quote it to the Head whenever suitable occasions arise.

Your coverage has kept the Western Mail ahead of all other papers. I quote the letter not from any feelings of conceit.

(I) tell a lie

For one thing, telling a lie is like eating peanuts.

However, telling lies to the police is assisting in the retention of stolen goods: Kanwar, above.

No, I tell a lie .

They fight viciously and tell lies to get each other into trouble.

We can not tell a lie , so we confessed we were getting way too many.

(I/you/he etc) can't complain

(no) I never!

(now I) come to think of it

But now that she came to think of it she had never been out to any sort of meal with John.

Come to think of it, Columbia wouldn't have been around if it hadn't been for the blues.

Come to think of it, even Hillary Rodham Clinton could learn something from Alexander about how to invest her money.

Come to think of it, he'd seemed rather a decent chap, some one it might be worth getting to know.

Come to think of it, they might want to hang on to those packing crates.

So did Mom, come to think of it.

You never know, come to think of it.

I (only) wish I knew

And I wish I knew why.

But being so weak seems wrong now too. I wish I knew judo.

Don't ask me what I do want. I wish I knew.

He was a sad person underneath. I wish I knew what he was so sad about.

I do know that it was because of an argument that he left. I wish I knew more.

I won't listen to you any more. I wish I knew what time it was.

Men clustered and chattered lively in groups. I wished I knew how to smoke.

Very grand. I wish I knew where it is now.

I am not sb's keeper

I'm not Janey's keeper .

I am/he is/you are etc too!

I beg to differ

Selling some of course. I beg to differ.

Well having discussed this matter with many typical users of word processors, I beg to differ.

I beg to differ

Selling some of course. I beg to differ .

Well having discussed this matter with many typical users of word processors, I beg to differ .

I beg your pardon

"And the year of your birth?" "I beg your pardon?" "When were you born?"

"East Coast people are kind of uptight, aren't they?" "I beg your pardon!"

"That's my pen." "Oh, I beg your pardon - I thought it was mine.''

Oh, I beg your pardon. Are you all right?

I bet/I'll bet

Come and sit down, I bet you're exhausted.

He'll be really pleased to see you, I bet !

I bet she hasn't told her parents about this.

I bet that the meeting will be cancelled again.

I bet you're tired after such a long journey.

Ever since he got ill - for nearly a week, I bet .

Jealous of her. I bet it really got him going seeing my little pink dimples bobbing up and down there.

My dentist would laugh at me, I bet .

P.S. I bet you won't print this.

Why, I bet you never had the slightest intention of following through last night, did you?

Yes, there was something in there and I bet myself it would be Jo's emerald pendant.

I can only think/suppose/assume (that)

As for an Iguana Air, I can only assume it's a tropical airline.

Now if I can only think of their name.

I can tell you/I'm telling you

I can't be doing with sth

I can't be fagged

I can't promise (anything)

I can't rightly say/don't rightly know

I can't say (that)

I can't tell you

"So is Maggie really pregnant?" "I can't tell you."

I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help.

I can't work sb out

I could eat a horse

I could have wept

Without knowing what he'd got. I could have wept thinking what I'd missed.

I could murder a beer/pizza etc

I could/would go for sth

I could really go for a taco right now.

But at first I would go for a holiday.

You always told me that if I worked hard, one day, I would go for Secondary.

I couldn't

I couldn't help myself/she couldn't help herself etc

I couldn't put it down

It's such a good book that I couldn't put it down.

What an amazing book! I just couldn't put it down.

I couldn't say

I couldn't tell you

"Is it going to rain tomorrow?" "I couldn't tell you."

I couldn't wish for a nicer/better etc ...

I dare say

I dare say things will improve.

Although it was correct, I dare say, and he no doubt intended it as a mark of respect.

His mouth twitches almost imperceptibly. I dare say that mine, under the cover of my beard, twitches faintly back.

There's lots of things that ought, I dare say.

They're all these chemical things now - I dare say they're just as good really.

They sang in perfect harmony, although I dare say Alex Ferguson will complain about the pitch.

Were it not fur her, I dare say Edward Plantagenet would long since have succumbed to ennui and despair.

What Miguel says goes around here, I dare say.

You understand not - how could you? I dare say you never will.

I defy sb to do sth

Derbyshire folk may query the authenticity of this but I defy them not to enjoy the results.

Willing my heart to beat normally, I defy the urge to turn back or freeze or cry out.

I do so/it is so etc

I don't blame you/you can hardly blame him etc

I don't envy you/her etc

I don't feel too hot/so hot/very hot

I don't know

"I couldn't live there.'' "Oh, I don't know . It might not be so bad.''

"Where's the nearest restroom?" "I don't know ."

Oh, I don't know , we could meet at 3 or 4 o'clock.

I don't know about you, but ...

I don't know how to thank you/repay you

I don't know how/why etc

I don't mind admitting/telling you/saying etc

I don't see why not

"Are you sure they'll let us walk on their land?" "I don't see why not."

I don't suppose (that)

I don't suppose the painting will ever be worth a thousand dollars.

I don't suppose you'd be willing to go get the napkins?

I don't suppose you have any idea where my address book is, do you?

I don't want to sound/be ..., but ...

I don't wish to interfere/be nosy etc

I expect

Hasn't Tony arrived yet? He'll be here soon, I expect .

I expect you're right.

I expect your mother will be overjoyed when she hears you're having a baby.

But I expect it is the effects of expatriation.

But this team surprises me. I expect us to go out and play well.

Gosh darn it, I expected it to be done.

I had not asked him for anything, nor had I expected anything.

We had a sort of poet in this house once. I expect you'd think nothing to her.

When I opened the frame I found, as I expected , that the drawing had been hinged with masking tape.

With these memories, I expected Galway City, my destination, to be a hopeless, broken-down kind of place.

Yes, I expect you did have to give a lot for your house.

I fail to see/understand

I fail to see the humor in this situation.

How presumptuous my claims to knowledge based only on what I see, leaving out what I fail to see.

However I fail to see firstly what you are trying to prove with your figures.

Last year? I failed to see the connection.

I fear

An honorable death seemed far better than the life I feared .

But what was it that I feared losing?

Every day that passed while Jean-Claude was away I became increasingly disorientated. I feared I was going mad.

How strange, I feared death less than I did the cold water.

It would be nice if the two approaches met, but I fear this is true only in the simplest cases.

Lastly, I fear I may have to disappoint you when I say that the coin is more interesting than valuable.

We are, I fear , in danger of becoming extinct.

What I fear for my people is milk in which the devil lurks between the froth and the cream.

I forget

How old is Kristen again? I forget .

You know that guy we met last week - I forget his name.

A head of lettuce, a couple of potatoes, I forget what else.

And never shall I forget those whispered words.

Even I forgot to note it.

I suddenly realise I haven't remembered the others for hours. I forgot their supper yesterday.

Will I forget how to speak to the audience?

Yes, when I get through talking to this Yes, listen a couple of things I thought about before I forget .

I give it six weeks/a month etc

I give you the chairman/prime minister/groom etc

I guess

"Is the truck safe to drive now?" "I guess so."

His light's on, so I guess he's still up.

I guess his dad had to work two jobs when they were little.

I guess I'll stay home tonight.

I guess this is the best way to do it.

Rob just got tired of living with her, I guess .

They live somewhere between Saginaw and Lansing, I guess .

From the shape of its lights I guessed it was one of the small Peugeots.

I guess how each one I guess.

I am weary. I guess you read one porno magazine and the second one is just the same.

I did not know the name, but I guessed at once who she was.

Slim was gone-to Montana, I guess .

Well fifteen, half an hour and then a break, I guess .

You could add something about the hurricane, I guess .

I guess so/not

"She wasn't happy?" "I guess not."

Dope, is it? I guess so.

I hasten to add

I have, I hasten to add, no precise statistics on hand.

Many of them built up vast fortunes under my father's regime, illegal fortunes, I hasten to add.

Metaphorically speaking, I hasten to add.

Not me, I hasten to add.

Not, I hasten to add, on account of my sweaty demeanour.

Not, I hasten to add, through fraud but through an error in part of the model.

This wasn't me, I hasten to add, but the pill, which was based on belladonna.

I hate to ask/interrupt/disturb etc

Martin I hate to disturb you when you're cooking the books, but there's a delivery.

I hate to say it, but .../I hate to tell you this, but ...

I hate to think what/how/where etc

But take care of them, darling. I hate to think what we'd do if they had to be replaced.

I have it on good authority

I have it on good authority that the school board wants to fire the principal.

I have to say/admit/confess

I have to say I don't know anything about computers.

At this point I have to say he was, from an early age, exceedingly theatrical.

He did not, I have to say, look at all pleased.

He looked, I have to say, absolutely great.

I am rather shaken, I have to confess.

I shall say yes, she was thinking. I have to say yes.

If you find that what I have to say about the specialisation is difficult, don't worry.

Looking through Woodworker I have to say that many of the chairs are anything but comfortable!

None of us slept very easily, I have to say.

I hope (that)

I am embarking on a number of projects which I hope to be of interest to fellow treasure hunters.

Like most artists, I hope to give shape to a reality that often seems wilfully chaotic.

Oh, dear, I hope he won't go off here!

One day soon, perhaps. I hope I get a chance to read it, says Blue.

So I hope that that lie will never be preached again.

I hope not

"Do you think she's lost?" "I hope not!"

"I promise I won't do it again." "I certainly hope not," replied her mother.

"Will it rain any more?" "I hope not."

A: I hope not a siege.

I hope not because Britain is essentially a decent place to take refuge and find acceptance.

I hope not, because I can't see it myself.

I confess that I hoped not.

My constituents who are in prison - I hope not for too long - are becoming increasingly disaffected.

Naturally I hope not, and the probability is that we're exercising ourselves over nothing.

Red for good luck, and I hoped not for blood.

I hope so

"So you're going to the Amazon?" "I hope so."

I thought so. I hoped so.

Right. I hope so, yeah.

Was it worth it? I hope so.

Will he get the chance to step up? I hope so.

I just wanted to say/know etc

I asked them, and this is what they told me. I just wanted to know did you know any more.

In the ambulance, I just wanted to know the damage.

The truth of it was, as miserable as things were, I just wanted to say I had been there.

I kid you not

I manage to earwig a conversation between, and I kid you not, two members of Napalm Death.

It really was scary - I kid you not.

Of jaundiced varnish, wood-smoke, grease, candle-wax, cigarette smoke and fly-shit. I kid you not.

I know

"It is really hot out there today." "I know . It's miserable."

I know ! Let's turn the couch this way and then the table will fit.

I know , I know, we should have called and made reservations.

All I know is that I am on my way out.

And I know what you're thinking.

I know the why of this, but I know it only now as I write these words.

My two chips were ready in my sweaty palm. I knew I had him on toast.

No Francis, anywhere. I knew I was alone now.

No one, as far as I know , has ever before cut away the wing of a submerged big jet.

I know (just/exactly) how you feel

I have a sudden urge to touch her, to hold her, to tell her I know how she feels .

I knew how he felt about me -- a short blind boy who hated leather basketballs.

I know how he feels about me!

I know how you feel about it ... You would rather wait - wait till we're married.

I know how you feel , Doyle thought.

I know how you feel , they're all or nothing.

You ran a decent campaign, John, and I know how it feels to lose.

I know the feeling

"She makes me so mad I could scream!" "I know the feeling ."

I like that!

I love it!

"So then Susan had to explain how the dishes got broken." "Oh, I love it!"

I mean

I'm afraid I can't help you. What I mean is that I'm not a detective, and I don't solve crimes.

I mean , he was nice and everything, but I just didn't find him attractive.

I just bought some apricots, no, I mean peaches.

My father was a heavy drinker, I mean , he used to drink a quart of scotch a day.

Ted seems kind of lazy. I mean , he never offers to help and he just lies in front of the TV.

I was never a political animal. I mean the Journalists had that sort of job to do.

I, I mean I need it.

If there is a next time I mean to win.

So she said OEAll right, sir. I mean Charles.

Very few people have a career of great longevity, constancy and consistency in films. I mean a real career.

What is she, I mean , she knows it turns me on.

I mean to say

Good ... Dorothy, I meant to say on Sunday how wonderful the flowers looked.

Really, I mean to say, Stevens.

Well the first main stop light you hit I guess is what I mean to say.

Well, I mean to say, I've got total admiration for the way you chaps work.

I might have known/guessed etc

All those years I might have known her!

Although I might have known you'd arrive just as drinks were being ordered!

Dear little Papa, as I might have known!

If you'd had a big fat bottom I might have guessed.

It was nothing I might have guessed.

Of course, I might have known that you'd have some clever way of dealing with everything, though.

Ooh! I might have known it!

Some years before, I might have guessed Bond's enigmatic presence in the scene.

I might say/add

And battling it gracefully, I might add, wielding his mighty pen like a sword.

Hair: grey and losing it, I might add.

In passing, I might say how extraordinarily lucky I am to have them here with me.

Likewise. I might add a little oregano, garlic, onions, salt, and butter once in a while.

None of which has been answered yet, I might add.

Very expensive method too I might add.

Yes, they have decided to reinstate you, over my violent objections, I might add.

I must admit/say/confess

At this point I must say that I haven't yet found a carp that didn't eat Tropicanas.

But I must say I was deeply disappointed.

But I must say she's not always as fractious as she appears now.

He went very red in the face. I must say he never did it again.

Lovely site for it, I must say.

Some one must have brought it here for a purpose, but I must admit it looks abandoned.

They were very polite, I must confess.....

This procedure is, I must admit, a limited one, and it is vulnerable to criticism.

I must say

And first I must say why I need to make this digression.

And I must say , on what I see, your methods seem to work well.

I was pleased to find out, I must say .

Tell me more of it ... I must say my thoughts to you.

The first day of my trip is now completed, and all in all, I must say I am quite satisfied.

Though, I must say , mediocrity never looked better.

When I did find out what he was thinking, I must say I was surprised.

I must/I'd better be getting along

I nearly died/I could have died

I nearly/almost fainted

She wrote: I almost fainted when I read your letter, confronted by that terrible mistake I had made.

These were removed and - oh, sweet Lord, I nearly fainted !

I need hardly say/tell/remind etc

Birds have never been one of my major interests, I need hardly say.

How I welcomed Night Duty, I need hardly say.

I need hardly say how heartily I sympathize with the purposes of the Audubon Society.

I need hardly say that I don't care to have things so.

I need hardly say that my wife's first impression of Lewis differed somewhat from my own.

Mr Bawn, I need hardly tell you, is a man of considerable dignity and I would not leave him here.

Type 4 I need hardly say how glad I am.

I never knew (that)

I never knew you played the guitar!

And I never knew he took my advice about Eliot so seriously.

As I once told you, I never knew where we were heading when I first drove out the Anacreonians.

But I never knew from one week to the next if there would be any money.

I sort of dabble my foot in it like it's a puddle. I never knew Marie was married.

I was brought up in a pit village near Bishop Auckland and I never knew my father.

Those men have to stand that over and over again. I never knew it was like that.

You and your father. I never knew two people more alike.

You said they stole your milk. I never knew what it was that messed him up.

I only wish/hope

I only wish I knew what I could do to help.

And I only wish the world had a sense of the glamour like we had in the Sixties.

At present I only wish to draw attention to a possible ambiguity in a crucial move.

Exhibit A in defense of the caveman. I only wish Becker had taken questions from the audience.

I am sorry your life is so burdensome, I only wish I could help in some way.

I enjoyed the whole of the Chuck Berry interview - I only wish we'd had longer.

It's a great honour and I only hope and pray I won't let Monsieur down.

It will suit Mrs Rochester perfectly. I only wish I were more handsome, as she's so beautiful.

They were all very heartened that some one was at last taking an interest: I only wish I had had a tape recorder!

I ought to know

"Are you sure there's no salt in it?" "Of course. I ought to know , I made it."

But if it meant this I ought to know it.

Christmas is coming and he thinks I ought to know about some little joints called Tiffany's and Bloomingdale's.

I've had nine, so I ought to know .

I promise you

And I promise you something: I won't let the house get into a hovel.

But I promise I won't be bad to you again.

It takes more than a few days but it goes again, just about. I promise you that.

It will only turn her to stone, I promise you.

There will, I promise you, be a final exam.

We will find that ship, I promise you.

When we parted I promised I'd write about them.

You shall not be the losers by it, I promise you.

I rest my case

And was his name mentioned anywhere this week following Dublin's defeat? I rest my case.

Industry and nature in harmony? I rest my case.

It is a proven fact, however, that prolonged high altitude reduces intelligence. I rest my case.

Now how many carbons? I rest my case.

Should anyone remain unconvinced, I rest my case on the Leaning Tower of Pisa syndrome.

These others stand on something they said. I rest my case on what I did.

Well I rest my case on that one.

I say

But as I said at the outset there wasn't much in this edition that failed to please me.

Can I say on behalf of this body that we are genuinely sorry to see you go.

Girl, look, I say go for it.

I am sure being a headmaster did affect his ideas on child-rearing, but as I said , we were very happy.

I went off so often Frank began to notice and I said the heat made me restless.

Mohibullah said that young Imran wanted to play me after I'd played Jansher. I said that would be fine.

You know very well I said no alcohol!

I should have thought ...

And marriage, I should have thought , is a false step you must have been well warned against.

Any leader, I should have thought , would have demanded loyalty and support from a vice-president as a basic minimum.

It's very important to me - and, I should have thought , to you too.

She's a pretty child, but hardly his intellectual level, I should have thought .

That is rather obvious, I should have thought .

The royal crest is used on the front of the annual report, which I should have thought was improper.

The scent of the tea as I poured it ... I should have thought .

This seems an odd argument for smoking to me and, I should have thought , to smokers, too.

I should hope so (too)

I should think/imagine/hope

He said there might be one way, you know, I should think about it.

I wouldn't mind. I should think he'd be very demanding.

Interesting, I should think, with a name like Hamish.

Look at my dad. I should think he's got half his lunch down his.

Looking forward to getting back to your farm, I should think?

Not for far, I should think - not if its nose has gone.

Rather like seizure, I should imagine.

I shudder to think

I shudder to think what will happen to him now.

I never know how carefully. I shudder to think.

I regularly see them sent out alone on shopping errands. I shudder to think what might happen on their way home.

Palestrina! I shudder to think what I should do when her next social invitation arrives in the letter box!

I stand corrected

"It's a moose, not an elephant, Dad!" "Well, I stand corrected ."

Oh, well, I stand corrected , ladies.

I stand corrected

Oh, well, I stand corrected, ladies.

I suppose

"Is Bill coming too?" "I suppose so."

"The kids will love it, don't you think?" "I suppose ."

"Will the children be disappointed?" "Yes, I suppose so."

Having a burglar alarm makes you feel safer, I suppose .

I suppose that they'll do some sightseeing while they're here.

I suppose we can pay by credit card but we'd better check first.

There was no reply when I phoned - I suppose she's still at work.

And they say, Well, yes, I suppose so.

I have been on at Desmond about it, as a matter of fact, which I suppose is what she wanted.

In the beginning he would always win and then one day, inevitably I suppose , I beat him.

It is I suppose an ordinary willow.

It starts, I suppose , with my first meeting Steve and ends some months later with another chance encounter.

It was a relief, I suppose .

Uncle's gone doolally again. I suppose that's what happens when you get old.

I swear/hope/wish/pray to God

I take my hat off to sb

I take my hat off to those front row men.

Jan starts hers at four, for which I take my hat off to her.

Whatever it was though, I take my hat off to Babs.

I think

"Is Matthew still here?" "I think so -- I've just seen him".

"Will Jenny be at the meeting?" "I would think so."

I think he used to be an accountant.

I think the dog must have eaten it.

I think you're right.

She'll be here about 9, I think .

At first she kept passing out and she was sick. I thought oh no, she's gone on to a vegan diet.

I always thought I would coach one day and I think I would be good at it.

It must have been February by then, and for the next month or so I thought of little else but sabotage.

It was totally unexpected in terms of age and experience then. I think people of 16 today are far mature.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was wrong.

There were two ways in which I thought the Reading Teacher would unknowingly but consistently reveal the existence of that line.

To tell the truth, I think he's pretty lonely on account of his wife and that.

When I think what I've done for that boy.

I think I'll ...

I think not

As to any woman being suitable for Ana's needs, I think not.

Could I have been dreaming? I think not as four other unsolicited accounts verified my experience.

Is there something about me that attracts sexually abused women? I think not.

Perhaps he greets all ladies as he greeted me, but I think not.

Reagan, tight-lipped, replied, I think not.

So will closing these hospitals improve acute care? I think not.

The last nagging question is would we be so obsessed with the Simpson case if Nicole were black? I think not.

Unless they have been locked away for the past two years, I think not.

I thought (that)

I thought the dishwasher was broken, did you get it fixed?

I thought we could go to the lake this weekend.

He has to be held accountable, just like everyone else. I thought something was going to happen.

I began throwing punches whenever I thought no one was looking.

I had an extremely mature view about these proceedings. I thought that Victoria Lum was a super wupo.

In fact, I thought living by a highway made me special.

Now that I was alone I thought bitterly of the people I lived with.

The drive is spectacular: gorges and tropical rain forests and waterfalls on every hand, but I thought only of Poppy.

When the band became serious, I thought this is a far more contemporary and interesting way to make an artistic statement.

I thought as much

"Andy failed his driving test." "I thought as much when I saw his face."

I must confess I felt a trifle guilty about your lonely watch: nothing to report? I thought as much.

I told you so

I could never work with a man like that and I told him so.

I didn't like his mood. I told her so, but she just laughed.

I was not disappointed. I told myself so, firmly, several times.

I wouldn't have blamed him if he'd walked away and I told him so.

There; I told you so.

To sum up: I told you so.

True it is that Ewan Beg thought he had killed his dallta - for I told him so.

What matters is that we lived like writers, and that I told them so.

I trust (that)

I trust that you will seriously consider my offer.

Because of my inexperience in the business, I trusted people to make decisions that I should have made.

Do I trust the Lord on this one?

Incidentally, I trust that the fretwire used is up to scratch.

Since I trust my own sense of fantasy, I find it no problem to ignore anything with the Disney logo.

You're thinking, can I trust Shih Karr?

I vote ...

But will I vote for him?

Come November-ish time, the situation seemed rather less pressing, and I voted for no change.

Despite the above, I voted for Labour although its victory would have hit my pocket.

Gee, can I vote in Gilbert?

Like many another newly enfranchised 18-year-olds, I voted Conservative in 1979.

That doesn't mean I vote the full Griffith ticket.

I was wondering if/whether

I was wondering if you could babysit tomorrow night.

We were wondering if you'd like to come with us.

Actually, I was wondering if I could paint the room?

I guess I was wondering if people would still call me a hippie if I cut my hair off, you know.

Next weekend. I was wondering if you fancied coming along for the ride.

We were finally talking about bodies. I was wondering whether he would ever make a move.

I wasn't born yesterday

You can't expect me to trust you after all the other promises you've broken, you know. I wasn't born yesterday.

I wasn't thinking

Sorry, I wasn't thinking . Do you want a cup too?

I wish (that) sb would do sth

I wish he would go away.

I wish he would stop this.

I wish Masklin would come back.

I wish my friends would take that to heart.

I wish they would continue to play at the Forum.

I wished the Admiral would switch on the lights.

I thought I was gon na die and-I hate to admit it-sometimes I wished I would.

They are different from the views that he is saying are ours, and I wish that he would retract that.

I wish!

I wonder if/whether

I wonder if you could help me.

For a few days I wondered if it could be used mysteriously in some odd and wonderful crepe batter.

I didn't tell you this the other day when I made you all laugh. I wonder whether I am odd.

I let a moment pass. I wondered if I could just shut up and let the subject die.

I was beginning to enjoy the game. I wondered if she was enjoying it too.

In fact, I wonder if, ethically, we should even be asking people to organize.

It was by now that and I wondered whether chilli had been a good choice for a hot meal.

Mind you, I wonder if, at their age, they realise that kippers are smoked herrings.

Mr. Howard I wonder whether the hon. Gentleman is citing Lambeth council as a model of efficiency and good practice.

I would be glad if

I would be grateful if you could/would ...

I would be grateful if you could tell me anything about the guitar.

I would be grateful if you could tell me where I can get hold of such posters.

I would be grateful if you would examine Exhibit A. Do you recognise it?

If you will be attending the site visit, I would be grateful if you could complete the tear-off slip below.

This will take place at the above address on and I would be grateful if you could attend at.

I would prefer it if

I'd prefer it if you would not insult my friends.

I would prefer it if we had a bigger house, but we can't afford it.

I would say

After the experience of working on this table I would say that this is absolute rot.

And exactly this, I would say , is the difference between a gospel of war and one of peace.

As far as filmmaking is concerned, I would say the future is his.

Finally, I would say that in a show of sixty-four artists it is astonishing that there are only five women.

I could never come to the situation where I would say we're all equal.

Offhand, I would say a company director.

Well organized, a nice grasp of social interplay. I would say a good beginning.

I would think

"Will you have finished work by 6.30?'' "Oh yes, I should think so.''

I should think Sarah and Greg will be going to the party.

I would think that she would get tired of cleaning up the house every day.

It'll be cooler down by the lake, I would think .

I loathe this country, I would think , No, I love it.

Male speaker I would think they'd like it two to three days old with a reasonable bounce.

My head, I would agree with her. I would think she was right.

No less than three hours, I would think , perhaps as many as five or six.

Pretty heavily on fire, too, I would think .

She would wear it for Chapel Anniversary, I would think , because that was a very special occasion in Baldersdale.

This looks tough, I would think , and then immediately forget about it.

Three reasons, I would think .

I would think/imagine/say

And that, I would say, is what we, in our own religious rites, had best be doing too.

Dominic remains, I would say, a preposterously beautiful creature.

Elizabeth: I would say about 185 pounds.

Is there a chance Chrysler might buy Fiat? I would think there's essentially zero chance of that happening.

Perhaps it is more a matter for philosophers than scientists, but I would say not.

Pretty heavily on fire, too, I would think.

That is a prime question, I would say, of this hour in the bringing up of children.

This looks tough, I would think, and then immediately forget about it.

I wouldn't be seen/caught dead

I wouldn't know

"When's he coming back?" "I wouldn't know ."

I wouldn't mind (doing) sth

I wouldn't miss it for the world

I wouldn't put it past sb (to do sth)

I wouldn't put it past Colin to lie to his wife.

I wouldn't put it past sb (to do sth)

I wouldn't say no (to sth)

I wouldn't say no to a cup of coffee.

I'd be obliged if

I'd better mosey along/be moseying along

I'd hate (for) sb/sth to do sth

I'd hate all that food to spoil.

I'd hate for my child to grow up in such a violent city.

I'd hate anyone to think that I did well out of dealing with the problem page.

I'd hate some one to come along and see me.

I'd like to see you/him do sth

But I 'd like to see you again, when we can make time.

I 'd like to see him again.

I 'd like to see you give our boys a run for their money.

I'd like to think/believe (that)

I'd like to believe that he's telling the truth.

I'd like to think I know a little about airplanes.

But I 'd like to think that gallantry isn't dead.

Dad and I clashed more than I 'd like to think about.

I 'd like to think Beardsley and Wright will get the nod and Graham doesn't get it wrong again.

I 'd like to think that it does have some meaning.

It is a novelty record in some respects, although I 'd like to think it's a lot deeper than that too.

Perhaps it wasn't very subtle, but I 'd like to think it was funny.

I'd put (my) money on sth

Even the madmen wouldn't have him in real life, I 'd put money on it.

Personally, I 'd put my money on accidental death without a second thought.

I'd rather die

Apologize to that creep! I'd rather die !

I'd rather die than work for my uncle.

I'd rather die than eat.

I'd rather die than go back out the way I was.

I'd stake my life on it

I'll be bound

I'll be damned

They came and got it already? I'll be damned .

I'll be darned if ...

I'll be darned!

I'll be hanged if

I'll be right with you/right there/right back

I'll drink to that!

I'll eat my hat

If the Democrats win, I'll eat my hat!

I'll give you that

It's nice - I'll give you that - but I still wouldn't want to live there.

I 'll give you that much, you did.

It's quite a place, I 'll give it that.

Okay, I 'll give you that as well.

They were not incompetents, I 'll give them that.

Well, it's been your century, you guys, I 'll give you that.

I'll have sb's guts for garters

I'll have you know

I'll have you know I speak six languages.

I've never taken the easy way out, I 'll have you know.

I 'll have you know this is the very latest design.

I'll have/we'll have

I'll knock your head/block off

I'll never forget sth

I'll say this/that (much) for sb

And he's got guts, I 'll say that for him.

He was a demon wonder at finding food, I 'll say that for Vern.

I 'll say that for Lorne.

I'll say this/that much for sb/sth

I'll say this much for him, he was consistent until the end.

I'll say!

I'll see what I can do

"I really need it by tomorrow." "I can't make any promises, but I'll see what I can do."

I'll show him/them etc

I'll tell you something/one thing/another thing

Let me tell you something - if I catch you kids smoking, you'll be grounded for a whole year at least.

I'll thank you to do sth

I'll thank you to mind your own business.

I'll wager

I'll wager that boy's never worked in his life!

I'll warrant (you)

I'll wring sb's neck

When Dean gets home, I'm going to wring his neck.

I'm a Dutchman

I'm afraid

I'm afraid you'll just have to wait.

I'm all right Jack

I'm buggered if ...

I'm buggered/bugger me!

I'm easy

"Do you want to stop at the mall now or on the way home?" "I'm easy ."

"Do you want to watch the news or the late night film?'' "I'm easy .''

I'm hoping

I'm not being funny (but)

I'm not in the habit of doing sth

I'm not in the habit of lying to my friends.

I'm not made of money

"Why don't you move to a bigger house?" "I'm not made of money, you know!"

I can't buy you shoes as well - I'm not made of money!

I'm not made of money

I'm not prepared to do sth

I'm not prepared to let them take my business without a fight.

I'm not suggesting

I'm not suggesting that she's stupid or anything.

I'm not telling (you)

I'm only/just doing my job

I'm sorry to say (that)

I'm talking to you!

Hey! I'm talking to you! Look at me!

I'm/We're not worthy

I'm/he's/she's like ...

He was like , huh?

I asked him if he thought Liz was cute, and he's like , yeah, definitely.

We were like , oh no!

I'm/we're/you're talking (about) sth

I've got it

I've got news for you

I've heard that one before

I've known sb/sth to do sth

I've only got one pair of hands

I, for one, ...

I/I'll tell you what

I tell you what, I'll make you dinner if you drive me to the store.

I/he etc will never hear the end of it

I/we don't have all day

Hurry up, we don't have all day !

But Sally does not have all day here.

I/we live in hope

I/we shall

And thus we shall get the Government that we deserve.

As we shall see later, the ongoing health of children in Seascale has become a critical issue for the nuclear industry.

Either: As agreed at our initial meeting, we shall inform your auditors of this appointment.

I don't know what it will be, but I shall find a way to help her in the end.

It is a kindness I shall never forget.

That is a point to which I shall return in the next chapter.

This raises a general question which is central to these areas, and which I shall call the representation problem.

Three Levels on which rationality has practical significance may be distinguished, which I shall call groundedness, enlightenment and emancipation.

I/we was robbed!

I/we won't eat you

I/you can count sb/sth on (the fingers of) one hand

I/you can't/couldn't ask for a better sth

I/you might as well be hanged for a sheep as (for) a lamb

I/you should be so lucky!

Sleep past 6 a.m.? I should be so lucky !

If I should die, think only this of me:/That there's some corner of a foreign field/That is forever England

and I'm the Queen of Sheba

as far as I can judge

as if I cared!

as/so far as I know/I can remember/I can tell/I can see etc

as/so far as I'm concerned

bless my soul/I'll be blessed!

can/could/may I have

Are you saying that you're refusing to do that? ... Could I have your number?

How can I have a death certificate?

How could I have been anything but evil to her?

How could I have been such a fool as to take him seriously?

How else could I have known about it unless I was your son?

It seemed a dream come true-what more could I have asked for?

My question is, how can I have problems like other fishkeepers?

What could I have paid for it?

correct me if I'm wrong

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you say you'd never met him before?

correct me if I'm wrong

dare I say/suggest

Dohnányi, dare I say it, is merely bland.

Fashionwise, it was not a night to look, dare I say it, nice.

For children of all ages this is a fascinating display and one, dare I say it, which reaches new heights.

Of course some of Our Guild Members are dare I say it just that wee bit narrow minded.

What if some one could undergo that absorption with a cool ... dare I say it? ... scientific rationale.

You may, dare I say it, need the money.

darned if I know

don't bet on it/I wouldn't bet on it

Maybe he's really a nice guy, but I wouldn't bet on it.

dot the i's and cross the t's

Well, we haven't dotted the i's and crossed the t's, but the contract's nearly ready.

for all I know

I opened the window, and for all I know it's still open.

It cost millions. It could be billions for all I know .

And they probably have cameras on it for all I know .

During the war for all I know ?

He might even be her source, for all I knew .

Snow and ice were deadly for all I knew , never having driven on either.

The real losers will, for all I know , eat dirt.

There were a few people around, polishing and sweeping, and maybe spreading incense for all I knew .

You might be from the newspapers, for all I know .

for two pins I'd ...

from where I stand

Well from where I stand , it looks like you've found a good job.

But from where I stand , it is the wider issue of transparency that really counts.

Even from where I stood , I glimpsed Eadred's agitation.

He ambled over to the nearest tree - happily some metres from where I stood hidden, and turned towards the tower.

I can shake things up a little from where I stand .

I could smell its peppery, pungent scent from where I stood .

how should I know?/how am I to know?/how do I know?

how was I to know?/how did I know?

if I had my way

If I had my way , there'd be a baseball game every day of the year.

Well, I would ban them too if I had my way .

if I may be so bold

And what, if I may be so bold , is the meaning of this note?

if I may say so

And his manner was, if I may say so, more relaxed, almost like an aristocrat.

And if I may say so, they seem more useful than yours.

For my interior vision, if I may say so, it still works.

Now, you're a plants-woman of no small renown, if I may say so, your ladyship.

Suicidal, if I may say so.

Unlike, if I may say so, the dabblings of your brother in the theology of physics.

Very sexist of you to assume otherwise, if I may say so.

if I were you

If I were you, I'd sell that car.

Here's your money -- if I were you I'd put it in the bank right now.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

But if I were you I'd give him his wife back and find yourself some one more suitable.

But I shouldn't bother if I were you.

But I wouldn't put any money on it, if I were you.

I would go, if I were you.

I would not impose thusly on a stepson if I were you.

Meanwhile, I'd get ready for a little visit from the police if I were you.

Shit, she said, I would have liked some one doing that if I were him.

Well if I were you I'd get in touch with me if anything turned up.

it was all I could do to do sth

I followed one up the motorway just yesterday and it was all I could do to not retch.

When pro golfer Tiger Woods won the Masters two weeks ago, it was all I could do to suppress a yawn.

it's the least I can do

it's time I was moving/we ought to get moving etc

let me remind you/may I remind you (that)

like I say/said

Like I said, I really appreciate your help.

And like I said, he won't be getting his kicks from smashing up other people's property.

Answer, like I said everybody had materials on that rug.

Anyway, like I said, she wants to make you some food, man.

But like I say now, I want nice furniture to go along with it.

But they're mostly like I say.

Okay, I can picture it happening, like I said I have, one of those things that happen.

may I trouble you?/sorry to trouble you

may I/we ...?

might I say/ask/add etc

And what happened to yours, might I ask?

need I ask/need I say more/need I go on etc?

not if I can help it

"Are you going to stay very long?" "Not if I can help it."

not that I know of

"Did anyone call for me?" "Not that I know of."

Answer, not that I know of.

quoth I/he/she etc

see if I care!

see what I mean?

See what I mean , Dad, about this camera being difficult to use?

And little enough for cleverness, if you see what I mean .

BBut you see what I mean .

Do you see what I mean , he was trying?

He had this manner, as if he was a bit above the rest of us, if you see what I mean .

He just has the feelings, if you see what I mean .

I think you will see what I mean only after tasting this bread.

You see what I mean about having to keep up with things.

You see what I mean when I say it's nothing new, it's been endlessly talked around.

shall I/we ... ?

shall I/we say

A prankster, shall we say ?

And what shall I say more?

Here's how it opens: What shall we say , then?

In other words, you've got to have, shall we say , the equipment to go with the line.

Instead, he summoned Ford to Philadelphia, a place where Ford is, shall we say , known?

It has, shall we say , connotations!

She was a pretty fiery, and shall we say , a somewhat lusty character.

What shall I say , eh, eh, eh?

so/as far as I am aware

sorry/I'm sorry

Sorry about all the noise.

Sorry we're late, Shelley.

Sorry , did I step on your foot?

I'm sorry for barging in without ringing the bell.

I'm sorry that I shouted at you.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I need to discuss my essay.

I'm sorry , I didn't mean to be rude.

I'm really sorry , Joanna. I've broken one of your glasses.

I'm really sorry . I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

that's all I need/that's just what I didn't need

that's what I mean

"You've got to think about later on in life, too." "That's what I mean . It's getting closer."

And that's what I mean about friends.

But that's what I meant about technology having caught you up.

I deny I get long holidays, that's what I mean .

I think that's what I mean .

the first I knew/heard

And yet these hills are the first I knew and loved.

It was the first I knew about it.

the last I heard

I had a feeling it would be the last I heard of him.

She came and collected the keys, and that was the last I heard from her.

the next thing I/she etc knew

And the next thing I knew, I was here.

But the next thing she knew she was crying.

He slipped something in my wine and the next thing I knew was that we were on the Continent.

I fell asleep, and the next thing I knew, some one was waking me.

I had hardly dated, and the next thing I knew I was getting married.

I must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I knew I was woken by the ringing of the telephone.

I started to run and the next thing I knew I was lying on the kitchen table.

the way I see it

The way I see it, it was a fair trade.

Best thing that could happen, the way I see it.

Now the way I see it, you want more upmarket time than the plebs.

there I was/there they were etc

there but for the grace of God (go I)

what can I do you for?

Good morning, Mitch! What can I do you for today?

what should I see but sth/who should appear but sb etc

while I'm/you're etc at it

while I'm/you're etc at/about it

you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours


I saw Mike yesterday.

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