Meaning of IDENTICAL in English




identical twin




They were almost identical , yet they looked different.

George Magnus's forecast is almost identical .

But while axeheads from different societies may perform widely differing social functions, the axeheads themselves may be almost identical .

Sometimes Saccani speeds up where Dorati slows down, other times their tempos are almost identical .

Pollen was an almost identical diet and it still remains a most important prize.

Nixon had advocated an almost identical program in the 1960 campaign.

Another almost identical box, with attached headphones, was moved over the ground and a continual tone was emitted.

Although built by Brush instead of Milnes, the bodies of these cars were almost identical to those of Corporation Nos. 46-55.


The coverage of these chapters is essentially identical to the general instrumental analysis texts listed at the back of the chapters.

It did not produce new concepts or frameworks, although it did prevent unneeded competition among essentially identical approaches bearing different names.

Both peptides have essentially identical biological activities.

I found the Honda and Toyota management principles essentially identical .


That is because commercial grapevines are propagated from cuttings and are genetically identical clones.

The influence of heredity is best studied in genetically identical twins.

Megan and Morag in a sense are genetically identical twins, but their significance is greater than that.

Megan and Morag are simply the two survivors from a much larger, genetically identical group.


Their known, nearly identical faces, slid by in a wave of tawdry dinner jackets, sequinned old lace.

Consumer groups have complained that the existing two-company system has led to nearly identical prices and plans.

The mean proliferation indices within compartments were nearly identical for both assays.

The men and women appeared androgynous, with similar short haircuts and nearly identical loose-fitting clothing.

With a glue like casein the various effects cancel out so that the wet and dry strength of practical joints are nearly identical .

I landed between two women in their sixties with nearly identical hairdos.

It was produced by Scott McCarron and Bruce Lietzke, two guys who use nearly identical putters that look like garden rakes.

Mavis had her eye on two older men, the Arsenault brothers, nearly identical in height and build-were they twins?


It was just that they were all in profile and virtually identical .

Its atomic properties turned out to be virtually identical with the Murmansk uranium.

Unless Labour develops its policies the next election will be a battle between two parties with virtually identical economic policies.

The prices of forward exchange and futures contract are virtually identical once contracts have same maturity dates. 8.

However for AEs the figures were virtually identical with those of standard entrants. 2% more SEs gained good degrees than NSEs.

On Northumbrian moors the red grouse and the black grouse live in virtually identical habitats.

However the proportions of SEs and NSEs gaining upper seconds were virtually identical at 28% and 27.9% respectively.

The story of the Enewetak islanders is virtually identical .



Surprisingly, identical twins rarely arise from the separation into two cells at the two-cell stage.

Even identical twins raised in the same home can not be assumed to have had the same experiences.

Seeing double - identical twins , Georgina and Rachel Spruce 20, from Walsall.

But how do these studies explain identical twins who are not identical for alcoholism?

Incidentally, what is the concordance in schizophrenia in identical twins ?

Do identical twins , who are after all clones, share a soul?

But this study has, for the first time, clearly demonstrated a genetic difference between concordant and discordant identical twins .

If one identical twin is gay, the chances that his brother is also gay are 50 percent.


The picture is identical to the one in the museum of Modern Art in New York.

The tablets were identical in size, shape, and colour.

three identical statues

To me the two patterns looked identical .


Consumer groups have complained that the existing two-company system has led to nearly identical prices and plans.

I believe the Druid sacred groves to have been functionally identical with, and a direct continuity of, ley mark-clumps.

It is a striking feature of quantum mechanics, however, that for identical particles the rules are different.

Obviously, all the team kites should be of identical design for aesthetic and performance reasons.

On two grounds, then, humans are identical to the world; for this we have both cosmological and anthropological data.

The number of seconds that have passed since your births remains identical .

Twins, being of identical ages, are usually even better matched on environmental variables during upbringing than are siblings.

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