Meaning of IMPORTANCE in English




a matter of importance (= something important )

He consulted her on all matters of importance.

appreciate the significance/importance/value of sth

He did not fully appreciate the significance of signing the contract.


These relationships assume great importance in times of crisis.

be of central importance

Loving care is of central importance to a child’s development.

be of crucial importance

Good leadership is of crucial importance in motivating staff.

be of secondary importance/be a secondary consideration

Cost is the important thing – any benefits for the user are a secondary consideration.


The report emphasizes the importance of improving safety standards.

exaggerate the importance/significance (of sth)

Personally, I think society exaggerates the importance of marriage.

in order of importance/priority/preference etc

The country’s main exports were, in order of importance, coffee, sugar, and soya beans.

incalculable importance/value/worth etc

treasures of incalculable value

increase in value/price/importance etc

Investments are certain to increase in value.

lessen the impact/effect/importance (of sth)

The new project will lessen the effects of car pollution.

of critical importance

Foreign trade is of critical importance to the economy.

of equal value/importance

He is remembered for his novels, but his scientific work is of equal importance.

of paramount importance

Women’s role as mothers is of paramount importance to society.

of particular interest/concern/importance etc

Of particular concern is the rising cost of transportation.

of primary importance

Personal safety is of primary importance .

of prime importance

Good management is of prime importance in business.

play down the importance/seriousness/significance of sth

The White House spokeswoman sought to play down the significance of the event.

sth is of fundamental importance (= it is extremely important )

It is of fundamental importance that justice should be seen to be done.

sth is of vital importance

Reading is of vital importance in language learning.

strategic importance

Marseilles was of great strategic importance .

stress the importance of sth

He has always stressed the importance of a stable family.

symbolic importance/significance

The capture of the city was of great symbolic importance.

underestimate the importance/extent/effect/power etc of sth

Never underestimate the power of the press.




As a new father I am only too aware of the importance of expert guidance through the first months of parenthood.

The miners, for their part, continued to be well aware of the importance of ventilation.

In all countries, governments and businessmen have become aware of the importance of statistics.

Historians of the region are fully aware of the importance of using social science techniques in their reconstruction of its past.

She becomes aware of the importance of her body.

As a doctor he had always been aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

It was hoped that parents and staff would become more aware of the importance of sharing.

Yet I am now more than ever aware of the importance of this venture.


The novel finding, of central importance here, comes from the behaviour shown by a third group of subjects.

Of central importance are recent demographic shifts in the pool from which colleges must pick their first-year classes.

Furthermore it seeks to highlight the central importance of localities and localism in Northern Ireland.

However, the issues are of central importance and can be simplified to some extent.

This transmissible lysis, later known as the Twort-d'Hérelle phenomenon, is of central importance to molecular biology.

Since an inventory was not taken after Martin's death this document is of central importance .

None the less, the central importance of interest rates is widely recognised.

It is already clear, however, that the notion of acquired distinctiveness is of central importance in discussions of perceptual learning.


This problem is of considerable empirical importance when testing the no-arbitrage condition.

For President Lincoln, the victory had considerable political importance .

The attitude of employers to domestic responsibilities is of considerable importance and highly variable.

In other words, young children's area of weakness coincides with an area of considerable educational importance .

The distinction between them is of considerable importance .

These anomalous properties of water may turn out to be of considerable importance in the preparation of homoeopathic remedies.

There is no doubt that the owner of the horn must have been a person of considerable importance in his time.

I failed to realise for some considerable time the importance of commitment from the top down.


Estimating the future rate of energy growth is of critical importance for predicting future concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The effect of these changes in world geopolitics and economics are of critical importance .

At this stage the precise form of the household's relation to its property is of critical importance .

Of critical importance is that the studio continues to attract gifted animators.

This view is in complete contrast to those who maintain that environmental deterioration is widespread and of critical importance .

And the objectives involved are of critical importance .

A further problem arises from the fact that the experimental results of critical importance are far from clear-cut.

Honda understands those cost-versus-value trade-offs, and the critical importance of the quality mindset.


The market is of crucial importance for efficiency, but the control of inflation is a separate problem.

Or, does it encapsulate a mystery of crucial importance for the dying to contemplate?

The distinction between names and descriptions remains thus of crucial importance .

To say this is not in the least to underestimate the crucial and indispensable importance of such therapy in itself.

Tax planning and accounting objectives are frequently of crucial importance in determining an appropriate form of consideration.

Not many more offer Arabic, whose crucial importance is even more evident.

It now seems that the time of injection may be of crucial importance in determining the effects of melatonin.

A woman abandoned by her husband found her wage of new and crucial importance and looked to the union for support.


Sports events are growing in economic importance , as Euro 96 proved, and are not fully reflected in these estimates.

The graphite boom temporarily reduced the social and economic importance of subsistence agriculture in the Low Country.

Nor was it seen as of such immediate economic or political importance as public health, education or unemployment.

The chapter uses a national income accounting framework to estimate the economic importance of sport in the United Kingdom.

Those that remained were engaged on tasks of economic importance .

And what they all display, rather too baldly though highly effectively, is the simple economic importance of the Ocean.

Another important indicator of the economic importance of sport, employment, is given in Table 2.4 in Chapter 2.


Remember to pay ongoing attention to the intonation, and regard it as of equal importance to get right as the actual words.

Of equal importance are the relative amounts of assimilation and accommodation that take place.

Of equal importance are those social factors which come into play when the user or former user is back on the streets.

He and Johnson, however, emphasized the equal importance of volunteers.

Indeed, horticulture is of equal importance to the maintaining of the animal collection.

Qualitative measurement of skill mix within departments is usually of equal importance .

Of equal importance , the social side was satisfactory.

We must remember also, however, that there is a vast amount of other information which has equal and greater importance .


Stoichiometry is of fundamental importance in modern chemistry.

Those and related questions are of fundamental importance .

Here are three of fundamental importance . 1.

Given consumer tastes, product prices are of fundamental importance in determining consumer expenditure patterns.

The investigators believe that the answers to these questions are of fundamental importance for all of economics.

Yet he must make a tentative judgment on inadequate evidence, for such a matter is of fundamental importance .

Basil used to tease us about movement and chuckle at our claims for its fundamental importance in the education of young children.

However, in two other respects, Waddington draws our attention to points which are of fundamental importance .


Towns, therefore, were coming to assume greater importance as places of defence and refuge for the surrounding countryside.

The early law attached great importance to the first test.

The status and availability of the original speaker is therefore of great importance in deciding whether to publish the remark.

The state governments, of whatever party, attach great importance to the expansion of their own mass media facilities.

His collection of Turners was of greater and paramount importance .

Another water course formerly of great importance in the Forest of Dean is the Cone Brook.


Remuneration planning remains an activity of growing importance for search firms such as Tyzack, as companies agglomerate and national compensation characteristics clash.

For example, account is taken of the growing importance of theoretical linguistics, for which Edinburgh University is particularly well-known.

The latter argument is based partly on the growing importance to higher education of mature students and continuing education.

The growing international importance of economic and particularly commercial forces now influenced diplomacy in a number of ways.

A feature of growing importance in the software world is integration.

An indicator of the growing importance of this totalizing view of education was contained in the 1841 rescript from Rome.

At the same time the structure of corporate organization has changed with the growing importance of the multi-locational, often transnational company.

These applications and others like them for the microprocessors have growing importance in the Third World.


Social themes are not of major importance in the first part of the exhibition.

This turns out to be of major importance in dyslexia.

Contract law has been of major importance in underpinning the market, although other areas of law have also had a bearing.

The last point will be of major importance to significant parts of Estates and possibly other service areas.

The clinical application of devices or materials which contact blood is of major importance in modern medicine.

But from then until 1917 it became an issue of major importance .

The Diet represented both central and local authorities, and was a gathering of major importance .

Recent evidence suggests that phospholipids are of major importance in biliary pathophysiology.


More important to all of us, he has information of national importance .

Although their tactics have taken on national importance , the garbage workers' issue is largely local.

Off to the House side, where debate has started on the floor on some question or other of great national importance .

Although the history of Scotmid is very much of local interest, the carriages they collected are of national importance .

She was to apply for a job in a certain firm, with national importance .

Ownership by the Trust is often the surest way of guaranteeing the preservation of beautiful places of national importance .

The scheme is of strategic, national importance .


Clear air is nearly always of paramount importance .

It is thoroughly Darwinian in its stress on the paramount importance of biotic interactions.

Anybody who knows anything about football knows confidence is of paramount importance .

At the hearts of these industrial towns the old marketing and retailing functions remained of paramount importance .

The symptoms and signs are therefore of paramount importance in designing the treatment.

His collection of Turners was of greater and paramount importance .

Stopping the epidemic is of paramount importance .

Again, it's of paramount importance to keep an overview so that you can gear each aspect towards achieving the objective.


Bush's choice was of particular importance because of the Court's current delicate political balance.

Chord changes were of particular importance , because they provided the raw material for each improvised solo.

Tourism is also of particular importance in some regions and may dominate the local economy.

Muriel was favoured by all three partners, but the comments of her present employer turned out to be of particular importance .

They are therefore of particular importance during a missed approach and when flying in turbulence.

The Yellowstone herd, which is directly descended from those last surviving bison, is of particular spiritual importance to those tribes.

Of particular importance to worldwide navigation is the state of the world's insurance markets.

Of particular importance to the family was the proximity of the synagogue itself, a mere few minutes walk through the park.


A better understanding of the implications and consequences of economic and political development policies is of immediate practical importance .

Science has long been of prime practical importance to civilization as a whole.

It is a matter of practical importance that teachers can argue this case.

Of more practical importance than estimates of global annual average temperature increase is that of resulting regional and seasonal changes.

The debate had no practical importance , nor did it influence the direction and methods of further research.

Inputs are thus of great practical importance , but they are only the means, not the ends, of competitive endeavour.

The practical importance of this latter requirement among people who know they disagree about justice is evident.


However, of primary importance is the portfolio presented at interview.

In the case of lube oil production, an aspect of primary importance is catalyst selection.

These personal considerations are of primary importance to the social worker and the manner of his work.

Because prevention is of primary importance , early diagnosis is the goal.

Poor delivery dates and servicing facilities are further factors to which empirical studies have attached major, even primary importance .

Of primary importance were the clay pots, so much better suited as containers than the skins and baskets employed by hunters.

Correct proportion is of primary importance , as long as size is within the Standard s range.

Within the family it is usually the words and their literal meaning which take primary importance .


The key to any understanding of the prime importance of the Soviet press is contained in Lenin's remarks on its function.

Science has long been of prime practical importance to civilization as a whole.

To no other group of soldiers functioning in this period was leadership a factor of such prime importance .

These classic instances reveal above all the prime importance of communications.

The marriage is still of prime importance .

He thought compatibility and interests which could be shared and understood were of prime importance .

But no one ever mentions two things which seem to me of prime importance in the whole relationship saga.

Here, reliability of quality and delivery is of prime importance because the producer works on minimal stock-holding of raw materials.


The motives influencing a particular individual may change from time to time, and their relative importance may also vary, depending on the situation.

The position and height of the surge are determined by the relative importance of recent and older literature in different disciplines.

Of what are you assessing the relative importance ? 1.

The classification exercise provides another arena for the conflicting points of view as to the relative importance of good people as opposed to good systems.

Their relative importance varied according to context.

The relative importance of these revenue sources can be seen in Fig. 12-1.

Churches are full of such clues to their local importance and relative importance in their immediate region.

The relative importance of habit and biological factors in such circumstances is hard to decide.


What children gain in terms of content is surely of secondary importance .

The precise form in which the words in these languages are represented is a matter of quite secondary importance .

As far as the effects of population change on the economy are concerned, however, the particular disease is of secondary importance .

The vascular changes and muscle contraction then could be considered to be of secondary importance .

Wisdom and experience are of secondary importance in our world; it is expertise that is valued.

A feature of such organizations is that the means are all-important and the ends are of relatively secondary importance .

But inter-county rivalry will be of secondary importance for the 23-year-old World Student Games bronze medallist.

The patient quickly concludes that tablets are the real treatment and the diet of secondary importance .


Newark Castle was of strategic importance during the Civil War when it withheld three sieges by Parliamentarians.

This bridge we're guarding is of great strategic importance .

To this day the strategic importance of Stirling is obvious to anyone approaching from the south.

After all, what strategic importance could an ordinary tutor hide in his ordinary office?

Henley offers both organisations and individual managers the opportunity to carry out interdisciplinary research into issues of strategic importance .

From a military point of view, the strategic importance of the Iberian Peninsula was evident simply from looking at a map.

The scheme is of strategic , national importance .

Of even greater strategic importance to the review was a condition set down by the Chancellor at the very beginning.


Now that it is, try thinking about what is happening in astronomical terms and you will instantly notice the symbolic importance .

Riyadh, the modern capital, does not have this symbolic importance .

There can be no doubt of the symbolic importance of prostitution to the Victorians.

It was therefore of some symbolic importance , but it was badly flawed.

The anti-investiture decree, however great its symbolic importance , did little to diminish the power of lay rulers over ecclesiastical appointments.

Holidays had symbolic importance: then, as now, the more prestigious an educational establishment then the shorter its terms.

But there is a symbolic importance of the prominence of Mr. Flynn in Fianna Fáil.

I was in a numbered uniform of massive symbolic importance with nuances of style which clearly defined our social identity.


Professors Berry and Mott are right to stress that the support of the child and the family is of the utmost importance .

How soon and how broadly will you communicate that the changes at hand are of the utmost importance ?

Yet finding out what happens in higher education is of utmost importance in understanding the patterns of gender inequality that exist.

Tithing was of utmost importance , as was celebrating weeklong feasts in spring, summer and fall.

It is of the utmost importance that we continually experiment with things such as venue, lighting, perfumes etc.

It is of the utmost importance that it is the mind of the human operator doing the selecting.

In particular in the sophisticated world of alchemy, the resonances of chemical and other truths were of the utmost importance .

Brian was always keen to stress that the comfort and wellbeing of the birds was of the utmost importance .


Computers at the centres hold information of vital importance to any private forecaster.

But what seems Insignificant in our eyes is often of vital importance in the eyes of a child.

Even equipped with all these preconditions, it is also of vital importance for him to have to hand a good telescope.

It is an extremely arduous and difficult process, as befits something which is of such vital importance to us.

It was of vital importance that she should not think of him.

So now you know your real objective, and can appreciate the vital importance of this mission.

To the environmentally concerned, however, the origin and extraction method for capturing an essence may be of vital importance .

The function is of vital importance .



He was the first football manager to appreciate the importance of such harmony and to put it into effect.

Personally, I appreciated the importance of being able to empathize with a newly widowed or soon-to-be-divorced client.

Mr. Baker I appreciate the importance of the case and the public interest in it.

So now you know your real objective, and can appreciate the vital importance of this mission.

As a man with agricultural interests you will appreciate the importance of living in harmony with nature and of conserving the environment.

I fully appreciate the importance of GEC-Ferranti as an employer in Edinburgh and Lothian.

Again we can appreciate the importance of trying to see the task from the child's point of view.

I know that he appreciates the importance of infrastructure improvements to stimulate and encourage inward investment.


Towns, therefore, were coming to assume greater importance as places of defence and refuge for the surrounding countryside.

It meant that at the moment of its founding, Atchison assumed importance as the eastern terminus of the overland stagecoach lines.

Privately financed and provided group medical plans are assuming greater importance .

So it must be assumed that the importance of marginal increments of all production is low and declining.

In future economic efficiency was likely to assume as much importance as the technical side.

Financial management is now assuming greater importance .

The trivial upsets of daily living assume importance but the big tragedies they take in their stride.


Goebbels controlled the media and attached particular importance to cinema.

Hindus attach great importance to food, and her presence where it was prepared defiled everything the community ate.

He will attach great importance to face-to-face meetings and so will his constituents.

The Government attaches great importance to the training of food handlers and the new Food Safety Act contains specific provisions on this.

We attach profound importance to the fact that some industries advance.

Humphrey calls the differentiation of the working class thesis technologically determinist because he says it attaches too much importance to technology.

In our experience parents attach great importance to the approach and attitude of the medical and nursing staff.


This demonstrates the immense importance of the detector in the overall performance of the zoned system.

The transition will demonstrate to individuals the importance and value of periodic re-direction in their lives.

Report on the potential of a short video to demonstrate the importance of accuracy in collecting road accident information.

The comparison of these few-country studies demonstrates the importance of case selection and unit of analysis for drawing inferences.

We are seeing a great cultural change among those companies who are demonstrating the importance and benefits of total quality management.

They demonstrated the importance of early socialisation for the development of social and mental skills in the individual.

This demonstrates clearly the importance of the two leading companies in their fight for market share.

Yet 1857 had also demonstrated the full strategic importance of railways and their role in maintaining future order.


This is just one example of the many that could be quoted to emphasize the importance of shape in biological systems.

Here, I want to emphasize the importance of daily connection to your kids.

Dawson emphasized the importance of combining agricultural and urban for building a strong society.

P., who emphasized the importance of the berakah in connection with his studies on the Didache.

Both approaches, too, emphasize the importance of teacher assessment.

Both are sons of prosperous professional fathers, who are devout and emphasized the importance of orthodox religion in the home.

This emphasizes the importance of the cell's internal programme.

The physician should emphasize the importance of immediate treatment, as soon as the person is aware that an attack is developing.


The company obviously needed a new image to express their growing importance internationally.

Prestige passed increasingly to the financial agencies, which grew in size and importance , overshadowing the judiciary.

Sports events are growing in economic importance , as Euro 96 proved, and are not fully reflected in these estimates.

But we must also take note of its growing importance in the advanced capitalist countries and the workers states.

The parallel markets have grown in size and importance in recent years.

Internal auditing is rapidly growing in importance .

Lewes alone seems to have grown to any great importance in the pre-Conquest years.

The growing importance of the service industry is especially apparent in a place like Miami.


Sacks etal highlighted the importance of prostatic disease as a preventable and treatable cause of renal failure.

The part the Flemish towns played in the crisis of 1127-8 not only highlighted their importance , it also guaranteed their liberties.

Colonel Spratt highlighted the importance of the qualification for people planning a career in marketing.

The back highlights the importance of using caution and suggests how to use the card.

Furthermore it seeks to highlight the central importance of localities and localism in Northern Ireland.

This again serves to highlight the importance of the cut-off point in determining estimates of illness prevalence.

Second, it highlighted the importance of active participation by elderly people themselves in all aspects of course planning.

Such an incident highlights the importance of clarity and definition of language, both between professionals and with clients.


From the point of view of capital the sector would have increased in importance by a half.

Another argument in favour of the provinces is that the steady decentralisation of justice from London naturally increases the importance of the provincial Bar.

Indeed as the public domain has become more impersonal and technical so the family has increased in importance .

This increases the importance of competition as a structuring agent. 3.

The 1970s and 1980s have been marked by an ever increasing realisation of the importance of home - school relationships.


Besides, a refusal would seem as if she placed too much importance on an accepted practice.

But the current penchant for mixing styles has placed new importance on that special little table with an individual personality.

Or by placing it third in importance of equipment?

Co., said the measure places too much importance on whether buyers or sellers initiate transactions.

Business courses place an importance on creative thought because it is new ideas which keep a business ahead of its competition.

They place great importance on concrete feedback on how well they are doing.

Resource-based learning has placed greater importance on learning how to learn and the handling of information.

People who place great importance on the goals of autonomy, creativity and growth will have no difficulty in filling the paper.


No serious Marxist discussion of class has failed to recognize the importance of divisions within the working class.

They also recognize the importance of national legislation aimed at eradicating torture.

The other was that in defining individual teachers' roles, schools were asked to recognize the importance of job-satisfaction.

The participating States recognize the importance of co-operation in a number of areas in the economic integration process.

Increasingly since then archaeologists have recognized the importance of identifying and accurately recording associations between remains on sites.

An effective coach is interested in people, recognizing their importance and potential.

Both candidates are moderates who believe in market-driven reforms and recognize the importance of public security.


The study of sociology began to show the importance of the family and class and cultural factors in child development.

This dimension of university life is only hinted at in our research; future research will almost certainly show its importance .

What this study showed was the importance of activating the appropriate schemata.

But that was enough to show the importance of the area as a Marine Nature Reserve.

It has shown me the importance of true friendships.

Recent findings have shown the importance of phospholipids in biliary pathophysiology.


He stressed the importance of local people taking care of their belongings.

All of them stressed the importance of doing it from day one.

Since the intellectual establishment's aesthetic criteria stressed the importance of originality, their silence is hardly surprising.

We have already stressed the importance of silent reading in the classroom.

We would here stress the importance of giving plenty of rests to the double basses.

We stressed the importance of including carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in every meal.

Such an approach is in keeping with the guidelines for the original conference, which stressed the interpretative importance of indigenous concepts of self.


Have I underestimated the importance of sustainability?

Cultural studies also underestimate the importance of racism which is an incontestable fact in the lives of many black people.

I had underestimated the importance placed on personal cleanliness and hygiene, and had been caught out on my underpants.

You should not underestimate the importance of these rights when working out the value of your contract.

Locus believes Microsoft has underestimated the importance of open networking in the marketplace.

Don't underestimate the importance of captions either.


That underlines the importance of the construction industry training board.

We also underline the importance of an early entry into force and implementation of the Treaty on Open Skies. 13.

This paper underlines the importance of maintaining a functional health care system even during times of political change and unrest.

We underline the importance of human contacts in overcoming the legacy of old divisions. 15.

It underlines the importance of accuracy.

Fforde also establishes an important point by underlining the importance of land reform to late Victorian and Edwardian debates.

But the inspectorate is prosecuting to underline the importance that it attaches to nuclear workers following proper procedures.

The Hayward case underlines the importance of the way in which the story is presented to the public.


Governments are coming to understand the importance of privatising quickly.

Business Ethics Magazine is an excellent reporter on companies that understand the importance of respecting all workers.

At a meeting with the catering management, they understood the importance of this and are taking steps to solve the problem.

Wise companies understand the importance of a single, unified voice and work to make every correspondence consistent.

Children love to feed the fish, but you must make sure they understand the importance of giving the right amount.

Children who understand the importance of work tend to imitate their parents and become hard workers themselves.

Community aspects of care must also be included, so that the learner understands the importance of both hospital and home.

The people simply do not understand its importance .


attach importance/significance etc to sth

And, since he seems to attach importance to the language-game of giving orders and obeying them, let us begin there.

Hence he attaches importance to spending more of the government's research cash in industry as opposed to within the government's own establishments.

place value/importance/emphasis etc on sth

A government department may place emphasis on careful administration and attention to detail, to research and to political manoeuvring.

In fact, these words break the sentence rhythm, placing emphasis on the words that follow.

It places emphasis on external evaluation and it undervalues the individual young reader's assessment.

Some place emphasis on biotic, others on environmental factors.

the utmost importance/respect/care etc

Brian was always keen to stress that the comfort and wellbeing of the birds was of the utmost importance.

Everyone has the utmost respect for Rickey Henderson.

How soon and how broadly will you communicate that the changes at hand are of the utmost importance?

Hygiene and safety take priority on the sunbeds while personal supervision is regarded as of the utmost importance on the toning tables.

In fact I have the utmost respect for it.

In particular in the sophisticated world of alchemy, the resonances of chemical and other truths were of the utmost importance.

It is of the utmost importance that it is the mind of the human operator doing the selecting.

Professors Berry and Mott are right to stress that the support of the child and the family is of the utmost importance.


Explain the importance of the Monroe Doctrine in a 750-word essay.


He will have importance , though.

Something we have known for many years is of deep importance in comprehending the world of the dying person.

The importance attached to every other issue rose sharply when the campaign opened but the importance attached to defence hardly changed.

The importance of these actions is that they legitimise intervention in other spheres, from trade to the environment.

The distinction between them is of considerable importance .

The effect of increasing affluence is to minimize the importance of economic goals.

The several statements should be arranged in order of their importance .

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