Meaning of INDICATION in English






There had to be very clear indications of joint working.

Perhaps the clearest indication of this was the difficulty he encountered in filling the job of finance minister in his new cabinet.

It was also the first clear indication of Britain putting its economic interests before those of the politically persecuted.

Provide clear if indirect indications that the interview is ending. 8.

In all cases the module descriptors are free-standing with clear indications of entry level.

Perhaps the clearest indication of the quality of the One Key series is given by the documentation.

While the meeting in the foyer was going on, the corporation gave a clear indication that it felt under pressure.

This is a clear indication of the effectiveness of the cynical propaganda used by political and military leaders.


Mr Justice Dyson gave an early indication of the approach he was likely to take.

Mainly, it can give an early indication of future financial requirements and possibly where such revenue may come from.

The tests will also provide some early indication of physical defects such as sense impairment.

Guinness Draught Bitter was launched nationally and early indications are encouraging.

Although this lasted only for three monthly issues, it was an early indication of Knowles's journalistic instincts.

But it should be remembered that this is merely an early indication growth.

But early indications of the overall sales numbers suggest that it should not have been a disastrous Christmas for retailers.


His appointment is a further indication that Gloucester was not indulging in a witch-hunt outside the immediate Woodville circle.

This is a further indication of the influence of bookish language on the spoken style.

The media, once again, saw it as further indication of encroaching madness.

A further indication of the hierarchical structure of the monastic order of monks and nuns is the growth of rules.

A further indication of the skill and care with which the arrangements were made was our accommodation for the night.


This seems a good indication , but we are over the flow for only a few minutes and we spot nothing.

Clean swept floors, no faded blooms or tired houseplants are good indications of good husbandry and therefore reliable product.

This gives the best indication of future operating performance.

The coins, therefore, should give a good indication of examples in circulation at the very end of the fourth century.

If all these occur it is a fairly good indication that you should tack.

Try to achieve a well balanced follow-through position as it's a good indication that you are in control of your swing.

Good features Most test kits are quick and easy to use and give a good indication of the quality of your water.


Relatively little indication is given of the way that the school environment can be exploited for teaching.

Certainly there is little indication of policy innovation or dynamism in the Urban Programme.

There is little indication at the end of the twentieth century that they will be successful.

Hence, for example, there is little indication of precisely how much dissent or cleavage will throw the system out of balance.


Clearly, the only totally adequate indication of the content of a document is the text of the document in its entirety.

The only indication of change is when the juveniles move off to commence feeding.

The only indication of how many sheets the thing will take is given by dotted lines on the screen showing page breaks.

The panel concluded that these amounted to only possible indications .

It was the only indication , apart from the price of the beer, that this wasn't a decade ago.

This is not the only indication of considerable interest in religion.


Any other indication of document content, such as classification notation or alphabetical subject headings, are partial representations of content.

These figures agree remarkably well with the other indications of population in the period of the conquest and the judges.

Shifts of register therefore work with other indications of point of view to give a multidimensional sense of situation.

Do not disturb this sleep unless there are other indications that the child is not sleeping a peaceful, healing sleep.

Already the flames showed up vividly though there was no other indication of the failing light.

The other indication for insulin is of course when glycaemic control is poor on a maximal dose of a sulphonylurea.

There are some indications that the interior of Mercury is hot, and other indications that the outer regions have cooled rapidly.


A key feature of his appeal was a strong indication that the Deutschmark and Ostmark could be changed at 1: 1.

There were also strong indications that the attack had been planned as a one-way operation.

There are several strong indications that the maria are the result of impacts.

There are strong indications Applewhite had a history of psychiatric disorders and was once under heavy medication with psychotropic drugs.

We have favourite colours for clothes, which give strong indications of character and temperament.

Three negative reports in a row would be a strong indication that the disease had been arrested.

From these it is possible to glean strong indications of the kinds of educational records that will predispose candidates to perform well.

The number of words correctly selected is a strong indication , but there are some other results that should also be considered.



This must have been a bitter moment for Haile Selassie, but once again he gave no indication of his feelings.

But it gives an indication of the level of mystical boiler-plate in which these warriors are cast.

You may even be asked your shoe size, which is thought to give an indication of the size of your pelvis.

I shall try to give some indication of what these factors are.

However, the list does give an indication of those routes which should be tackled largely or wholly by moving together.

If she knew what was happening, she gave no indication of it.

Comparison of the two recordings will then give you an indication of the difference in quality between the two.

Government officials gave no indication when the investigation would be concluded.


Failing all else, its feet will provide some indication of its ultimate adult size.

Economic factors An analysis of economic facts can provide some indication of a country's stage of economic development and progress.

It should be noted that the mail system and ERROR.LOG file often provide the best indication of the cause of the problem.

The tests will also provide some early indication of physical defects such as sense impairment.

Note: This table provides an indication of the possible benefits which might be paid under this policy.

This mosaic provides even fewer indications of date than does that from Wemberham.

The study of past dental health can provide only general indications about the food eaten.

This can provide a good indication of what the advertisement is achieving in terms of communication - what people are getting out of it.


Their responses showed little indication of an overwhelming conservatism, as measured by this scale.

These show marked indications of immortality.

Voice recorders also showed no indication pilots had gone through a routine checklist of landing procedures.


If she knew what was going on outside, she gave no indication of it.

The daily pollen count can give a good indication of the amount of allergens in the air.

The two parties have shown every indication of a willingness to compromise.

There are indications that the Labour Party will win the next election.

There was no indication of forced entry to the building.


All our figures, therefore, are no more than approximate indications.

An added indication is the percentage of the transitions that are found in the corpus only once.

Early indications are that most viewers are watching something else.

He realizes that the game will not be a true indication of what he can do.

In fact, no indication that anyone was staying there at all.

In fact, there are indications that the Louisiana leg may contain larger reserves than the western leg in Texas.

Is a period of living together any indication of how the marriage will fare?

The first indication that a person requires accommodation is through a request for a reservation.

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