Meaning of INDICATION in English


ˌində̇ˈkāshən, -dēˈ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French, from Medieval Latin indication-, indicatio action of pointing out, from Latin, valuation, price, from indicatus (past participle of indicare to indicate) + -ion-, -io -ion

1. : the action of indicating


a. : something (as a signal, sign, suggestion) that serves to indicate

refusal to accept the gift was an indication of her displeasure

gave no indication that he heard me

an indication of what they could expect

specifically : a symptom or particular circumstance that indicates the advisability or necessity of (as a specific medical treatment or procedure)

postpartum hemorrhage is the chief indication for the use of ergot preparations and derivatives — C.H.Thienes

b. : something that is indicated as advisable or necessary

in case of collapse the immediate indication is artificial respiration — Journal American Medical Association

3. : the degree indicated in a specific instance or at a specific time on a graduated physical instrument (as a thermometer) : reading

4. : suggestion (as by the use of conventionalized techniques or symbols) of architectural features (as in a drawing) rather than detailed representation of such features

cross-hatching is used as an indication of brick

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