Meaning of INDUCTION in English




an induction course (= that you do when you start a new job or position )

induction coil




The aim is to develop an effective induction course for new academic staff that will address their particular requirements.

Short induction courses on library use for all students. 2.

The speaker at many a company induction course will illustrate his organisation or departmental structure using a hierarchical diagram.

For the 1991 overhaul, everyone attended a full day's safety induction course , held away from the plant.

All hospitals held induction courses but few of the consultants were personally involved.

There is a short induction course each October into research methods and facilities.

In addition, education authorities offered induction courses .

They also felt that a general induction course focusing on special educational needs would be helpful.


You will not normally be asked to speak during this induction period .


Professional development teachers rarely seemed to have been offered an induction programme or had their work regularly reviewed.

Everyone is trained through an induction programme and training modules in service quality.

They have undertaken an independent training course and induction programme , and are now preparing for their first meeting.


They were engaged before the relocation and given their induction training in a nearby hotel.

Working alongside internal or external suppliers, you will develop and present cost-effective programmes such as induction training or operational modules.

For the first ten weeks they will spend one hour a week on induction training with their supervisor.

In the light of these and subsequent reports, the Government would give consideration to the recommendation that induction training be made compulsory by 1981.



We can not use induction to justify induction.

The video can be used at induction meetings and loaned to parents who may be considering sending children to your school.

You may well have a copy of a video of a typical school day that you use at induction meetings.


A submarine would have to lay a long cable right alongside the commercial cable and then pick up the traffic by induction .

According to the rules, induction comes 25 years after the first recording by an act.

Doubt will be cast on the validity and justifiability of the principle of induction .

I encourage women to have induction at 43 weeks' gestation because of the slightly increased risk to the baby thereafter.

Leaf excision alone has little effect on pin induction in tomato plants.

The inductivist account requires the derivation of universal statements from singular statements by induction .

The Problem of Induction Can the principle of induction be justified?

This room was equipped with an induction loop to transmit sound to people with suitably receptive hearing aids.

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