Meaning of INDUCTION in English


n.1 the act or an instance of inducting or inducing.

2 Med. the process of bringing on (esp. labour) by artificial means.

3 Logic a the inference of a general law from particular instances (cf. DEDUCTION). b Math. a means of proving a theorem by showing that if it is true of any particular case it is true of the next case in a series, and then showing that it is indeed true in one particular case. c (foll. by of) the production of (facts) to prove a general statement.

4 (often attrib.) a formal introduction to a new job, position, etc. (attended an induction course).

5 Electr. a the production of an electric or magnetic state by the proximity (without contact) of an electrified or magnetized body. b the production of an electric current in a conductor by a change of magnetic field.

6 the drawing of a fuel mixture into the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine.

7 US enlistment for military service.

Phrases and idioms:

induction-coil a coil for generating intermittent high voltage from a direct current. induction heating heating by an induced electric current.

Etymology: ME f. OF induction or L inductio (as INDUCE)

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