Meaning of INHIBIT in English






It may also inhibit spontaneous protest.

Infrared cooling of the surface is also inhibited , but heat radiation is less affected by dust than visible light.

Effective monitoring of compliance with instructions and control of sub-goals are also inhibited .

A large emotional charge may also inhibit repeater technique.

Rigid adherence to economies of scale and cost-benefit analysis also inhibit action towards small communities.

However, glucocorticoids are usually ineffective in the hypercalcemia of primary hyperparathyroidism, Phosphate also inhibits bone resorption.

The waiting list system for council housing also inhibits council tenants' mobility.

Magnesium reabsorption, is also inhibited when an osmotic diuresis is induced with mannitol, urea, or glucose.



Whatever your holiday preference, the fact that you live alone need not inhibit your ability to have great leisure breaks.

This guidance helped them gain insight into the characteristics that inhibited their own ability to persist and to complete schoolwork.

As an adult, you know that self-consciousness only inhibits your ability to perform well.

That is going to inhibit the ability of both sides to work together.


By inhibiting our initial instinctive action we have the choice to make entirely different decisions.

Rigid adherence to economies of scale and cost-benefit analysis also inhibit action towards small communities.

However, contrasts in personal style between chairmen inhibited concerted action on some matters and helped Citrine.

But tetracyclines also inhibit the action of certain enzymes.

Punishing some one for doing the wrong thing may inhibit him from that action but does not establish a better pattern.


And he hoped it wouldn't inhibit the activities of anybody here.

In contrast, infusion of taurodeoxycholic acid at these concentrations inhibited ileal motor activity .

It also inhibits motor activity induced by rectal distention and increases sensory thresholds for defaecation in patients with the irritable bowel syndrome.


Freezing is further inhibited when the cell sap is divided into several vacuoles rather than a single large one.

She, however, also added chemicals which inhibit normal cell division.

Inhibiting the turnover of viruses often means inhibiting the host cells too.


And it presents an interesting parallel to the theory that powerful bureaucracies inhibit the development of parties and legislatures.

It takes too long, and high birthrates themselves inhibit development .

And oxygen deficiency during the foetal stage may inhibit brain development and size at birth, with or without other defect.

The inability of the preoperational child to follow transformations inhibits the development of logic in thought.

Long rigid job descriptions serve only to limit profit contribution and inhibit the vital development of the job.

Had they stopped there, they would have concluded that language diversity inhibits development .

This power of control has not, however, inhibited the developments in the character of oral questions above described.

The research will explore the way in which paid work in later life facilitates or inhibits the development of such networks.


Omeprazole works differently, inhibiting the enzyme that pumps acid out of gut cells regardless of what stimulates acid production.

Since calcium carbamide does not inhibit these enzyme systems, it has fewer side effects and fewer drug interactions than disulfiram.

In another study, described on p 233, certain artificial food colourings have been found to inhibit crucial detoxification enzymes .


But everywhere it was still a factor inhibiting the growth of systematic training and the professionalism it symbolised.

One factor inhibiting the spread of written documents had been fear of forgery.

Market Research and Barriers to Exporting Fig. 5 illustrates factors that have inhibited improved export performance amongst respondents.

One of the major factors inhibiting greater improvements in consumption levels is inflation, to which food prices become very vulnerable.

Nevertheless, two factors tend to inhibit the use of private certification in many areas of health and safety.

Unfortunately fiscal and legal factors and differences have inhibited such arrangements.


But everywhere it was still a factor inhibiting the growth of systematic training and the professionalism it symbolised.

What is it that happens in those years before kindergarten that specifically inhibits or promotes growth to self-sufficiency?

Such resins are known to inhibit the growth of certain fungi.

The anti-viral drug has also been shown to inhibit the growth of borna virus in lab tests.

Cold inhibits or prevents plant growth and slows down chemical processes in soils, prolonging the period of maturation.

A key factor that most authorities assumed was inhibiting productivity growth in the white-collar sector was the lack of measurement.

This inhibits the growth of a market which would stimulate local economic development and so promote the expansion of manufacturing firms.


There are several stages at which binding of the oligonucleotide could inhibit virus production .

Less firing, of course, means less adenosine being produced; hence adenosine inhibits its own production .


In essence their class position often forces them into using the environment destructively and inhibits any adaptive response to its inevitable deterioration.

The results were strikingly uniform: alcohol inhibited all these responses .

It is equally worth noting if the class is so tightly controlled as to inhibit seriously pupil response .

But first he had to inhibit his habitual responses .

Neither is it immediately obvious to us how important it is to inhibit our automatic responses .


Substances with high osmolarity have been found to inhibit acid secretion .



The protein was further shown to inhibit cAMP release of gastric fundic biopsies and to prevent its stimulation by histamine.

The anti-viral drug has also been shown to inhibit the growth of borna virus in lab tests.

Studies in rats have shown that bile salts inhibit gastric emptying and prolongs intestinal transit time.

Much evidence now exists which shows that hypochlorites inhibit collagen synthesis and cause irreversible damage to the micro-circulation.


We're doing all we can to inhibit urban sprawl and maintain the city's identity.

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