Meaning of INNOCENCE in English



childlike innocence/simplicity/directness

‘You know I love you,’ she said with childlike simplicity.

maintain your innocence (= say that you did not commit a crime )

He maintained his innocence and said the allegations were ‘ridiculous’.


Years later, he is still protesting his innocence .

prove sb's guilt/innocence

There was no way she could prove her innocence.




Corbett had always liked Prince Edward; he had a roguish air, coupled with an almost childlike innocence .



He had claimed to believe in her innocence , but had not apologised for misjudging and insulting her.


She awoke with the innocent children asleep around her, she who had lost her innocence .

They have lost their charm, having long ago lost their innocence .

Have we lost our collective innocence ?

Ronnie had made her lose her innocence .


It will be said that children should maintain their innocence and should be protected from such distressing subjects as bereavement.

Both men maintain their innocence and are fighting extradition.

The four have maintained their innocence of the charges.

He is pleasant, quite soft-spoken and a personable gentleman who maintains his innocence .


The Institute could not possibly prejudge matters by proclaiming the auditors' innocence from the outset.

His looming cameo proclaims sweet innocence , and through the next two-hours we will endure several sightings of his ghost.

Meredith at first proclaimed his innocence but friction between the player and the club led to further disclosures.

Others, including Betsy Kelly, eventually plea-bargained, while steadfastly proclaiming their innocence .

When Saad's note proclaiming his innocence was discovered there was an outcry in the village.

Hamilton, proclaiming his innocence , was forced out as trade minister in charge of business integrity.


He's been on remand for twenty months and always protested his innocence .

They protested their innocence , and referred to the fact that no charges had been brought against them.

She wasn't going to protest her innocence again, but it was time this scene with its explosive potential was ended.

What is absolutely clear is that the three prisoners have themselves vehemently protested their innocence from day one.

The shipowner had protested his innocence , claiming that the loss of his ship was genuine.

He and his son John protested their innocence to a Parliamentary committee, and nothing could be proved against them.

If he protests his innocence , he is doing just what he would do if he were guilty.

But within this controversy lay another, which left two proud men protesting their innocence .


You have proved your innocence , and you are not on trial to prove that again.

Suspected of murdering his wife, Krane got off on a technicality and is now obsessed with proving his innocence .

Billy the Badger had much more difficulty in proving his innocence , although he admitted to stealing chickens.

He even performed a miracle to prove his innocence .

Nothing she had said or done had altered his rigid beliefs, and she couldn't prove her innocence without betraying Lori.

Kelly proved his innocence by showing police that his fingerprints do not match those of the shoplifter.

Would the contents of the faded envelope finally prove his father's innocence ?

This only adds to the dynamism between them as he tries to prove Von Bulow's innocence .


be all smiles/innocence/sweetness etc

And the sporty victim herself was all smiles, too.

But the next day Zara and Johnson were all smiles as they enjoyed a day out at a pub.

Fakhru was all smiles and had his son by the throat.

In the resulting calm Tam and his brother resurfaced and were all smiles.

Instead, this way, they were all innocence, all planning.

When he entered the kitchen, bringing a great gust of cold air with him, he was all smiles.

Your eyes are all innocence, but your lips are pure fire.

be the picture of health/innocence/despair etc

profess your innocence

If they can come to a binding agreement, the prisoners will both profess their innocence and be sentenced to two years.


Lawyers are trying to prove their client's innocence .

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